Sunday, February 13, 2011

My boys!

I have not blogged about this.. Heck I have not blogged much since forever. I participated in the Vogue forum Secret KK this year. This is the first time I have participated and I am not sure what prompted me to enter. Anyway, I hope that my KK liked what she received. She wanted an umbrella loves nail polish. Voila, Epi Nail polish and a handbag sized umbrella with butterfly prints.

Anyway in my mail, I received a lovely package from Tasmania! I had a dessert cookbook, bronzer and a little food pack with chutneys etc. In the letter - doh I forgot to even include one - was an explanation of each gift. In the letter, the voguette said that she hoped to see more posts... and pictures of the boys. And it occured to me that I have no written much or posted his picture. He is the most gorgeous little thing ever. He really has the face that lights up when he smiles and this smiles is through his eyes. Just look at the boys together.

Sometimes it had been incredibly hard having them so close together especially when D had not even started walking yet. But when I see them hug each other, I just melt and think how wonderful it is to have the two of them so close.

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