Monday, December 31, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Balls, Yum Cha and Pears

I met up with the ladies on Friday.. or was it Thursday.. oh wait it was Friday. I no longer remember as everyday is a weekend! And I had 2 hours to do my Boxing Day shopping. I went to David Jones and the Mon Shu eye palettes were now $61.60. It's this post where I posted pictures of the palettes when I first drooled over them. I bought the one which had green in it.. ooohhh glitterati. By the way, the bottom right colour is actually a blusher not an eyeshadow. Iris the sales assistant pretty much laughed her head off at me when I said oops I thought that was eyeshadow. And I also bought the light coral cream blusher. Amazeballs.. that's all I can say!

Shu Uemura Face of the Day
I had a play with all the Shu Uemura goodies that I bought before we went to yum cha. Seriously though I need a camera to take selfies. The inbuild FaceTime camera in the iPhone is just blah. The blusher was a layer of coral cream blush and the Shu Uemura palette blusher. Lipstick from Missha which is a very light pink. There you go.. i look sunburnt or something there don't I! 

I has prawn on sugar cane
The entire Melbourne must have gone away to Mornington or something. There was nobody at Goldleaf!? What's going on? See all those empty tables? The boys like the fried prawns on sugar cane sticks and I eyed one off very hard as it was the only one left on the trolley and repeating in my head, they better not take my boys' prawns. Strangely there was one deep fried trolley running around when usually they shove the stuff in your face saying, "you wan deep flied spling lolls?"

Soya Beancurd Dessert
I managed to sneak in my favourite dessert - soya beancurd. Most of you would be like wtf is this. This my friend is the stuff of urban legends. If you want to have a fair skinned baby, eat more of this! My grandma would tell me when I was young... followed by ... "Your Mum ate lots of tau fu fah, that's why you're so fair as a baby. White white.. such a pretty baby." FYI us Chinese want fair skin and all of y'all trying to get tanned have got it wrong. The boys asked for fruit at yum cha. I nearly fell off my chair. So I ordered them melon balls and D would pick if he wanted orange or green melon balls. Green is the winner so far.

I has pears

I has new shoes
We had a BBQ meal of burgers and salad on Sunday as we had FRIENDS come over. Yes I actually do have friends! :P this is Pickles who decided that he wanted to wear my new shoes. He actually waddled a little bit while wearing them and then fell over, the poor boy. He has always been fascinated with my shoes for some reason, shoes and makeup... Mick is shaking his head somewhere. I think he thinks it's cute and we fuss about it. D told me on Sunday that he wanted a pear. I asked like 3 times, you mean fruit? A pear? He has never asked for pears and told me he didn't like them. So I even google imaged a pear for him to confirm he wanted one. Mick was going out to buy burger buns, cheeses (cheesus) and dip so he bought him a pear. We thought he would not eat it. Well.. I was wrong! He said he wanted the entire pear. Ok then! We can now add pear to the ok fruit and vegetable list.

Keep on stirring
I made these chocolate balls as our friends were coming on Saturday night. The ice cream was chocolate as well as the strawberries were all kinds of fail when we opened the punnet. D kept saying we should make chocolate ice cream so we did. The rum balls my colleague's wife would make were yummy yum yum. I am not sure if she made it using the cake or biscuit method. So anyway this is the easier method. I took the ingredients out of the cupboard after yum cha at 2.30pm but fell asleep shortly for a siesta. 3 hours later we were eating dinner and the ingredients were still staring at me and mocking me for my fails. After the boys went to sleep, I sat watching trashy TV and made those Faux Rum balls!

Rum Balls from Best Recipes
250g arrowroot biscuits crushed
1 cup coconut and extra for coating
1 can of condensed milk
1/4 cup of cocoa powder - sifted
1 1/2 tsp Rum (I omitted because of the boys)

Mix together and it would combine and stick together. Form into balls and roll in extra coconut to coat. 

