Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am a true blooded Working Mum!!

It is day two back to the grind in our lovely new Accenture office in QV Melbourne. This office is the hotness!!! Severe!! I will have to take pictures of me with our hot as Miele dishwashers. Lame I know but shizzle dizzle this office is the nizzle.

It is also fantastic going home to my boys and they will be at the train station waiting for me. Pork Chop looks so different now, I love receiving his videos on my phone from Mick. It makes me really happy. But both days I come home and feed him, have a little cuddle and he's off to bed. Then I don't hear a peep out of him for ages. It is definitely weird not having Mick in the house at night, very unusual. It is lucky I am so tired that I am able to go to sleep without him.

I emailed the above picture around to people in the office today LOL... I warned them that I have become one of THOSE mothers. But that was after I apologised for not emailing them a picture after he was born.

Speaking of pictures, I saw someone uploaded pictures of their babies naked. I am not comfortable with that. It is sad that you have to be so cautious with children these days. You just do not know who is looking at them and what they are getting off on.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pork Chop is 7mths old

This means... I am off and back to work TOMORROW.

I will be back into civilisation 3 days a week while his dad takes over nappy duties during the day. How good is this? I cannot believe it??!?! Where did the time go?

All these thoughts are going through my head.. what if I am one of those that they wished never came back. Or was one of those.. omg thank god she is gone. Oh well.. another year at Accenture. Who would have thought, I do not think I have ever been in a workplace for this long.

Also we still do not have a xmas tree. We have however got metallic blue xmas decos from Ikea (50% off!) last year after Xmas. What a waste? I should hang them outside on the pear tree.

Meanwhile - pole is up.. but nobody cares. Watching Jami in her new routines dvd but still not enough to get back on it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Avocado, we eated it!

Pork Chop had never had any interest in our food or anything that we gobbled. And trust me I gobble a lot infront of him. We were up in Bright for a wedding and suddenly, arms were flapping, legs were kicking... You know that excited face. He thought it was Christmas morning when he saw my shotglass of green soup. Yes green... yes green with envy he was as well. I thought huh? He wants some? Instinctively I told Mick omg he wants my soupppp give it to him. But I didn't know how it would go if I tipped a shotglass down a 6month's old mouth. So i decided to go the safe route. Yes we shall ..... dip his fingers in it and have a nom nom. He went crazy and wanted some more! I thought oh wow he is a big boy now. Everyone else has started solids ahead of him but I thought whatever he is thriving on formula I will leave him alone until he is interested.

Two days later, we were sitting having a glass of cold water when arms flapped, legs kicked again. He wanted the glass of water. Never mind that the glass was bigger than his head... I want GLASS NOWWWW. He started licking the side of the empty glass. So I gave him mine which had water. He loved it and was really anxious for more. See above picture as most people think that I exaggerate. You know ... Ling is one of those mothers whose baby crawled at like 12 weeks. LOL.

So what does a mother with no car in the 'burbs do? Wait another week until we were able to go to Chemist warehouse to get the baby phase 2 gear. Armed with sippy cup and baby feeding spoons, we stopped by Woolworths on the way home to get avo, banana and a pumpkin. Avocado will do, that's easy to make. Cut, mash, mix in some milk.. off we go. Fully prepared to have a war on my hands with this introduction of strange green stuff. We braved phase 2 of babyhood. I am proud to say my little boy lapped it up and then flapped and kicked for some more. He scoffed down slightly less than a quarter of an avo. Avo... we eated it! Here's video proof he does enjoy it! You know I am one of those mothers! LOOK AT MAH BABYYYY!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OOOHHH Big boy now!

I never thought that I would ever see Daniel in this suit. It is so adorable... I had to take a picture for his dad on my phone. When I bought this suit I thought oh yeah that's huge he'll be alright in Summer - this year preferably. Took it out today and freaked out... omgggg it just fits!

