Friday, June 29, 2012

Noms: Cook like a crazed woman when scorned

If you read my blog regularly - and I hope you do :) I get into a cooking/baking frenzy when I am upset.
So guess what I did on Monday night. And yes it does take me that long to get blog posts up. Things were cray cray here this week so hence the delay.

Scanpan Accent 24cm Box
First of all, let me state that the Scanpan Accent fry pan was gratefully sponsored by Kitchenware Direct. The lovely Brad sent this to me really quickly! If you have missed their recent sale, get on the mailing list for awesome Scanpan discounts! I bought a wok(yes I was a Chinese with no wok) and a little 20cm nonstick frying pan in the recent sale. I had to cook this magic marinara, the recipe was courtesy off Nat. Thanks again!!

As this was her special family recipe. I took out the big guns. Check out the shiny frying pan. I am not used to a stainless steel pan. But the only difference is you probably need more oil than non-stick and you need to have the pan hot before you put your ingredients in. However, I probably would not use this for frying an egg - that's only because I am lazy to have to clean it after. This is dishwasher safe - I had to check this a few times because I am paranoid of ruining my cook ware. And I am lazy a big fan of the dishwasher!

Because I like shiny things .. look at my Marc x MJ phone cover!

Magic Marinara was SO EASY to make and honestly Mick is not really a fan of marinara but he loves this now. I am a bit embarrassed to post this picture as I think it does not look as glam as Nat's or Mama Nat's version. But we slurped it up! Now that I am writing this post, I have forgotten that I am out of white wine for cooking. Bah!!

Magic Marinara
And because I was upset about what happened in Chanel. I also made a toffee apple pudding. This is a caramel like self saucing pudding with sliced apples at the bottom of the pudding mix. And also ... we ran out of butter making this. Can you believe it?! This house has no food at all! I have not made this since I was house bound as a stay at home mum (those were very dark days) with Pickles and D. I used to make it so often that everyone on Twitter thought I was a domestic goddess.. which I clearly am! I think I have associated this with being at home and could not bear to bake it after that. I don't know if I have missed eating this .. not sure. I think I prefer a chocolate self saucing one. :)

Toffee Apple Self Saucing Pudding
The cleaning up bit of using this frying pan was really easy. We just stuck it into the dishwasher. The pan is sturdy, the handle did not get hot and I really thought that the first thing I would make with this was a frittata as it is also oven safe. I am loving this slick looking frying pan so much, I am now addicted to Scanpan and stalking Kitchenware Direct for their sales!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Noms: Kraft Whipped Peanut Butter

Whipped Peanut Butter

Ok I have been living under a rock. A rock called shopping in Aldi and Costco for too long. I had stopped going to normal supermarkets or I do a dash in and out of Leo's all the time and stopped browsing. I did not know this existed! I was reading the Aldi Appreciation thread (oh the irony) in Vogue Forums and I see a post of Whipped Peanut Butter. I was like

I got a SMS later in the night - it must have been Friday night as I remember being a poker widow. Anyway I digress. My SMS from Bestie K saying I HAVE TO BUY whipped peanut butter and it's from Coles/Woolies. Ok in my head I read it as caps to I HAVE TO BUY. Anyway, it took me a few weeks to get to a normal supermarket. It was Leo's that I went to on a Wednesday night before heading home. You know that you have been shopping in el cheapo r'us supermarkets for too long. When you see $5+ for this jar and your first reaction is. 5 BUCKS! 5 BUCKS! I had to shake off my el cheapo r'us shopper and just put it in my basket. I also bought a nice bar of Black and Gold milk chocolate. It was truly indulgent night. If you know me from the forums, you'll know that I am a big Aldi Choceur Hazelnut fan.

I had this on crumpets and it was yummy. I'm trying to not give this to the boys because of the price. We go through a Costco American sized jar in a month if I let them! So this one is just for me.

Whip it good.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The day that Chanel Chadstone almost ruined

You know how you DINKs have date nights every like I dunno every week? Well Mick and I have date days. The days we drop the kids off and run off to do whatever the heck we want. We eat in peace without being yelled and somehow ended up deciding to go to Mecca, I mean Chadstone as I wanted to go to Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton.

