Monday, December 31, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Balls, Yum Cha and Pears

I met up with the ladies on Friday.. or was it Thursday.. oh wait it was Friday. I no longer remember as everyday is a weekend! And I had 2 hours to do my Boxing Day shopping. I went to David Jones and the Mon Shu eye palettes were now $61.60. It's this post where I posted pictures of the palettes when I first drooled over them. I bought the one which had green in it.. ooohhh glitterati. By the way, the bottom right colour is actually a blusher not an eyeshadow. Iris the sales assistant pretty much laughed her head off at me when I said oops I thought that was eyeshadow. And I also bought the light coral cream blusher. Amazeballs.. that's all I can say!

Shu Uemura Face of the Day
I had a play with all the Shu Uemura goodies that I bought before we went to yum cha. Seriously though I need a camera to take selfies. The inbuild FaceTime camera in the iPhone is just blah. The blusher was a layer of coral cream blush and the Shu Uemura palette blusher. Lipstick from Missha which is a very light pink. There you go.. i look sunburnt or something there don't I! 

I has prawn on sugar cane
The entire Melbourne must have gone away to Mornington or something. There was nobody at Goldleaf!? What's going on? See all those empty tables? The boys like the fried prawns on sugar cane sticks and I eyed one off very hard as it was the only one left on the trolley and repeating in my head, they better not take my boys' prawns. Strangely there was one deep fried trolley running around when usually they shove the stuff in your face saying, "you wan deep flied spling lolls?"

Soya Beancurd Dessert
I managed to sneak in my favourite dessert - soya beancurd. Most of you would be like wtf is this. This my friend is the stuff of urban legends. If you want to have a fair skinned baby, eat more of this! My grandma would tell me when I was young... followed by ... "Your Mum ate lots of tau fu fah, that's why you're so fair as a baby. White white.. such a pretty baby." FYI us Chinese want fair skin and all of y'all trying to get tanned have got it wrong. The boys asked for fruit at yum cha. I nearly fell off my chair. So I ordered them melon balls and D would pick if he wanted orange or green melon balls. Green is the winner so far.

I has pears

I has new shoes
We had a BBQ meal of burgers and salad on Sunday as we had FRIENDS come over. Yes I actually do have friends! :P this is Pickles who decided that he wanted to wear my new shoes. He actually waddled a little bit while wearing them and then fell over, the poor boy. He has always been fascinated with my shoes for some reason, shoes and makeup... Mick is shaking his head somewhere. I think he thinks it's cute and we fuss about it. D told me on Sunday that he wanted a pear. I asked like 3 times, you mean fruit? A pear? He has never asked for pears and told me he didn't like them. So I even google imaged a pear for him to confirm he wanted one. Mick was going out to buy burger buns, cheeses (cheesus) and dip so he bought him a pear. We thought he would not eat it. Well.. I was wrong! He said he wanted the entire pear. Ok then! We can now add pear to the ok fruit and vegetable list.

Keep on stirring
I made these chocolate balls as our friends were coming on Saturday night. The ice cream was chocolate as well as the strawberries were all kinds of fail when we opened the punnet. D kept saying we should make chocolate ice cream so we did. The rum balls my colleague's wife would make were yummy yum yum. I am not sure if she made it using the cake or biscuit method. So anyway this is the easier method. I took the ingredients out of the cupboard after yum cha at 2.30pm but fell asleep shortly for a siesta. 3 hours later we were eating dinner and the ingredients were still staring at me and mocking me for my fails. After the boys went to sleep, I sat watching trashy TV and made those Faux Rum balls!

Rum Balls from Best Recipes
250g arrowroot biscuits crushed
1 cup coconut and extra for coating
1 can of condensed milk
1/4 cup of cocoa powder - sifted
1 1/2 tsp Rum (I omitted because of the boys)

Mix together and it would combine and stick together. Form into balls and roll in extra coconut to coat. 

Things that I did wrong - I didn't use a food processor to crush the biscuits as the boys were asleep. I chucked the biscuits into a bowl and tried to use a glass to crush it. A bit of eye-rolling and come let me solve this issue with a bag and rolling pin by Mick later, we had crushed biscuits! The finer that you get the crumbs the easier that the mix will stick together when forming balls. I refrigerated the mixture for a short time as well, as I thought it would be easier to form the balls. It did help a little I think.

Then don't forget to put on some trashy TV and you sit and roll those balls. My choice TV of that night was on 7Mate... now how good is this channel? I had Full Throttle Saloon on the entire time! 

Roll those suckers and refrigerate. Then eat them!  

Rum-less Chocolate Rum Balls


  1. I want rum balls now

    and Yum Cha


    1. Everyone needs rum balls

      and most definitely

      YUM CHA!!

  2. Yummmm. Maybe I'll go to the shops and get some stuffs so I can make rum-less chocolate balls for tonight.

  3. You've made me really hungry now, between talk of yum cha and rum balls!

    I practically laughed out loud that you google imaged a pear to double check if that was really what D wanted. Hilarious and so clever!

  4. nooo I want rumballs now.. haha Im currently writing this with a hangover and seeing all this food isn't helping!! xx
    ps: eye shadow is perfect

    1. Oh thanks!!!! Rumballs are a necessity in every fridge i have decided!

  5. Grr my reply didn't work so doing it again. I've been wanting to do Yum Cha with my family as well but since I also don't know what day of the week I'm in (see how reliant we are on with work to know the day of the week??), I have left it too late and doubt anything will be open tomorrow.

    I'm a reject asian because I'm 'tanned'. My mother always nags me but I doubt holding an umbrella will do much as I have a feeling I'm naturally darker like her sister and mother. I have no idea how my cousins in South East Asia become so pale after being tanned all their lives...they must be using some potent whitening cream and have become nocturnal.

    1. Did your mother shake her head at you? They live in SEA, it's aircon all the way and no walking in the sun!
      It's Yum cha they are chinese, they would be working everyday! :)

  6. Looks like you've had a great weekend! :D I don't own any Shu products but plan to in the future, when the budget allows!

    Best Recipes is an awesome site, I'm not surprised you found the recipe on there! I have found many good dessert and main meal recipes on there. :)

    Have a great 2013! :D

    1. Best Recipes and Taste are like essential Australian food central. Another one that I used to trawl was Exclusively Food.

      I am loving Shu and honestly the problem is that it is much cheaper buying from Strawberrynet. I really like the SAs so I feel bad if I do that. You know.. ask for colour match/samples then run online to buy it so I haven't done so yet.

  7. I just die everytime I see your little ones. They are so cute.

    LING YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE 18!!! WELL, I mean, you look so young you lucky thing.

    Hope you had a lovely time with your boys (hubby included) lol
    - KK xxx

    1. Miss KK, when do you come back? You have to meet them.
      Yes I look young.. it's called blurry iPhone camera, soft lighting, makeup and being Chinese. Have you ladies seen my Mum?

      I did have a good time. :) Hope you did too. xx


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