I also took one with his foot with mine. One day they will be bigger than mine and I want to remember that they were indeed so tiny. I have forgotten how itty he was when he was born. LOL actually who am I fooling, he is still itty now.

Because he grew so much in Singapore - it must have been the heat! We had to move him out of his Miyo Baby and shift him to his own room. Sorry D, you are kicked out. I miss him talking to himself when he's awake and the sighing he does. But it is ok, I am sure that I will get over it.

So off to Ikea to buy the cheapest cot we could possibly find. This is D helping his Dad with Ikea instructions. It is so universal that even a 5 month old baby can figure it out.

Check him out in his new bed. He's like omggg I'm excited! And oh look I is behind bars! Time has definitely flown past really quickly. He is almost 6 months now and it is time to go back to work in the office. I wonder if I will miss this, I think that if I had a car I would have been enjoying it more. Oh well.. next update I will talk about my return to the pole world. I think I have been in there for too long.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The boy is a frequent flyer!

I am incredibly proud of myself! I have managed to bring the boy to Singapore on my own. I have to admit that on the day, I gave myself a panic attack. I had imagined the worst scenario possible - He would scream for 7 hours and I would not have anywhere to hide. I would be standing the entire time trying to calm him down and all the passengers will be giving me death stares!!

Lucky the boy cooperated, both to and from Singapore, he slept really well and was calm and charming the ladies as usual.

We spent 2 sweaty and humid weeks in Singapore. We were fortunate that the eczema did not flare up and we kept up the ointments and dermeze. The boy managed to charm lots of ladies on the trains in Singapore. I stupidly thought that it was too much baggage to travel with the orbit baby stroller. NEVER AGAIN, I cannot tell you how bad it was just to have a baby bjorn. Hot weather plus body contact is just not a good combination. It was constant yelling and screaming if he was in it for more than an hour.

So we made it back - all 3 of us. Myself, Pork Chop (Daniel) and his new friend Yong Yong the bear. This is a gift from Uncle Christopher! Check out Yong Yong, he's bigger than Pork Chop. LOL

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kathmandu Neck Gaiter!

Any Kathmandu fans here?? Mick lovessss the outdoors but is starting to suffer from the cold at his work. The poor man drags himself away from us in the cold to start work at 7.15am. Anyone in Melbourne now would know that the weather has been icy cold. When I was pregnant, I trooped to the city Kathmandu store to grab a fleece neck gaiter for him at half price. Half price = $15, that's fine as long as he liked it. Working around machinery it means that Mick cannot wear neck scarves for his work. It might get caught up in something and strangle him. So he has to wear neck gaiters which is basically a tube made of polar fleece. Kathmandu may claim their fleece may be more superior than my Darn Cheap Fabric fleece but fleece to me is fleece. So he wanted one that could cover the back of his neck if he pulls it up higher to cover his nose. I bought half a metre of the thicker polar fleece that they had available. Cut it out and sewed one for him in about 10 minutes. It took me a little time to work out how I was to do it but it took no time at all. I think I will make another one for him and show steps to make it as I think it will be trashed very soon in the vineyard.
Ta da.. less than 10 minutes and about $8 for 2 neck gaiters.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh dear I have neglected this!

Oh dear.. one entire month with no posts. I am terrible! Thank you all for the congratulations and cooing at the little boy. I call him itty bitty and sometimes I make him do a booty roll when I sing My Humps. Yes - the "Check it out" part.

The thing is, I cannot blame the baby - I am just lazy! When he sleeps and he sleeps very well during the day, I waltz around doing not much.

For everyone who said he is tiny... no he is not a premie. He is just small or rather perfect for me. I always had a feeling that he would have been later than 40 weeks and I sort of felt like I was right as he was born with fine hairs on his arms and back. He was 2.8kg (only!), lost more than 10% of his little body weight and we had to overlap his newborn nappy velcros when we were in the hospital. I am glad to say that the nappies look 'normal' on him now. Yesterday our little boy weighed in at 3.9kg. I am not upset that he is an itty bitty well except when evil midwife said that I was not feeding him enough, as he was always very alert. Here he is channeling an angry football fan ...