I was wearing these "jeans that look like jeggings" not with the flip flops but in hot pink sneakers and my old Miu Miu. I was telling Mick this is the store that Mum and I got distracted and the security staff had to tell me that my son had run away from us! I was greeted nicely by the security staff, they do have the best security people though. Then I got the disgruntled sales person. You know those ones? Yeah.. Superstar Chris style. I got the Hello and assessment up and down. From my head to my toe paired with a lovely look of distaste for my existence in this store. Maybe she moonlights as fashion police and my jeans were bordering on jeggings and I was wearing the equivalent of leggings as pants. She stared at my faded old Miu Miu and stared at me. I was judged.. I was not fashion forward or could not afford anything here.

I drag my jeggings self to the ready to wear section, there is a lovely pair of I think 10cm high and looked like it had a hidden platform, lambskin off white heels with silver CC toe. Oh.. they feel lovely. No price marking on the shoe. So I pointed to the pair that were on display at the door facing Louis Vuitton. "How much is that ..." I got barked at, "$970!!!!" I guess that is my cue to leave as fashion police clearly did not think that I even had $1000 on my credit card. Shoes in question are in the style of below picture.

Chanel Pumps screen grabbed from

I don't think I have ever been treated like this before in any store. I partly wished that my aggressive mother was with me, she would say this to her in her Singaporean Chinese accent. "Why are you so rude ah? Sick of your attitude." Twitter thinks that I should have my Pretty Women moment, you know I have white patent thigh high boots on hand right? I walked out fuming and really really angry, it really upset me and I had such a great day (except for Bunnings which smells like fertiliser) before this. But after I had a nice lunch at Capital Kitchen - I mean Pram City, and after I wrote my therapeutic angry rant letter, I decided not to publish that one. As you know at Pork Chop's Nest we are on Project Positivity (HAHHA!) and I do not want negativity floating around here.

So I am writing this as a social service on behalf of all Chanel Chadstone staff. If you want to enter their store, do not drag in some old Miu Miu bag. I guess I should have known better. Also Chanel staff eyes are delicate and do not want to see you in tight jeggings masquerading as jeans.

I guess it does get tiring working in a shop and getting paid less than half of a handbag each month, but still don't take your aggression out on customers.

PS. Miu Miu has the cutest ever new style bow bags. Did I say ever? You need to go look at their new designs!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another hectic weekend.. new friends, gozleme again and noodles

Gosh.. another hectic weekend... Miss Directions you might want to have a nap like right now.

I feel so tired now that I cannot move my shoulders. My boys must be getting too heavy for me to carry them, that's the only thing that I can explain this. That or I have been running everywhere the entire weekend.

Oh hai I has monkey ears!
Took D out to Hays Paddock - btw can someone like gimme a million dollahhhh house on that street. kthxbai. It was cold, wet and cold. Did I say COLD? He told me in the car that it is not too cold for playground when I asked if it was too cold for playgrounds. He has his hoodie and hat. Such a good boy, he did not take off his hat at all. But it was wet and we could not use any of the slides. Plus that black hole of death slide is not D's thing. He wouldn't go in that one.

Geez I don't even know how to start this post about my weekend. I had taken D out to go look at a Chinese school open day. He wanted to eat out - he is my child after all. I told him that we have to take food back for Daddy and Pickles. He said no, I want to eat here, I want cake. So I had to drag him to the cake shop while our dumplings and noodles were cooking. Coincidentally it is next to a ClubX store. HAHAHHA!!! D copped an eyeful of nurses costumes. Anyway, I bought him a plain cake, it looked like a butter cake but they call it cheesecake. Ah.. well Box Hill what do you expect? Typical D, he only wants to have the cake, he doesn't want to eat it!! So I had to pack that home. I got dumplings noodle soup, boiled dumplings and some wanton style dumplings in soup. I blame the weather .. i just wanted soup everything.

I wait for noodles, I eat here
So D pulled up his chair and sits there. He tells me he wants a spoon. I asked what for? He said he needed it to eat. I got him a spoon and the sweetheart asked me where was my spoon and if I was going to use my fingers to eat. <3 him. He got very upset that we went home and did not eat our food there.

