Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Hot Cross Buns this year but bun in the oven

So this year, I have faileddddd.. I failed to bake my own hot cross buns.
I do have the ingredients so who knows? Maybe I will start them this weekend. Uh huh, sure .. I can hear in the background.

I bought ugg booties from Ugg brand off

How cute is that!!! And erm.. why are they USD$50. Please explain?

Anyway, there are no hot cross buns but there is a bun in the oven. Yes I have been in denial and it is very hard!! It is very hard being at work and trying to look not pregnant and getting the huh belly stares. I am more than 20 weeks, heck I don't remember how many. Maybe 24?! Or was it 25??!? Cannot remember any longer. I am feeling like a total happy working mum and now it's schmozzle.

Speaking of pregnancy, can preggie bellies wear normal tights from Cotton On? I am just finding it very overwhelming this winter preggie thing. I do summer.. you know the usual dresses etc but this tights/leggings bizo. I cannot understand it as I don't do leggings. Some of us tried to start the #jeggings trend in Twitter LOLLLL ROFFFLLL #JEGGINGS! Sad to report that we failed. So now I'm faced with a sad wardrobe AGAIN and I am terrified.

I better go and get some crappy clothes for my big belly. URGH.
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