I have a new sewing machine thanks to my wonderful husband who thought I would be bored at home without a car. So far I have done one thing with it, I have finished the second change mat cover. As you guys can imagine, it's constantly peed on, spit on and the other day POOed on. Yes Poo! Insert green sick faced emoticon here.

So in a bid to get me sewing again, I jumped on etsy and bought fabric and softie patterns. I was only going to buy one pattern. The seller had made a custom listing for me and I thought oh yeah I can afford another pattern. Well... after I checked out and PAID, she emails me another money request asking me to pay for an addition USD $12 as she made a mistake. She only charged me one yard instead of 2 3/4 yards. I am really annoyed to be honest. So fabriccloset I do not think I will be buying from you anymore. I have had sellers that undercharged postage but said it's fine, so if your custom listing is wrong, suck it up.

Anyway this morning my order arrived. Here is what I bought.
Mrs Perkins the giraffe and Phoebe the elephant softie patterns, it is funny that the patterns are cheaper from to be shipped from Melbourne to the US and back to Melbourne than if I purchased it from a Melbourne online retailer. Go figure.

And my fabric choices... I have no idea what is what.. but the red hearts will be lounge pants for myself. I have not sewn anything for myself in ages. This is because I do not have an overlocker and I do not know what to do with raw edges. Anyone?? Should I just tolerate raw seams as everyone knows that I am a lazy cat. The rest of the fabric... I do not really know what I am doing, some of it will probably end up as Mrs Perkins and Phoebe.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coconut bread weekend

This is the last day of Mick's 3 week annual leave. The poor man is devastated and he's been dragged into work for a meeting ... the meeting became go get something done in the vineyard. So while he was gone. I made a coconut bread using Bill Granger's recipe. I am a true stepford wife now, I have managed to bake while keeping an eye on a 3 week old in his rocker.

Here's the recipe off lifestylefood channel's website. I had forgotten about this until I saw a re-run (isn't Foxtel all about RE-RUNS!! GRRR) and I thought this would be good for the poor man to have while at work.

  • 2 Eggs
  • 300 ml Milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2½ cups Plain Flour
  • 2 teaspoons Baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons Cinnamon
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 150 g shredded Coconuts
  • 75 g unsalted Butter melted
  • icing sugar
  • Preheat oven to 180C (350F).
  • Lightly whisk eggs, milk and vanilla together.
  • Sift flour, baking powder and cinnamon into a bowl, add sugar and coconut, and stir to combine.
  • Make a well in the centre and gradually stir in the egg mixture until just combined.
  • Add melted butter and stir until the mixture is just smooth, being careful not to over-mix.
  • Pour into a greased and floured 21 x 10 cm (81/2 x 4 in) loaf tin and bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour, or until bread is cooked when tested with a skewer.
It did not quite take 1 hour, I think it was in the oven for about 45mins. The batter is slightly runny and it looks and smells absolutely yummy. I do not usually have a thing for coconut but this smells yum!

I have not done any sewing since leaving the hospital as my back had been really bad. As you can imagine my centre of gravity has been messed up and breastfeeding a baby (although he is itty bitty) has done my back in. Mick has bought me a new sewing machine and I will be BACK next week! Truly looking forward to it - and not being back at work.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He has arrived!!

Last Monday on the 4th of May, little Pork Chop was born! Ok so it was an elective and hardly any surprise. It was still a surprise to me. I was tempted the entire time while waiting to run off in my dressing gown and surgery gown. LOL I was in denial.

Here he is! He is Itty Bitty and we have named him Daniel Every.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nesting for his nursery!