Things that I did wrong - I didn't use a food processor to crush the biscuits as the boys were asleep. I chucked the biscuits into a bowl and tried to use a glass to crush it. A bit of eye-rolling and come let me solve this issue with a bag and rolling pin by Mick later, we had crushed biscuits! The finer that you get the crumbs the easier that the mix will stick together when forming balls. I refrigerated the mixture for a short time as well, as I thought it would be easier to form the balls. It did help a little I think.

Then don't forget to put on some trashy TV and you sit and roll those balls. My choice TV of that night was on 7Mate... now how good is this channel? I had Full Throttle Saloon on the entire time! 

Roll those suckers and refrigerate. Then eat them!  

Rum-less Chocolate Rum Balls

Friday, December 28, 2012

Leftovers Vogue KK and Ice Cream

Continuously hijacked to drop $2 on these rides 
YAY YAY YAY the shops are open again! One day of sitting around like a sloth eating so much food ... and not to mention napping like a boss as well. We went to the local shops to get strawberries for the ice cream maker. The Aldi special buy $25 ice cream maker caught my eye. I actually hauled this darn thing all the way from the CBD store back home. The point of buying this was because I already given Mick his totally romantic Christmas present - a hot shot BBQ set in an aluminium case. By the time I dragged the darn machine back on a train and everything I just threw all my bags at him (lovingly) at the house. Of course he noticed the brand - Lumina and I was flipping the Aldi catalogue with said machine in it with him later that night. He guessed what it was ... DUH. Well least I saved on wrapping paper. Do you remember those rides that D and L are on? My brother and I used to stare at those rides and sat in it .. stationary. And we used to be sad that we never got any coins for it. Yes yes.. I'm kind of compensating that by 'wasting' my $2 coins everytime we come here.

Leftovers in action
Another problem with post Christmas come down is the leftovers. Oh man was there leftovers. I have ham phobia now. I cooked Hokkien eggie noodles like my previous post ... except I used ham instead of pork. What I did was go to Aldi to do a Hokkien noodle run. It was DISGUSTING. This thing was the worse packet of noodles I have ever encountered. The texture of the noodles was wrongtown. It crumbled and was not in strands if you know what I mean. Currently Aldi I am not in love with you. You better redeem yourself with really good ice cream man! I had to substitute for dry thin egg noodles which was really blah. Boys were not interested and D said later he did not want the noodles. FAIL.

Aldi Ice Cream maker a-churning
This is the ice cream maker churning.. keep on churning Mr Lumina Ice Cream maker. It is a small bowl that you have to freeze for 8 hours or more. That is fine with us... the bowl size is also ok as we usually just have small quantities of ice cream. Yeah I am one of those freaks that eats one square from a family size chocolate bar and would leave it alone afterwards. The boys helped with the ice cream making. Pickles added sugar in and D poured in the ingredients. Churn ... churn churn... then freeze. So really it's just 20-30mins of churning. This thing served the purpose and honestly I think the price tag just enabled me to buy it. If it was a Cuisinart which I think looks amazing btw, I would not have bought it. I would have thought yeah that's nice and I probably wouldn't use it.
Amazeballs Strawberry Ice Cream
After one taste, I was converted. It was amazing.... The missing bits were from D and Pickles who ate a scoop each before we did. This was using one punnet of strawberries. As you can see it made a small amount. But it tasted so good! I am going to make some more tomorrow.. Woohoo.

HURRO KITTY & Lancome Eyeliner
I finally opened my Vogue KK gift that I received from the lovely L. :) Yay yay yay... Hurro Kitty Sigg bottle!!!!!!! My very own SIGG!! And a green Lancome eyeliner as she stalked me online where I was told I had to wear more colour. This is totally exciting. How cute is that bottle? And the eyeliner ... ooohhhh Lancome! I really enjoyed being in the Vogue KK and had a ball buying for mine. From L's note I think she enjoyed it too. I am very stalkable HAHHA..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stalk my Noms: Christmas Day Chow Down

The Spread
Here's a preview to our Christmas spread. I picked up the seafood from my friend's house on Christmas eve. This is the second year of ordering seafood through her and honestly I do not think I will go back to fighting crowds at Victoria Market. My order this year was raw prawns 2kg, one crayfish and one dozen of oysters. Winning! WINNING!

