About Me

There is PorkChop and Pickle or fondly known these days as D&L. They are 14.5months apart. I became slightly crazy and deranged with pregnancy hormones and started this blog. That's D & L welcoming Spring back to Melbourne where we live.

We cook and bake a lot, we eat out, we shop (I shop), we do lots of fun stuff. This is a lifestyle blog with a bit of everything. I write about fashion, beauty, shopping, food, cooking and about our lives.

Some people may also ask what on earth is the CLAW? Well Mick asked.. LOL I was reading a makeup blog post about blogging on nail polishes. She said do not do the Claw pose when clutching your nail polish bottle. I laughed my head off at that and when I started my love for OPI nail polishes, I said no I will not have Claw pictures. Due to popular demand and also my DIG (due in group) BFF who said I should do hand modelling, I started having fun with the Claw. Also the Claw needs a nail polish sponsor. So please be contacting us if you are interested!
That is us in a nutshell. I also enjoy long walks on the beach .. HAHHHA :)

This blog is also endorsed by iFabbo and Beauty Directory.


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