Today is the first day .. and also the last day that I can sit at home and not at work before Pork Chop comes. I am secretly sad that I only have one day off but quite glad that I am quasi important at work. LOL Yesterday I showed Pork Chop what Mummy used to look like. I found this picture in the computer so I told him, this is Mummy before you.

And this is Mummy with you. So hopefully Mummy after Pork Chop will be as above again. :)
So my only one day of relaxing .. what am I doing instead? I am pimping my new business like there is no tomorrow. Twitter, Myspaz, Facebook.. I am doing everything and I am stressing that I am not getting any calls!? I am truly going crazy.

So I just realised that I have not shown everyone pork chop's space. It is a little frustrating as it is very grey today and I do not think I have seen a peep of sunshine. I hope the pictures of the room turns up gorgeous.

That is his change table, change pad that I sewed a slip on cover for. It's spot the Ikea furniture in this room really. Mick has unclipped the Orbit Baby infant car seat so that it is ready to be taken to the hospital. And below is the Miyo Baby Hammock plus a gliding chair that Mick decided we absolutely had to have. I wished that it was sunnier today - my feet are cold.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love Apple Tea Cake!

Ooohhh the recipe is included below.

It is cold in Melbourne today. I have bought the change table padded thingee and I have the material to make a cover for it. Lucky for us Darn Cheap Fabric had a pretty aqua terry towelling material this time. The last time for the nappy change mat we had to use bright pink. I was afraid people might start to think that I am trying to turn Pork Chop into Carson off Queer Eye.

I have stumbled on the best apple cake recipe! I followed Tobie Puttock Apple & Cinnamon Cake recipe once but I did not like how the apples were on top of the cake. Not that I ate any!! This is the usual situation. I bake, look and admire and force poor Mick to eat the entire cake. He demanded no more buttery and sugary goodness so I started looking for an apple cake recipe that did not use 200g of butter. LOL!

So I improvised it, I diced a granny smith apple and caramelised it instead of layering slices on top of the cake batter. Mick just pointed out that I did not dice the apple, he did... So correction, get a hot male to dice the apple while you flutter your eyelashes at him. The cake would have a nice crunch baked top and soft apples are embedded inside.

The recipe is for an 8 inch round tin. I used a springform pan as it called for sugar and cinnamon to be sprinkled on top. I thought it would be the easiest way to get the cake out without spillage of sugar and cinnamon.

So here it goes...

95g butter
½ cup castor sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 egg
1¼ cups self raising flour
½ cup milk
1 granny smith apple, diced
Knob of butter - I think I used about 30 to 40g?
Dessert spoon of dark brown sugar

Cream butter and sugar. Beat the egg and vanilla essence into the mix.

Sift flour into the batter (recipe says to do it in 3 parts, s'if I did), mix briefly with spatula. Pour in the milk and mix together.

Cook diced apples until just soft and add to batter. I did not add the additional liquid into the cake batter as it would be too runny. Just take care when throwing in the apples not to add in too much of the brown sugar/butter liquid.

Bake for 180C.... The recipe said 30 to 35 mins. But quite honestly I did not time it. Pull it out when it looks cooked and test that it is cooked through. Sprinkle with caster sugar and cinnamon. Take springform off and yummmyyyyyyy cake awaits. As it was so cold, I think I only cooled it for about 15mins. And I was salivating! I am not a cake fan and tonight my husband and I shared two slices with cream on the side. It is soooo goood and a definite keeper!
I apologise for the bad picture, could not wait to take the digital SLR camera out to start eating this cake!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PinkLizzy Sew's Blog Giveaway!

Oooooohhh to anyone who has a little girl - you have to visit this Etsy shop!


She is based in Brisbane, Australia and is running a blog giveaway on her adult sized Arty Skirt. Girls, back off as I want my own. I am deprived buying all things pink and cute as I am having a boy. Let me have some joy! Winners are announced on the 3rd of May! Hurry up and sign up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mary Jane Baby Booties

I am feeling quite sad this weekend. Apparently I am too small and my womb is too tight. Other than chowing down 2 Big Macs plus a KFC tower burger a day I don't know how else I am suppose to get bigger???? So it took until Sunday 4pm to get in the mood to finish the second nappy change mat and these booties for him.