We had to go to the farmers' market today as I had ordered some beef to pick up. Honestly you need to get into farmers markets. This is where it is at! The best Pork Apple & Sultana sausages ever was bought at Manningham market from Happy Valley Free Range. It was so good, I emailed Rotary Club who organises this market for the supplier's name. I picked up a bag of bacon bones and some cheese kransky. I had to grab Pickle's hands off the plate of samples as he was ready to steal the entire plate. He had a tight hold on them!

Mmm Nommy Pork
I got spices from Spice Fusion before, I cannot even tell you how I stumbled on the site! But the Afghan rub has been an essential in this house since then. Butterflied lamb shoulder, Afghan rub, some lemon. Charcoal BBQ and 40 mins later. OMG! I am so glad that she is now doing the market circuit! I can save on shipping. LOL kidding...

Then I had to leave the boys and go to Doncaster on my own as I was meeting up with ladies from Twitter/Blogging. Ling from Best Beauty Blog and Vita from Making up 4 my age Yay!! I has new friends! Vita and I live in the next suburb to each other and funny enough, I had volunteered to pick her up if required. We had lunch at Groove Train and our next meet we had agreed to go to the nail polish wholesale place in Braybrook! 

So after our lunch, where else do you go but Daiso? I got a pair of training chopsticks and some weird bubble blowing toy thing which Mick tells me is toxic glue and not to let the boys eat it. Ok then... i did not want to tell him we used to put this near our mouths and purse the bubbles together - don't ask ok.
This thing stinks like it used to back when I was a child. 

Bubble stinky toxic thing
Bear training chopsticks

So I did all that.. plus shop for some groceries. Came home and cooked soup for the boys as well. Ok everyone can rest now... Masterchef is featuring dude food. I love dude food. Deep fry everything!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Score: Banana & Sirena Tuna

Sometimes I like getting off at Flinders Street station. I had to get off there last week .. or maybe it was the week before. Time is now a blur these days. They generally have giveaways that they don't do at other train stations. I stopped getting out at Flinders as they do not have new Myki readers and not many gates on Swanston Street. I mean seriously, there is a flood of people all exiting the place. You would think right!!!! Nope.. no new Myki readers and usually it does not read my card meanwhile I get yelled at for leaving the card in my card holder. First world country? Whatever. I'll leave my card in my LV card holder if I want to!

Anyway, I digress. Guess what I scored? Again.. I notice a colour theme here people. Anyone else? My last post? Yes?

I scored a Sirena Tuna and Rice thingee. When I walked out, there were people from Amnesty handing out bananas. Bananas! Ok then!! I remember when they were $20 or something a kilo and D used to hold me hostage to buy him bananas. Can you imagine handing out bananas then? People would be punching each other to grab more. It's like black market gold or something.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And we were all Yellow!

I am feeling the Neon Yellow big time ladies! I do not usually get drawn into fashion trends - lack of time to flip fashion magazines. Well more like no more budget for fashion magazines. But seriously, never mind that I am Yellow myself but Neon Yellow is really grabbing me this time and I don't know why!

I blame Seal for this big time. Everyone is doing yellow nails. I asked Jaztee from if she could recommend a bright yellow when I saw her yellow nails on Instagram. She recommended China Glaze Lemon Fizz and I had a quick search on eBay for some sellers. OMG how good does that look? I'm so in love. Thank you Jaztee and seriously <3 this. I'm hesitating because my skintone is yellow and I'm not sure if I can pull this off. Any other fellow chink-tastic readers care to comment? I screen grabbed the below pic from eBay, it's not my nails and I'm still deciding.

Screen grabbed from eBay

Then I found this clutch from Aldo. Unfortunately it is the US site and I don't know if it is available in Australia.

It looks lime green in the picture but it's called "Peach Yellow" on the site. How cute is it?
Has anyone seen this in Aldo Australia? I bet it's 3 times more expensive though. LOL

Found this yellow necklace that I am really drawn to. But I don't usually buy jewellery so I am not sure if this will look good on me. For $10, I should just buy it!

Any ideas where to get a neon yellow clutch? I saw some at Colette for $30 and does anyone think Lemon Fizz will be ok on the Claw? Halp a sister here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I love Aldi: Satay Beef & Rice Review

This is what Aldi says it looks like
You have no idea how much I wanted to love this. It was Satay, it was beef and rice. Hello.. what more does a Singaporean Chinese need?

