Friday, December 14, 2012

The Claw: Cloud Nail Art Lime Crime Hello Darling

Cloud Mani! 
The Claw hardly ever features nail art. It is because I am clueless about nail art. But I saw this being done heaps. TJ from A little bit of this often has this on her Instagram and I also read So Nailicious post on cloud nail art. 

For this`attempt, I used Lime Crime Milky Ways which is one of the gorgeous colours I bought and shared with Vita. I am telling you it is the exact colour of those mini coopers running around. I call that colour an almond beige cream. It's just gorgeous and if I drove one of them, I would wear this colour everyday to match. For the accent piece I used Hello Darling Wednesday which is one of my favourite pinks.

Oh hai there poppies!
So my base colour was Lime Crime Milky Way. Then I did the middle accent in Wednesday, topped off with Milky Way again. Because the pink is much brighter, it meant the top clouds looked like I used another colour - a more pale pink. 

Pale pink cloud against the brighter pink Wednesday
The thing about nail art is you have to be patient! Here is what I did for the cloud nail art.

  1. Prep nails as normal with base coat 
  2. 2 coats of a bottom colour, for this one I used a white based colour at the bottom. So two coats of Lime Crime Milky Way. Wait patiently while this dries.
  3. Grab a contrasting colour. I love a good pink accent so I had to use Wednesday.
  4. When do the clouds, you do not want your brush to grab that much paint. What I did was 'wipe' off the polish against the rim of the bottle. Then half dip the brush in and you get just enough. You're going painting half a nail so you do not want excess. 
  5. You also want the 'drip' at the end of the brush, 'wipe' off one side. Turn the brush over so the side which has the paint to face the nail and paint that side on.
  6. Wait patiently again for this to dry.
  7. The top layer is going to need the least polish on your brush. Take care when dipping that you do not dip that much in. By this layer you only need to coat 1/4 of your nail length. 
  8. The other side was hideous as I am right handed.. so if you can get someone to paint on the clouds for you on the other hand. LOL

I think that I have definitely conquered the nail art fear. Check that out.. it wasn't too bad was it! Lime Crime Milky Ways is a fantastic colour and I think I will fight Vita over this one. :) I only did 2 coats for this but I think I would do another coat next time. I'm now browsing my other colours to see what other combinations I can do.

So happy with Claw nail art? Tell me what else I should attempt! :) Bear in mind I have no tools so that might be a bit of a hinderance. 


  1. Pretty!

    Dots are pretty easy to do. You can also try using bits of tape to guide straight lines. I'm shocking at nail art and try keep mine as simple as possible when I do attempt it. The beauty department has pretty helpful tutorials :)

    K xx

    1. Oh K.. you should see the other side.. :O hahahaha horrible!

  2. this looks amazing! so professional too.

    you should definitely attempt polka dots, you can do them by dipping the end of a bobby pin in the polish and dotting it on your nail. so easy x

    1. I've been hearing heaps about polka dots too! OMG so exciting..

  3. Wow! The nail art looks fantastic, Ling! I agreed that it does look very professional. I also particularly love the photos you have taken for this post. Gorgeous flowers! Prue

  4. I love it! Looks very cute and the colour combo is perfect too. I struggle with nail art too simply because I don't have the patience to wait or the precision required to do the art!

    1. OMG i'm a shamble at it to be honest. I'm really shocked it photographed well. The right hand (as i'm right handed) ... shocking!!

  5. Just lovely, you re-created it flawlessly, Ling! great colour combo too - I love pinks.
    So glad our tutorials are useful!


  6. You did such a good job! I actually thought you had it done at a salon when I first saw the pic and hadn't read the post in full

  7. So pretty! I need to try a cloud mani :)

    1. It does look very pretty! But I can't see the 'clouds'. I've looked at it every which way... definitely not getting the cloud effect over here LOL but gorgeous anyway!

    2. Yeah i call it cloud as people had used this term in IG and blogs. LOL I think it's because of the rounded tips? I don't know!

  8. Ok that looks cute! If you can do it...then, hopefully so can I!!


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