So here is my second attempt at sewing the baby booties. Of course, I got a little too cocky this time and though oh yeah I know how it's done now. Read on for the big boo boo that I made. I did this pair using the remmants of the baby pouch sling that I made. 8 by 9 inch square is all that I required, that would be a TON of booties! :) So I decided that I would line it with cotton instead of wool felt. Perhaps this is not the best result as it was rather thin.

Thank goodness for fusible web, it is a lifesaver! So here's the little booties before top stitching. They look so cute already just look at the little soles.

Topstitching had been done and I proceeded to sew on the little ribbons. Once again, I am using the leftovers of the grosgrain ribbon from the bear booties. After sewing the ribbons on, I put them together to take a picture. Sigh... I had not flipped one of the tops on when cutting it. I had placed both of the right sides facing up! I made two of the same sides! DOH! What a boo boo, I had it correct at first but I flipped it over just as I was cutting it! Duh...
Anyway, I thought that's fine, he will not know his left from right for ages. Another sad Ling attempt at bootie making.

This time it was much easier to sew the soles to the tops as they were not interfaced. Thank goodness for getting the right materials. So check out the two right side booties. You just have to laugh!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amy Butler Change Mat - Nappy Bag Pattern

I was a woman on a mission yesterday, I went to not one but TWO fabric stores to get the items for this change mat. I had bought the Amy Butler Nappy bag pattern as I wanted to make the change mat. Silly I know, but I have a fear of Amy Butler patterns as I have heard experienced sewers say that the bags are hard to sew. It was a hike up to South Morang Spotlight as I had to buy cotton batts. The pattern called for 2 panels of batts (19 x 25inches). When I was there, there were 10 people ahead of me and I was confused as heck with cotton batts. Who knew there were so many different ones?? I forgot to get terry toweling material and it was too late, I was the next customer. So off to Darn Cheap fabrics in Heidelberg to get terry toweling. Before people think that I am pink overloading my son, I have to add that it was the only colour that they had!

We got home with Heidelberg Pie shop pies (YUM! Chunky pepper) and guess what, I fell asleep. Who knew you could get so tired in the 3rd trimester? I snoozed for 4 hours until 7pm and awoke in a complete daze. So no sewing for me yesterday and I felt absolutely guilty!

This morning I had the best breakfast. Mick made eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce. Mmm free range eggs from the farmers market in Hurstbridge and butter. Lazed around a little to watch Sopranos marathon on W Channel. Picked up a lemon tree from The Greenery nursery on Banksia Road before I got down to some hard sewing. I rummaged in my box of cotton materials that my mum had given me and told Mick to pick one fabric that he liked. He picked a blue and white gingham material. In my head I was thinking that would look great against hot pink. LOL...

The pattern said to use two panels of cotton batts (19x25inch). I pinned two panels of batts to the terry towel material (19x25inch) and the top cotton material (19x25inch). It was too thick and I removed one layer of the batt. Sewed it together much easier this time. Turned it around, did the strap and sewed that on. I would trim the edges next time to 0.5cm if I do another one of these. It became too thick at the edges. This pattern is awesome and I have enough material for another one. One will stay in the car and the other we can leave it in his Orbit Baby pod bag. I was surprised that the pink and blue does go together!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hot Cross Buns minus the cross

Poor Mick has not had one hot cross bun this Easter season. I came across a post for Donna Hay's recipe on the Vogue forums. I thought it would be easier to make chocolate chip ones instead of the traditional buns, no mixed peel and I can use the rest of the chips for something else. It is also Good Friday and no shops are suppose to be opened. I needed something from Spotlight before starting my portable change mat. So it was baking for today instead of sewing!