I was SO HUNGRY and so busy, I peeled the box open stabbed the film and waited for the 6minutes. It beeped and I got excited... until I peeled it open and saw this.

This is what it looks like

I thought I would cry.. Aldi.. where the beef at? It was teeny strips. The Beef Strog that I first got (but did not review was the best I think) had hunks of beef. This was sad cat. There was onion things swimming in the sauce. I tried to push the sauce over the rice fishing for beef. :(

Anyway, the rice is actually a good one to have in a frozen meal. It actually works quite well. The sauce was a little runny but I think this is the Aussie way - more sauce than rice. Whereas us chinks is rice central. We don't do rice swimming in sauce.

Price: Tick - I think they are flat price of $3.99
Appearance: No Tick :(
Taste: Half tick, rice was decent-ish except the sauce was runny and sweet. There was big onion rings in there which was weird. There are peanut bits in this, obviously if you are allergic to peanut you would not choose satay but just sayin'. Where's the beef y'all? Bigger chunks please.
Will buy again Factor: Probs not .... there were better ones. I did eat it all though. 

P.S: This is not a paid post. I had shelled out $4 for my own meal.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Muffins, Sick Boys, Target, Myer this is too much!

Bahhhh another sick weekend. We dragged the kids out to Myer so that we could get a TV. You have no idea ... we must be the only people left with a fat bum TV. The thing just would not DIE! And in my head I was thinking omg my boys will be the ones asking, "Mum why is our TV so fat?" So we finally decided on a model and I managed to cash out points for vouchers. Unashamed to say that I had accumulated enough and more to pay for it and I still had some remaining.

Oh hai, we turn back to Mum Mum
This is where the boys play if we are ever at Doncaster. The big round sculptures with mosaic tiles are their favourite. They crawl around and catch each other around. It's like some sort of sport or something, I don't know!

Target wall of Cushies
We left in a big hurry as the boys had enough and were screaming their heads off after lunch. It was so hot or something, Pickle's cheeks turned bright red and I thought they would get worse. And then they kept whinging all day. So I had to take D out to Greensborough - I really wanted to look at clothes. But I got yelled at. MUM I WANT TO GO TO THE LIFT continuously. My reply was. ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL TELL DADDY YOU ARE NEVER COMING OUT WITH ME AGAIN. He would apologise. Actually he said sorry before I got to tell Daddy. No size 8 for a top that I wanted - devastated! I always come here to look at the back wall of cushies. How cool is this wall?
I checked out Essence briefly but I think D had enough by now. It looks like they are gearing up for a toy sale. My reaction of course was to run out the door very quickly. He remembers the shopping mall so of course I had to buy him a cupcake and sit down and eat it with him. Made him feel better though. :) He tried to pick some bracelets for me at Lovisa but I saw nothing that I liked. This physical shopping trip has been futile so far!

This morning the boys got up at 4.30am. Yes 4.30am... Mick is a hero. As usual, I went back to sleep and he had to stay up with the boys. I don't know what happened, maybe the coughing and the cold is getting to them. I crawled out of bed at 8.15am and wanted to die from embarrassment.

It was muffin baking time. I had not done these Bill Granger Triple Berry Muffins in like forever! Seriously I used to do them all the time. D had the biggest grin and he was so happy. He is now able to drag the stool everywhere and crawl up and stand on it by himself. Remind me to watch out when I have something on the stovetop. It is very concerning he can do this now!

Berry Chocolate Muffins

I don't know what it is about this mixture. It is always the most disgusting to handle and dry and awful mix. You practically cannot spoon it into the cups. You have like flake it off the spoon. But it always turns out amazing! I think it is the frozen berries that freezes the mixture. I still had the monster eggs from Green Eggs - so I used one when the recipe said two. They are seriously freaking me out.

120g butter
Creamed with scant 3/4 cup caster sugar (Bill says 1 cup, I say no)
2 eggs
170ml Sour cream (just guesstimate)
Beat this wet ingredients
Shift in 1 2/3 cup SR flour plus 1 1/4tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
Frozen berries
White choc - roughly chopped.