The Breakfast
I rewind you back to the breakfast. Avo on toast and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. I love smoked salmon but cannot eat much of it. And you will notice one of those lovely balls again. Those balls should be in every dish, seriously.. balls. After I had breakfast, Pickles and I played with Mr Potato head. He later ran off somewhere else and I fell asleep. I fell asleep people! And I slept for 3hours and woke up at lunchtime. Still in my PJs.. I ran to the shower and quickly changed. Meanwhile .... this already happened! 

The Ham
The ham was baked and glazed while I was sleeping. This year our ham is 2.5kg (thank goodness smaller than last year) and from Happy Valley Free Range. It tasted amazeballs and Mick took pictures of the cooking process if anyone is interested in a recipe. Free range ham is really expensive, if I told you how much it cost you guys would pass out. But it's once a year.. and grandma taught me to eat well and save on other things. The problem is that I also spend way too much on other things!!

The Cray Cray
Then the cray cray... Check this bad boy out. It is so yummy and I am now converted. I think I would rather have this than prawns now. Honestly, so good! This was split already and seriously, how good does that look?

Chow Down begins
That's a picture of my plate. Loaded up with garlic prawns, crayfish, salad, oysters and glazed ham. The oyster was so creamy and plump, the ham just so tasty. Cray.. well, cray is my new love. Garlic prawns.. mmmm and my yummy salad! As long as there are those balls in there again and avo - I'm there!

Le Petit Gateau sélections
Dessert was a selection of yummies from Le Petit Gateau. Can't be stuffed organising dessert just for ourselves. On Christmas eve, we were heading to the city anyway. So we picked up - from left - Chocolate Brownie Gateau, Green tea cake, Hazelnut mille feuille. Without a doubt, the green tea is just going to be a hot favourite in this house for next time. My goodness .. get yourself to Le Petit Gateau and thank me next time.

What are you doing for your holidays? I'm just about sick of looking at leftover food and not being able to eat out! I actually had to cook leftovers today - more on that in another post. We also made strawberry ice cream with a $25 Aldi ice cream machine. The recipe was fantastic! And I can't wait to have it tonight when it is frozen hard. Other than that, I'm wanting to go to the Boxing day sales. Anyone braved it today? Merry Christmas once again!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Cheesey food and nail polish

Kua Wela, Verano and Carousel
I came home on Sunday to this package! This was after coming home from the swimming pool. I put on my Zimmermann bikini in our once a year journey to the swimming pool. Yes once a year. We went to the swimming pool in the morning in preparation for a hot day. I dragged the boys up and down while they kick in the swimming pool and caught them when they jump from the side of the pool. Watched the boys slide down the water slide (very very quickly) with Mick. And basically making sure that they did not fall off whatever they were climbing on. It made me so tired, I think it wore me out more than them. I kept hinting... are we going to go back for snacks? Ie MUM IS TIRED. They left with tears as I dragged them to the hot car. I hate hot cars. I had to promise that they are going to go back. 2 minutes later, can I go back swimming with the slide? Urgh. The good thing is, I found that this fitness centre has booty barre classes on Wednesday night. So guess where I will be doing Barre soon? Yeap! I am so motivated, I'm almost about to run to Lorna Jane outlet in Uni hill to get gear.

Get your sauce on
I rewind you back to Saturday when I really wanted Mac and Cheese. You know when you want Mac and Cheese? Nothing ever comes close. So I made Mac and Cheese! Check out the killer cheesey white sauce and bacon. Ooooh yeah BACON. I wanted to do Pioneer Woman's Fancy mac and cheese. But seriously, I could not be bothered slicing onions. So I did my normal version, except I chucked in some leftover spinach from an earlier dinner during the week. Might as well use it up. I know it doesn't really "go together" but whatever. It eased some guilty conscience that I was eating badly. So ingredients is really just cooked pasta (about 300-350g dry, I usually put in about 3/4 packet). White sauce was 50-60g butter melted, add 3 tbsp plain flour. Whisk plain flour into melted butter. Add in your milk and cream. I added a touch of grated nutmeg in this sauce and felt like Nigella... so fancy.