I had set up the trusty KitchenAid dough hook and I was pumped. When I mixed the warm milk and yeast together with sugar, I kept thinking that I have managed to stuff it up and kill the yeast with milk that is too hot. Mick helped with the KitchenAid mixer - I am not used to mixing dough! Lucky he did or flour would have been flying out the bowl. This machine is awesome, it takes no time to mix the dough and Mick kneaded it slightly .. ta da it was ready to sit and rise! So sat it did for ages. Then we rolled them out to little balls for the tray ... and waited some more!

We decided not to make the traditional cross on top of the buns. Ok so they are just buns not Hot Cross. After 30 minutes in the oven at 160 degrees.. Mmmmmm HOT CROSS BUNS minus the cross! Now some more waiting... glazed buns have to cool.. mmmm we could not wait that long for them to cool. We have scoffed down 2 of these babies. A contented Pork Chop who slept through most of the day and very happy Mick. Snowy does not do buns, only kibble but she is looking really happy between us now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First Pouch Sling

OMG how easy is it to sew this sling. I went to Baby Bunting yesterday to suss out Peanut Shell slings. I have been wondering how a AUD$100 pouch sling would be different from one that I am about to sew. And most of all, I wanted to know how to wear it. So I forced one on a very willing Mick and I was slightly disappointed that it was one layered and not reversible. For some reason, I thought they were reversible pouch slings (double sided with a lining).

I had picked up $2 per metre cotton fabric from Darn Cheap Fabric in Heidelberg last weekend. I am so happy that this cheap fabric store is near me ... and next to the Saturday lunch Heidelberg Pie Shop. Having been used to only buy girly fabric, I failed to notice it was neon pink and not exactly boy colours - he will have to live with that.

Following this youtube video of how to sew a pouch sling by Leah, I cut my fabric down and stil have a heap leftover for another sling plus A LOT of baby booties. I will have to find something to do with this fabric as it is gorgeous. I measured Mick's shoulder to hip length as I think I will make my own post pork chop. Read... when I erm get my size 6 figure back.. uh huh. Sewed both side seams very quickly, turned inside out and french seamed the curve where baby Pork Chop's bum is suppose to rest. It does not take long and I am very glad that I have chosen smallish projects so far to get done within the day. I think folding, cutting and sewing only took 1 hour if that!

Check out Marsupial Mick and our stand in baby - a vase. LOL Snowy was hiding under the deck outside and I could not grab her to test out the sling. I think she sensed embarrassment and deep humiliation if she came back into the house.

Here is a look at the reversible fabric. I think it is one hot sling and proves Peanut Shell is cough rip off cough. I found Peanut shell slings not as deep as this one. Marsupial Mick was concerned that Pork Chop would outgrow it very quickly.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cushion Covers!

I received my "In Stitches" this week! It is eye candy indeed but Amy Butler's instructions were as I anticipated really detailed. I decided to not start with any of these new patterns and complete what I had intended to start MONTHS ago.

I bought this fabric last year from Ikea intending to make 3 matching cushion covers for the lounge room. I am a disgrace, it has taken about 4 months to get 3 zips that are the correct length for them. Not having anymore excuses ... I decided to bite the bullet. Actually I did indeed have one last excuse - I have no zipper foot for my machine. I spotted a low shank zipper foot on Ebay but I have not bought it yet! I decided to plough ahead. It has been about 14 years since I sewed a zip to anything! And I had forgotten how to do it properly, therefore the first one was a bit of a disaster. But Mick said it looks awesome... he properly ignored the big obvious bad stitching for the zip.

The before cushion covers are 3 ugly pastel covers. One is aqua, one purple and one yellow. Blahhhhhh looking and very old as you can tell from the ugly yellow one above. So I measured them and added 3cm for the seam allowance and prayed that I can figure this out without having to unpick anything. I get frustrated and hate unpicking anything, much to my grandma's disappointment - she's a perfectionist.