As these are muffins you cannot over mix. What I normally do is partially mix in the flour. Chuck the berries and chocolate in and mix roughly. Some parts will still be dry but do not over mix!!

Spoon, well scrape the dry looking mix into the cases. Warning: At this point you will think Ling is out of her mind. But they work.. trust me .. mmmm famous last words.

Bake at 180 degrees.. Bill says 25mins but my oven never needs this long for some reason. Guesstimate this please.. I do a quick check about 15-20mins. This ones I took out in 16minutes and left them in the tray and they were perfect. My oven was not on fan forced. I have no idea why I never ever need as long for my cakes.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Random Score: Bright Blue Jacket

Found this bright blue jacket and I was really surprised that there was a size 8 left! So I grabbed it and just bought it. I have gone past the stage of trying on things. I do not usually buy expensive items and honestly I know what size I am and what looks good on me. Online shopping has taught me to size things up very quickly. On a lunch time shopping excursion (read: no time, just grab!).

Guess how much it was?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dino Hoodie makes a comeback!

Finally got him to keep it on!

Yayyyy finally got him to keep it on long enough.
Ignore that patch of weed at the back ...  and no my house is not quite falling apart. Ok maybe a little ;) 

But HOW CUTE IS THIS? Omgawd I want to buy a matching one for D.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Score: The story of the Pumpkin

I went across the road to the shoe repair shop with my work BFF once afternoon. You know when you just really want to leave your desk? Yeah that...

She was collecting 3 pairs of shoes and I stood there staring at the walls of shoes they had fixed in awe that they even had a system of knowing which shoe belongs to who.

The owner was packing her shoes when he asked her if she ate pumpkins. She laughed and said no thanks. He asked me and lifted a big mama pumpkin to show me. I laughed hysterically and he told me to go behind the counter and look at the veggies that his friend who is a farmer gave him.
I asked him for the little pumpkin and he packed it in a bag for me.

So I showed D this little pumpkin and he was laughing hysterically. I thought we would do a jack o' lantern or something.

I has pumpkin
So a week later, Mick cut it up and roasted it. It was so bitter and weird I had to spit it out! ICK!!! Horrid!! The pumpkin died a horrid death. LOL!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Long weekend: Cold, Baking, Cooking, Sick boys and work!

This whole weekend was depressing.. the boys were sick. They started getting sick in the late afternoon on Saturday. After we had yum chat at Wealth Garden they were a little tired and said they wanted to go home. So we went home and rested. D helped Mick bake lemonade scones... Seriously if you have not tried this. Do it! Cream, lemonade, sugar, flour.. Mix.. no rubbing the butter in. I really hate doing that.  Ta daaaa... scones!! So yummy.

We has scones!
I have to confess that I had something on my mind regarding work on Sunday so I was rather upset already. Then the boys were really sick and we could not go anywhere. We had breakfast at Lip Cafe in Ivanhoe off the beaten track of Waterdale Road. Dukkah on poached eggs anyone? Shame about the potato rosti, it wasn't crispy and a little too thick. I did not like the texture. Great service though and we were not 'neglected' even though we were sitting in the rear. 

Lip Cafe Sourdough Toast
After breakfast, we were "stuck" at home. So I became a crazy woman.. and when I go crazy upset about something. I bake and cook like a Betty Crocker. I am convinced this is why women in the 1950s' did so much around the house. They were frustrated! 

I didn't know what I want to bake, but I just wanted to bake. And I am not sure how I googled and suddenly remembered Gingerbread cake. I made this when I was in high school! I remember the taste and it was yummy. It has been more than 10 years and I still remember the taste. I vaguely remembered the ingredients and I found a recipe that was similar! OMG it was so MOIST and so yummy.

Zomg gingerbread cake
And then I proceeded to set up my lasagna. Check this out!! Assembling starts, sauce, white sauce, dried pasta! I only use Barilla and this is the best. No I will not make my own pasta.. it involves dough and I have to confess that I do not do dough or pastry very well.
Assembling starts!
And ta da... my dinner!!! And my lunch for today! Seriously people, whack an apron on me and call me Betty Crocker!