Ta Da finished
Nomming my Cheesey Pizza
D is nomming his cheesey pasta. The spinach was a no go zone.. but he asked for broccoli with his cheesey pasta. Who is this child?? We had to cook some broccoli just for him. And he ate it happily after that. Soooo... funnyyy.

Oooh yeah spread the cheese
On Sunday night, the boys wanted pizza. As they like making it together, they get their little table into the kitchen. Get some frozen pita bread, spread organic pasta sauce on and hold their hands out to catch grated cheese.

Get your ham on 
Pickles decided to help with the ham but was not keen on the cheese. He grabbed a handful of ham and then disappeared to eat it by himself. HAhahah this boy is smart!

Is it bad that after the boys went to sleep, I ran out and tried out a dodgy hole in the wall local fish and chip place? I basically shoved this crispy battered fried blue whiting into my mouth with enthusiasm. It was SO GOOD. I'm now upset that it has taken me 5 years of driving past this place to finally try it! While I was there, about 6 people walked in to order. Dammit.... I feel like the last one in the neighbourhood to find out about this dodgy place!

Merry Christmas to everyone! And as my weekend started at 2.30pm on Friday and technically it's Monday and still my weekend as I'm on holidays. I feel like I need a Stalk my weekend Part 2 as I actually did stuff today as well!!! 2012 had been a great year for me. And I honestly can't wait to see what's gonna happen in 2013.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keep or eBay

This is one of those Keep or eBay post. I bought this because it was 20% off and I grabbed something.
I did not think this through and when I wore it. Mick said erm have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Which means what on earth is that? I think he's not used to seeing me in something like this as I usually wear quite fitted clothing. What's the verdict? Keep or eBay?

Keep or Sell?
After the I don't love Aldi review yesterday I feel like I had to redeem myself. Just sharing what I had for breakfast. Avo on toast, bacon and a random bocconcini ball. Please disregard all other supermarkets and just get to Aldi to get these balls. Everyone needs balls I'm tellin' ya!

Random Ball

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I love Aldi: Vegetable Cannelloni

What Aldi say it looks like
After this one, I was ready to change the title to I don't love Aldi. I thought that frozen cannelloni is one of the safest things ever. I was wrong. If there is one post of my freezer meal reviews that will make you cringe, it is this one. I am cringing now as I relive this experience. You take the meal out of the pack, no need to pierce the film. 7 to 8 minutes later, the microwave dings at you. This is where it starts to go downhill.

Where's the cannelloni at?
My first thought was.. where the cannelloni at? It was a steaming and swimming bed of sauce. Ok fine... and what hits you first of all was the smell of sour-ish tomato sauce. Ok fine... Just cover it with white pepper and get back on the computer. Then it starts sliding even more downhill. You dig around to find 2 rolls of cannelloni. You cut one open and it's like ... what is this? And I lead you onto the next picture. As you usually know, I usually only take 2 pictures in my Aldi meal reviews. But you just have to see this.

Strange faux ricotta
What is that goop? Do they claim it is ricotta? Don't go there. Don't even start asking why I kept eating this. The pasta was tasteless, it was overwhelmed with tomato sauce. I don't know about you, but don't like overwhelmed tomato sauce in my pasta. No no no. There's also micro mini diced vegetables in the sauce. Yay bonus score! Now I want $4 back.

Price: No tick, this is not even worth $3.99. 
Appearance: Hells to the no.. I don't want sauce with a bit of pasta in it.
Taste: No, no no no no..  
Will buy again Factor: Don't go there sista.