I cut out 3 cushions at the same time. It is kind of hard doing it sitting on the floor when I am this huge. Mick had to come rescue me by picking me up off the floor :)
These cushion covers are SO EASY to make. Of course the hardest part is pinning the zip and sewing the zip down without a zipper foot. But it took 30 mins once I figured it out, that includes pressing the seam up, sewing the zip and flipping it inside out. I am loving the new bold colour. And they finally match!!

Also on the baby booties front, I have located fusible web from Lincraft in Greensborough. Next week will be pouch baby sling weekend plus a pair of matching cotton booties perhaps!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Bear Booties

I wondered if I was over ambitious in attempting to sew these little baby booties after a LONGGG hiatus from the dusty sewing machine. But I could not resist ordering the patterns off PreciousPatterns -
They looked so so cute and absolutely adorable compared to the plain mary janes. So at the first attempt, I decided to make the baby bear ones instead of the plain mary jane ribbon pattern that I bought as well.

I made the mistake of assuming that fusible web was the same as fusible interfacing. Instead of sticking the lining to the cotton drill material I used for the outside, I had to rely on top stitching them together. I think I will use both felt for the lining and topside in future as it is softer to handle. So this is what it looked like after the top stitching stage. I thought my crooked stitching created quite the cheeky bear. Mick was running in and out trying to clean the house and help me with the little bears. At this stage he was cooing about how adorable they already looked.

The bear ears were handstitched onto the head. I did not think my machine could take all the layers. Top stitching the ears were the most difficult part of the exercise. They were too small to turn so I had to stitch one stitch, leave the needle in the material, lift up the presser foot and turn the ear. Mick was really excited at this stage and said it was the cutest little thing he had ever seen. By this time my finger hurt from handstitching and forcing pins into all the layers of materials. I persisted on as he was really enthusiastic!

Correction on the above statement, the hardest bit was sewing the soles to the tops of the shoes. I had to enlist Mick's help in pinning the soles ready for the machine as my fingers were hurting so badly from pinning earlier. Some parts of the sole was not stitched down to the body but I went back and handstitched them together. The above is my final result. My bears are indeed lopsided and cranky pants. If you look at PreciousPattern's shop you will see their sample pieces that are so cute and loveable! But as you can tell my finishing leaves much to be desired! i am sure that Pork Chop will forgive Mummy for shoddy work. I am now looking forward to making some more booties! Perhaps the ones that are larger sized next time. These bear ones were for 0-6 months.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow I am actually blogging, this will be hard for me. I have lost touch with the magical world of html codes, fancy scripts and really cool graphics. Pork Chop is my little unborn baby that has brought out the babyzilla nester in me. Pork Chops loves weddings but I have skipped the Bridezilla fever. My attitude towards our indeed beautiful wedding was - I do not care Mick just decide something. Pork Chop however, has managed to create a nesting monster mum. This includes a sudden love for homewares, home decorating and a crazy fever of wanting to sew and sew and create little things for him. So far, my failure in creating a baby room for him has been guilting me. Efforts into the baby room includes Mick 130%, Ling -30%. Ok so I painted about 3% of the walls. I think I have overcompensated by wanting to create lots of lovely things for him as keepsakes.

More than 7 months ago, it was wedding planning, pole dancing in 6 inch heels. Still with some resistance to flat shoes, I killed myself one night by wearing 4 inch heels out and about. To say the least, this is a big surprise to myself. And I am enjoying each kick and each day when I look down and I see my belly growing.

Because of this sudden fever, I have just ordered Amy Butler's In Stitches and cannot wait for the arrival. I will post a review as soon as I receive it! Snowy is in her huggie bed and I have yet another tiresome hospital appointment. It was ultrasound yesterday, hospital appointment this morning, run to work and back to the hospital for the classes. Sad face emoticon please.

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