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Baker's Delight Loves Xmas Goodies and Giveaway

Bakers Delight #BDLovesXmas

This year I will be spending Christmas at our own home again like last Christmas. This is what we did last year in 2011. We had a white Christmas last year when the hail poured down. It was INSANE!!! Baker's Delight had kindly offered a chance for my readers to grab some vouchers to spend in their stores and provided their Christmas Delights for me to review.

So far this year I have already bought gifts for 3 Kris Kringles. One was for my Racing BBQ where I bought a Matt Moran cookbook and Lindt chocolates. For my work KK, I bought the Magic Mike DVD - and basically forced a male to pick my present which he kept! Also I have just sent off my Vogue forum KK and that was A LOT of fun to shop for. More important than presents, for me being Chinese, festive occasions are all about the food. It is always about the food where I am concerned. So I am sharing my menu plan for Christmas day. Bear in mind there are only 2 adults and 2 kids eating all of this. So feel free to holler and drop by :)

Yummy Christmas Menu PorkChop'sNest Style

Christmas Glazed Ham
Prawns, prawns and more prawns
Salad of mixed lettuce, bocconcini, tomato and avo
Baker's Delight Christmas Cake
Baker's Delight Mince Fruit Tarts

Glazed Ham a la PorkChop'sNest 2011
Check out last year's glazed ham! It was so big that it could barely fit it in the oven! I am salivating. Seafood will be served with Roza's Gourmet Remoulade sauce and Aioli Garlic Mayo. The lobster and prawns will be ordered through a friend's husband who runs a fish shop in Frankston. This means I can collect all my goodies from her directly and not have to fight the crowds at Victoria market. Last year we had a lamb shoulder as well. But we are not having guests come over (at this point) this year. Perhaps y'all should come down and join in my festive eating! Please remember to get yourself to Aldi and get some bocconcini balls from them. While you are at it, please go to the freezer section and check out the Turducken that I posted about on my Facebook page. I need to know someone is buying this and what it taste like. Please report back!

For dessert, we are having the Baker's Delight Christmas cake and mince fruit tarts withhhhh.... yummy vanilla ice cream. Someone had suggested on Instagram that I start dousing the Christmas cake in brandy. Anyone up for brandy Christmas cake? 

I am writing this post with my cup of tea and a mince tart. I can verify that the mince tart pastry is buttery and just how I love my tart pastry to be. I also love the mince fruit, it is flavoursome and definitely shouts out Christmas has arrived. I have started on the Christmas cake as well. The cake would be a fantastic item to bring to someone's house if they invited you over for Christmas lunch. It comes packed in a gorgeous tin with transparent lid and you can see it's topped with cherries and has a beautiful shine. It is moist and packed with the necessary Christmas fruit - cherries, currants and sultanas. Jump on Baker's Delight site for their Christmas range and recipes!

Now for the fun part, enter and win 1 of 2 prizes from Baker's Delight. The first prize is a $20 voucher and the second a $10 voucher. Enter below - Tell me where or what occasion you will be serving these Christmas yummies up. Are you planning a Christmas get together with your mother's group? Your work colleagues? Talk to me. Like my Facebook page and tweet about it to get additional entries. Happy Christmas menu planning everyone!

Ends 18th December Midnight and Judges decision (mine) is final.

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  1. I would be serving them up outside by the pool after our BBQ lunch on Christmas Day

  2. After lunch when we are relaxing, talking and playing video and board games.

  3. At my house, I would organise a small get together with the people I love!

  4. At my dad's place once we have all arrived for our Christmas reunion!

  5. I'll be serving these up at my aunts Christmas lunch...if I do win lol. First time i'll be around for her christmas lunch. I'm usually away this time of year.

    Hahahaha I giggled at your "for me being Chinese, festive occasions are all about the food.". My mum's chinese so I can totally appreciate it. With my mum, it doesn't even have to be a festive fucntion per se. Back home and in Malaysia too, people start serving Yee sang a whole month or so before and even after Chinese new year. We would literally be eating this week in and week out!

    Going back to your christmas menu, LOBSTER?! YUM! I'm still pondering on what i'm going to be cooking.

    K xx

  6. WELL! Christmas Eve we are going to my boyfriend's parents' house for dinner. Then Christmas Day we are going to my parents' for lunch where alll the family will be coming. I would not serve ANY of it then! There will be more than enough food available if past Christmas' are anything to go by!

    Instead I would make sure family and friends all know that they're more than welcome to come around on Boxing Day, and we would turn on all our Christmas lights, and all savour them then... a perfect way to prolong the Christmas experience for just a little longer! :)

  7. MMM! Bakers Delight! I love this time of year for their Christmas Mince Tarts!!! They are awesome!
    Work Sydney party last friday. Abi's Daycare one last Tuesday.
    Melb work one Tuesday. Mum and Dad throw a big party on Christmas Eve it's awesome with sing alongs and all! (A family friend is in a band) Christmas morning we are still tossing up if we stay at home just the 3 of us or stay at m&d's... But lunch is with mum's extended family. This year there will be 17!
    Can't wait to see Abis face on Christmas morning!!! She was so super excited when we put the tree up yesterday afternoon! "Wow! Wow! Wow!" she wouldn't stop saying it! Cute as!!!

  8. Awesome giveaway! I have an addiction to the apricot danishes from Baker's Delight. I would line them up on my dining room table on Christmas day and gobble them all up all by myself :P I don't need help to eat those danishes!

  9. Hubs tried the Baker's Delight mince tarts - he said they're sweet and lovely!

    I'd be serving up the goodies for an after dark dinner on Christmas Eve with the fairy lights twinkling - that's when we celebrate at our place :)

  10. i made glazed ham last year for a christmas party as well, reminds me of the fun and amazing times a lot :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  11. Family are all coming to mine for Christmas, they will be really impressed if I make out that I cooked it myself!!

  12. i will serve up these mince pies Christmas day which will save me time and effort and we are doing a backed glazed ham as we have family arriving next week from Italy to stay a couple of weeks ad for Christmas they will enjoy them as they do foods so differently to us and make everything :)

  13. My boyfriend is American and he's NEVER had a mince pie before! It would be perfect if I had the chance to introduce him to the yummy scrummy Bakers Delight mince pies!

  14. I am going for Xmas for the first time in 4 years so have been in the bad daughter books every year so this will make the family love me again!

    And also I can't cook so take some pity on me. I cannot bring my own baked goods as I am rubbish in the kitchen. Help me Help me! Hehe

  15. Leanne Maree RenehanDecember 15, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    I will be sharing these on Christmas day when we go to visit my Mother-in-law in hospital. They love Mince Pies and we all know that Bakers Delight have the best ones.

  16. I don't have family in Sydney however we always celebrate Christmas (and every other major occasion actually!) with a pseudo family of friends who all originated from the same random small town! Everyone brings a plate, and by plate, I mean numerous plates and the biggest part of the day is the dessert spread which invariably results in 10 people pulling out their camera photos to take photo evidence so I'd definitely be sharing my treats there!


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