P.S: This is not a paid post. I had shelled out $4 for my own meal... and now I want my money back.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Claw: Cloud Nail Art Lime Crime Hello Darling

Cloud Mani! 
The Claw hardly ever features nail art. It is because I am clueless about nail art. But I saw this being done heaps. TJ from A little bit of this often has this on her Instagram and I also read So Nailicious post on cloud nail art. 

For this`attempt, I used Lime Crime Milky Ways which is one of the gorgeous colours I bought and shared with Vita. I am telling you it is the exact colour of those mini coopers running around. I call that colour an almond beige cream. It's just gorgeous and if I drove one of them, I would wear this colour everyday to match. For the accent piece I used Hello Darling Wednesday which is one of my favourite pinks.

Oh hai there poppies!
So my base colour was Lime Crime Milky Way. Then I did the middle accent in Wednesday, topped off with Milky Way again. Because the pink is much brighter, it meant the top clouds looked like I used another colour - a more pale pink. 

Pale pink cloud against the brighter pink Wednesday
The thing about nail art is you have to be patient! Here is what I did for the cloud nail art.

  1. Prep nails as normal with base coat 
  2. 2 coats of a bottom colour, for this one I used a white based colour at the bottom. So two coats of Lime Crime Milky Way. Wait patiently while this dries.
  3. Grab a contrasting colour. I love a good pink accent so I had to use Wednesday.
  4. When do the clouds, you do not want your brush to grab that much paint. What I did was 'wipe' off the polish against the rim of the bottle. Then half dip the brush in and you get just enough. You're going painting half a nail so you do not want excess. 
  5. You also want the 'drip' at the end of the brush, 'wipe' off one side. Turn the brush over so the side which has the paint to face the nail and paint that side on.
  6. Wait patiently again for this to dry.
  7. The top layer is going to need the least polish on your brush. Take care when dipping that you do not dip that much in. By this layer you only need to coat 1/4 of your nail length. 
  8. The other side was hideous as I am right handed.. so if you can get someone to paint on the clouds for you on the other hand. LOL

I think that I have definitely conquered the nail art fear. Check that out.. it wasn't too bad was it! Lime Crime Milky Ways is a fantastic colour and I think I will fight Vita over this one. :) I only did 2 coats for this but I think I would do another coat next time. I'm now browsing my other colours to see what other combinations I can do.

So happy with Claw nail art? Tell me what else I should attempt! :) Bear in mind I have no tools so that might be a bit of a hinderance. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baker's Delight Loves Xmas Goodies and Giveaway

Bakers Delight #BDLovesXmas

This year I will be spending Christmas at our own home again like last Christmas. This is what we did last year in 2011. We had a white Christmas last year when the hail poured down. It was INSANE!!! Baker's Delight had kindly offered a chance for my readers to grab some vouchers to spend in their stores and provided their Christmas Delights for me to review.

So far this year I have already bought gifts for 3 Kris Kringles. One was for my Racing BBQ where I bought a Matt Moran cookbook and Lindt chocolates. For my work KK, I bought the Magic Mike DVD - and basically forced a male to pick my present which he kept! Also I have just sent off my Vogue forum KK and that was A LOT of fun to shop for. More important than presents, for me being Chinese, festive occasions are all about the food. It is always about the food where I am concerned. So I am sharing my menu plan for Christmas day. Bear in mind there are only 2 adults and 2 kids eating all of this. So feel free to holler and drop by :)

Yummy Christmas Menu PorkChop'sNest Style

Christmas Glazed Ham
Prawns, prawns and more prawns
Salad of mixed lettuce, bocconcini, tomato and avo
Baker's Delight Christmas Cake
Baker's Delight Mince Fruit Tarts

Glazed Ham a la PorkChop'sNest 2011
Check out last year's glazed ham! It was so big that it could barely fit it in the oven! I am salivating. Seafood will be served with Roza's Gourmet Remoulade sauce and Aioli Garlic Mayo. The lobster and prawns will be ordered through a friend's husband who runs a fish shop in Frankston. This means I can collect all my goodies from her directly and not have to fight the crowds at Victoria market. Last year we had a lamb shoulder as well. But we are not having guests come over (at this point) this year. Perhaps y'all should come down and join in my festive eating! Please remember to get yourself to Aldi and get some bocconcini balls from them. While you are at it, please go to the freezer section and check out the Turducken that I posted about on my Facebook page. I need to know someone is buying this and what it taste like. Please report back!

