Monday, July 20, 2009

Kathmandu Neck Gaiter!

Any Kathmandu fans here?? Mick lovessss the outdoors but is starting to suffer from the cold at his work. The poor man drags himself away from us in the cold to start work at 7.15am. Anyone in Melbourne now would know that the weather has been icy cold. When I was pregnant, I trooped to the city Kathmandu store to grab a fleece neck gaiter for him at half price. Half price = $15, that's fine as long as he liked it. Working around machinery it means that Mick cannot wear neck scarves for his work. It might get caught up in something and strangle him. So he has to wear neck gaiters which is basically a tube made of polar fleece. Kathmandu may claim their fleece may be more superior than my Darn Cheap Fabric fleece but fleece to me is fleece. So he wanted one that could cover the back of his neck if he pulls it up higher to cover his nose. I bought half a metre of the thicker polar fleece that they had available. Cut it out and sewed one for him in about 10 minutes. It took me a little time to work out how I was to do it but it took no time at all. I think I will make another one for him and show steps to make it as I think it will be trashed very soon in the vineyard.
Ta da.. less than 10 minutes and about $8 for 2 neck gaiters.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh dear I have neglected this!

Oh dear.. one entire month with no posts. I am terrible! Thank you all for the congratulations and cooing at the little boy. I call him itty bitty and sometimes I make him do a booty roll when I sing My Humps. Yes - the "Check it out" part.

The thing is, I cannot blame the baby - I am just lazy! When he sleeps and he sleeps very well during the day, I waltz around doing not much.

For everyone who said he is tiny... no he is not a premie. He is just small or rather perfect for me. I always had a feeling that he would have been later than 40 weeks and I sort of felt like I was right as he was born with fine hairs on his arms and back. He was 2.8kg (only!), lost more than 10% of his little body weight and we had to overlap his newborn nappy velcros when we were in the hospital. I am glad to say that the nappies look 'normal' on him now. Yesterday our little boy weighed in at 3.9kg. I am not upset that he is an itty bitty well except when evil midwife said that I was not feeding him enough, as he was always very alert. Here he is channeling an angry football fan ...

I have a new sewing machine thanks to my wonderful husband who thought I would be bored at home without a car. So far I have done one thing with it, I have finished the second change mat cover. As you guys can imagine, it's constantly peed on, spit on and the other day POOed on. Yes Poo! Insert green sick faced emoticon here.

So in a bid to get me sewing again, I jumped on etsy and bought fabric and softie patterns. I was only going to buy one pattern. The seller had made a custom listing for me and I thought oh yeah I can afford another pattern. Well... after I checked out and PAID, she emails me another money request asking me to pay for an addition USD $12 as she made a mistake. She only charged me one yard instead of 2 3/4 yards. I am really annoyed to be honest. So fabriccloset I do not think I will be buying from you anymore. I have had sellers that undercharged postage but said it's fine, so if your custom listing is wrong, suck it up.

Anyway this morning my order arrived. Here is what I bought.
Mrs Perkins the giraffe and Phoebe the elephant softie patterns, it is funny that the patterns are cheaper from to be shipped from Melbourne to the US and back to Melbourne than if I purchased it from a Melbourne online retailer. Go figure.

And my fabric choices... I have no idea what is what.. but the red hearts will be lounge pants for myself. I have not sewn anything for myself in ages. This is because I do not have an overlocker and I do not know what to do with raw edges. Anyone?? Should I just tolerate raw seams as everyone knows that I am a lazy cat. The rest of the fabric... I do not really know what I am doing, some of it will probably end up as Mrs Perkins and Phoebe.

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