Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: SeneGence Roseberry LipSense Start Kit

LipSense Roseberry Kit
If you are after a long lasting lip gloss, read on. I was asked by lovely @wtmontana  on Twitter who is a self confessed "Beauty Junkie" to review and swatch this for her. She is now a SeneGence distributor and you can contact her directly about any of the SeneGence products and her details are at the bottom of the post. I put my hands up for lip gloss and pink. You know I love pink :)

When I received this. I had no idea why there were 3 tubes in the pack. Then I went Ohhh... ok.. One is the lip gloss layer, one is the colour (roseberry pink tube) and the other is the Oops Remover. I did not understand why I needed a remover. That was until I tried it on.

LipSense Roseberry Swatch
The texture is quite liquid and sheer when you put it on. You will probably need a couple of layers. It is  liquidy out of the tube. Then dries and does not budge. I repeat. It does not budge. You need the oops remover if you had a mistake. When it dries it is matte, pop your gloss layer on and voila it is glossy.
LipSense is promoted to last 18 hours. I can guarantee that it does go the yards. See that swatch up there? I left it on as a test to see how long it will go. It lasted overnight and yes, I do wash my hands.

To make it work best on your lips.

  • I had applied it very slowly. 
  • Wait till the first layer was dry and set. Then do a second layer. 
  • Use the eraser to clean up the small mistakes
  • Top with the gloss layer.. Yay done!!
This pack retails for $72. Contact Dustyn at dustynrumble(at)gmail.com or visit her at http://www.wtmontana.com

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