For dessert, we are having the Baker's Delight Christmas cake and mince fruit tarts withhhhh.... yummy vanilla ice cream. Someone had suggested on Instagram that I start dousing the Christmas cake in brandy. Anyone up for brandy Christmas cake? 

I am writing this post with my cup of tea and a mince tart. I can verify that the mince tart pastry is buttery and just how I love my tart pastry to be. I also love the mince fruit, it is flavoursome and definitely shouts out Christmas has arrived. I have started on the Christmas cake as well. The cake would be a fantastic item to bring to someone's house if they invited you over for Christmas lunch. It comes packed in a gorgeous tin with transparent lid and you can see it's topped with cherries and has a beautiful shine. It is moist and packed with the necessary Christmas fruit - cherries, currants and sultanas. Jump on Baker's Delight site for their Christmas range and recipes!

Now for the fun part, enter and win 1 of 2 prizes from Baker's Delight. The first prize is a $20 voucher and the second a $10 voucher. Enter below - Tell me where or what occasion you will be serving these Christmas yummies up. Are you planning a Christmas get together with your mother's group? Your work colleagues? Talk to me. Like my Facebook page and tweet about it to get additional entries. Happy Christmas menu planning everyone!

Ends 18th December Midnight and Judges decision (mine) is final.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review: SeneGence Roseberry LipSense Start Kit

LipSense Roseberry Kit
If you are after a long lasting lip gloss, read on. I was asked by lovely @wtmontana  on Twitter who is a self confessed "Beauty Junkie" to review and swatch this for her. She is now a SeneGence distributor and you can contact her directly about any of the SeneGence products and her details are at the bottom of the post. I put my hands up for lip gloss and pink. You know I love pink :)

When I received this. I had no idea why there were 3 tubes in the pack. Then I went Ohhh... ok.. One is the lip gloss layer, one is the colour (roseberry pink tube) and the other is the Oops Remover. I did not understand why I needed a remover. That was until I tried it on.

LipSense Roseberry Swatch
The texture is quite liquid and sheer when you put it on. You will probably need a couple of layers. It is  liquidy out of the tube. Then dries and does not budge. I repeat. It does not budge. You need the oops remover if you had a mistake. When it dries it is matte, pop your gloss layer on and voila it is glossy.
LipSense is promoted to last 18 hours. I can guarantee that it does go the yards. See that swatch up there? I left it on as a test to see how long it will go. It lasted overnight and yes, I do wash my hands.

To make it work best on your lips.

  • I had applied it very slowly. 
  • Wait till the first layer was dry and set. Then do a second layer. 
  • Use the eraser to clean up the small mistakes
  • Top with the gloss layer.. Yay done!!
This pack retails for $72. Contact Dustyn at dustynrumble(at) or visit her at

Monday, December 10, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Pancakes, Markets, Fried Chicken

I has Com
We went to Nunawading Farmers Markets on Sunday. This market is awesome for their food and we had not gone in ages. There was a big Filipino BBQ truck right at the door. I wanted some BBQ chicken sticks and D saw that they had corn. He said he wanted a corn cob and I was like this huh?? He never had a corn cob before. Mick said don't get it as he won't eat it. D replied, "Yes I will!" So what does Chinese Mum do? Buy the darn corn of course, anything for my son. Handed over  $3 for a corn and I gave it to him. He pulled it out of the bag and said this is the biggest corn I have ever seen. I laughed as well as it was really huge. Now you will recall that he has never eaten a corn cob before. I had to show him to turn it on the side and bite. He held onto that corn like his life depended on it.

