Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keep or eBay

This is one of those Keep or eBay post. I bought this because it was 20% off and I grabbed something.
I did not think this through and when I wore it. Mick said erm have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Which means what on earth is that? I think he's not used to seeing me in something like this as I usually wear quite fitted clothing. What's the verdict? Keep or eBay?

Keep or Sell?
After the I don't love Aldi review yesterday I feel like I had to redeem myself. Just sharing what I had for breakfast. Avo on toast, bacon and a random bocconcini ball. Please disregard all other supermarkets and just get to Aldi to get these balls. Everyone needs balls I'm tellin' ya!

Random Ball


  1. eBay. Oversized yellow is not flattering.

    And balls. I love them balls.

  2. I say ebay it. You need fitting clothes not the loose ones. Mick's right. And balls...what's not to love about balls! LOL!

  3. I agree - ebay this one, or try it tucked in to a high waisted pencil skirt - it might just work that way!

  4. I love the colour but you look really good in fitted clothes and I don't think this top does you much justice so I think ebay as well.

  5. eBay! if you don't love it and don't wear it, easy - toss it! x

  6. I don't think its the top itself, but as others said, the colour. So yeah you don't need it! Mick knows a little about fashion perhaps!

  7. Overwhelming eBay it.. zomg I walked around for a day in this top that should have been eBayed!!

    1. We've all been there - just eBay it and pretend it never happened ;)

  8. Sorry hun gotta agree with the eBay! I like flowing things like this but it's see thru which would annoy me, as I'd then have to worry about which top to wear under it all the time! Have a great Xmas and New Year! :)

    Sarah @ a beautiful story (name/URL sign in still stuffed for iPad users! :( )


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