Sunday, November 8, 2009

Avocado, we eated it!

Pork Chop had never had any interest in our food or anything that we gobbled. And trust me I gobble a lot infront of him. We were up in Bright for a wedding and suddenly, arms were flapping, legs were kicking... You know that excited face. He thought it was Christmas morning when he saw my shotglass of green soup. Yes green... yes green with envy he was as well. I thought huh? He wants some? Instinctively I told Mick omg he wants my soupppp give it to him. But I didn't know how it would go if I tipped a shotglass down a 6month's old mouth. So i decided to go the safe route. Yes we shall ..... dip his fingers in it and have a nom nom. He went crazy and wanted some more! I thought oh wow he is a big boy now. Everyone else has started solids ahead of him but I thought whatever he is thriving on formula I will leave him alone until he is interested.

Two days later, we were sitting having a glass of cold water when arms flapped, legs kicked again. He wanted the glass of water. Never mind that the glass was bigger than his head... I want GLASS NOWWWW. He started licking the side of the empty glass. So I gave him mine which had water. He loved it and was really anxious for more. See above picture as most people think that I exaggerate. You know ... Ling is one of those mothers whose baby crawled at like 12 weeks. LOL.

So what does a mother with no car in the 'burbs do? Wait another week until we were able to go to Chemist warehouse to get the baby phase 2 gear. Armed with sippy cup and baby feeding spoons, we stopped by Woolworths on the way home to get avo, banana and a pumpkin. Avocado will do, that's easy to make. Cut, mash, mix in some milk.. off we go. Fully prepared to have a war on my hands with this introduction of strange green stuff. We braved phase 2 of babyhood. I am proud to say my little boy lapped it up and then flapped and kicked for some more. He scoffed down slightly less than a quarter of an avo. Avo... we eated it! Here's video proof he does enjoy it! You know I am one of those mothers! LOOK AT MAH BABYYYY!!!
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