Chocolate Sauce Waffles!
Another food stall that I had not seen before was a French Crepes and Waffles one. I think I pretty much ran like a crazed woman to the stall when I saw it from the distance. I have been trying to find a waffle maker that is decent. Does anyone have any to recommend? Driving me bananas! I think I am almost ready to give up. Doesn't this look amazing? D did not want to even look at it. He had a lick of a bit of chocolate and that was it. He went back to his corn. By this stage, there was nothing left of the corn. I think Pickles had a few bites, Mick and I had a bite each and D had eaten the entire cob! I am  now wanting some waffles again... I need to stalk this store!

I'm totes so hawt right now
D got upset as the sun was in his eyes and I could not find his sunglasses. He had to borrow Mick's. Which is very brave considering Mick had lost an earlier pair of Ray Ban aviators after D got hold of it. It has reminded me that it is now summer and I have waited one entire year to decide if I need additional window tinting. You would think that I would have organised this over winter. But noooo....

Pancakes and SuperHeros
Someone on Twitter gave me the heads up on these Peter Alexander PJs for Boys. I had been waiting and waiting for them to come out online. When it did I only saw 1 design and made a trip to Doncaster for these. Close to Christmas, weekend plus Doncaster Westfield = Frigging stressed at parking situation. But anyway $169 later! I bought 2 of these and 1 adult sized Superman one for Mick. Seriously $60+! He loved it so I let it go. But these were $50 and I nearly fainted myself. The Chinese mum in me just said let it go and let them have it. They did thank me for the PJs and actually they love wearing them. I am still crying in the corner at my credit card balance. 

We also had pancakes this weekend as we ran out of bread. This is D's first taste of pancakes, he hates it so much that he has always refused them. Pickles devoured like 2 of them, he is usually the sweets/cakes person. The first time I fed D pancake he was about 7months old. He had it and then vomited a bit later. Never ever again did I dare to offer pancakes or eggs for a long time. I guess I put him off pancakes.

Salt & Pepper Chicken Ribs
I leave you with King's Jade salt and pepper chicken ribs rice. You know when you just want fried chicken? And you know that KFC would be such a bad substitute that you do not bother to go get any? Well I was hit with the fried chicken craving on Saturday night. On Sunday it was a mad rush to go get fried chicken. Good ol' King's Jade and their Hong Kong menu. Yummy... hits the spot. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flower Temple QV Melbourne

I have been meaning to go to Flower Temple in QV for a LONG time. It used to be in Melbourne Central and I used to browse it quite a bit. It is just a little tucked away in the maze of stupid alleyways and wind tunnels in QV that I have not been there for a long time. I went in to get little ball like hanging glass air plant holders for my kitchen window. It had been on the plan for a LONG time... another one of the 10,000 plans that I have for my house.

But when I walked in, there were soooo many pretty flowers. The shop had a lot of peonies and they looked really gorgeous. I bought some as well and chose a half bloomed bunch. I know David Austen roses and Peonies were high up the list for some brides. But as I was missing the bridezilla gene, I pretty much flipped a magazine and pointed to one picture that contained Singapore Orchids and Roses. Yeah that'll do I told my girlfriend who was the florist. Something like that! I did not notice that they swapped the colour for something else that was better quality on the day. Dude - no bride would dare complain about her wedding flowers if they only cost $190 for the entire lot.  

These are the Peonies that I bought when I .. cough I mean Mick set them up in the lounge room. I wished that my vase was vintage so and so from an Op Shop like Kiki Chaos who is so talented in procuring pretty Op Shop scores. But it is a generic Krosnos. 

Do you have a flower budget? I have severely cut frills since I had children. Those two little money suckers cost me 2 pairs of Louboutins each month just for childcare. So these flowers were my perk of the week while they lasted. What flowers do you prefer? Tell me more, talk to me!!! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Score: Australis Frock n Roll Eyeshadow

Australis Frock n Roll

Now everyone .. gather around. Has everyone missed Random Score or has everyone missed Random Score? I had to apologise to my Twitter followers the other day as I found myself joining the Retweet style competitions. Dude, ya gotta be innit to winnit. So I'm usually innit. Speaking of missing Random Score, I have another one to post but I shall leave you with this glittery abstract art beauty.

Now I think that Emma from EmmaBovaryBeauty has featured this before but I am obviously the eyeshadow noob. You see, I have A eyeshadow palette. Yes A. And that was bought with such fanfare that my beauty blogger girls rejoiced with excitement. OMG post your haul! My haul consisted of one item. LOL 

So check this out! How does one use this one? I think that I would add the glitter silver to my accent nighttime eyes. What do you think? Please help! Also will I look like a tragic 1980s Disco tragic with side scrunchie and crimped hair if I used the pink?

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Killer heels and Picnic

I still have not recovered from my weekend. My feet have packed up and left me. I was wearing my Louboutin Very Prive as they were the highest (non-stripper) heels that I had for my work Christmas function. I did not exactly want to be swinging around poles in a floor length dress on a Friday night infront of people I work with so I left the thigh high boots at home. The problem is they are slightly loose (don't ask) and I improvised with some packaging from the Leg and Foot Pamper gift received from La Clinica. Thank you very much for the pack! The foot scrub and gel definitely came in handy the next day.

Improvising so my shoes don't fall out
I put my makeup on while the boys were having dinner. I think Pickles was most suspicious of what was happening as he kept staring at my made up face. I wore Mac Girl about Town lipstick which was brand new - don't get excited as one of the boys already smashed it. Nars Deep throat - get used to seeing this name on this blog as this is now the ONLY blusher I own as I gave away the rest. Illasmasqua Neutral Palette and Mac Into the Light eyeshadow. PS.. if you like my eyebrows they were only $8 for threading!

Face of the night
We finally left at almost at 8pm as I was frumping about regarding the shoe issue. Mick followed up by I told you so, you needed to get the dress hemmed. When we got to the venue, I thought what on earth! It looked like an abandoned warehouse that was overrun by cobwebs on the outside and was right opposite the housing commission flats. All was ok after we turned the corner. I could see a red carpet rolled out.

New York theme
That was the scene inside of the warehouse. It was pretty nice and the food was sectioned off to different areas. There was also a front section which was quieter where they had jazz music and called it Central Park. As the theme was New York, we had burgers, hot dogs, slow roasted lamb, schnitzel baguettes and tacos. There was also a bakery section with pretzels, cupcakes and brownies. At least the bar was not as strict as Crown used to be. We were allowed to take more than one drink at a time. LOL.

Abandoned shoes
Check out someone else's abandoned shoes in the corner. LOL when we went back they had been taken. Ooohhhhh..I never found out who it belonged to. My feet were ready to pack up and leave me by 11pm. I could barely stay standing while Mick went to get the car. And honestly I could barely walk across the road. Someone on Twitter said he never understood why women keep wearing these uncomfortable shoes. My explanation is it's like childbirth. You forget and keep going back. Quite frankly I don't know childbirth and never experienced labour b

Smooze Frozen Treats
The next day was weird, hot and humid. We sat outside to have a mid morning picnic as D wanted some food. We had Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh with cream cheese. These are yummy little lavosh style crackers which we had with cream cheese below. And we shared a Smooze freezer treat which was frozen coconut milk and pineapple juice. D does not like eating cold things like ice cream, he had a lick and handed it over to me. But Pickles grabbed on and would not give it up. It is just the right size for a small treat and definitely went down well on Friday and Saturday as it was so hot. Honestly have you been stuck with an entire large ice cream that you cannot finish? No you say? Well I have and these little packets are just enough for me. We were kindly sent these two items for review so thank you very much as the boys are ransacking the pantry for the Lavosh!!

Cream Cheese with Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh

Strawberry Munching
D also wanted to go to the playground and there was a farmers market there by coincidence. We bought some strawberries, a pie, cherries and a packet of ravioli. I wished that I bought two punnets of them now.

So Hammy right Now
I leave you with what I found in Aldi last Saturday after the markets. If you follow me on Twitter you will get it. 
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