Oh hello.. eat me

So I swapped my public holiday to work today as I have global deadlines this week. And anyway... the boys went out to Masters which is like the most giant hardware store ever. I think this is what Walmart looks like! Anyway, D said that he wanted to come home as he was not feeling well. But he saw Northlands and he said, Daddy that market! So they stopped and had a hot chocolate. D doesn't like hot chocolate so he only had a little taste. But Pickles is my sweet tooth boy. :)

Little Picks has hot chocolate
The poor boys had already gone to bed at 6pm.. Well except Pickles, he protested and now is awake and being incredibly cute. Now I am feeling a tad guilty for not spending today with them. So I had a bit of a snuggle with D in the evening. He was lying on my lap and resting before asking to go to bed.

End of a long weekend!
Leaving you with a pic of sunset.. But now let me go tickle the Pickle!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random score: Gossip Mags on the Train!

You know when you are looking over someone's shoulder to glance at the gossip mags that they have? Yeah that! So I was the one glancing... I have not bought a gossip mag in ages. I dig through the ones in the library and laugh at the old ones. Kim Kardashian having a bridezilla moment. Ahhh woman you have no idea. Is whatstheotherone's name pregnant? No she wasn't!

Anyway you get the idea.. as a result of being tight, it took me about 2 years to realise that Eva Longoria had a divorce. Where was I??? Probably digging through the old library magazines still publicising her wedding pictures. HAHAHAH.

I was sitting there wondering if I had missed my stop and was in a complete panic when I heard ... You have take them if you want. I thought she was talking to me so I looked up and saw the guy opposite me was glancing at the magazines she put next to him. He was on the phone so he ignored her. She said... "Or you.." to me. And I was like huh? She handed them to me. 3 gossip magazines. I cannot tell you how excited I am... Famous, Who and New Idea! SCORE.

I have concluded long ago that I have the best train line. I never had a problem getting a seat given to me when I was pregnant. Very very very rarely did I have to stand all the way home. And this just confirms it even more!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The CLAW: Hello Darling Just a Touch of Frosting

CLAW: Just a little Frosting
I am in love with this colour.. This was taken in the night so I had to turn my lights on. It is not glitter but my goodness it is shiny!! And honestly I think this is comparable to Gem Crush except it is smooth. I think Gem Crush is a glitter shade. It is a gorgeous shade of purple and not in your face. But seriously loving it!

Claw out in the wintery garden
This is a new plant that Mick has planted. I think the purple flowers compliments this shade. LOL! It was really cold today and there was no sunlight. Unfortunately this does not do justice to the colour.

Edited: Adding this pic as the first was a little blurry

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mega scary Jumbo Eggs, St Kilda Market and Beef Casserole

Kicking leaves

My ornamental pear tree has been shedding leaves everywhere. Mick would rake it into a pile and the boys would stand, jump into it and kick it around. I stood there laughing and taking pictures. D said that he was stuck when I showed him the pictures later.. Oh no Picks is stuck Mum Mum!

Jumbo eggs are jumbo

We went to St Kilda market on Saturday to pick up pastry from Paterson's Pastry and sliced ham and a giant pork chop rib from Greenvale Meats. YUM YUM.... Check these jumbo eggs from Green Eggs. Thou shalt not be greedy and purchase jumbo eggs in future. I could not even close the carton. Check these out!

Football at St Kilda

We had about 15minutes left on our carpark ticket and we stood at the oval and watched a bit of football. Well.. the boys did, I just stood there!

I do cook ya know!

You know what.. with all the freezer convenience meals I had been reviewing lately. I feel obligated to post evidence that I actually do cook. I really do cook for the boys - just for myself - it's a let's squeeze as much I can do as possible at lunchtime. Anyway, I made the BEST beef casserole ever on Sunday. It was stay at home and laze about day because Mick was at an adventure race. The boys played with their trains, I had Cars the movie on repeat or something. Everytime I tried to change the channel I got yelled at and handed the remote to put it back to Cars. They would watch for 2 minutes and go back to their trains. By 3pm, I thought the boys would be leading a revolution against me from boredom. But they were happy. Except every noise that D heard, he thought it was his Dad coming home. Sad face when I had to tell him it was not him. The beef casserole was so rich and yummy, I really believe it was the faux Le Creuset from Aldi that I used for the first time to cook this. I have not done casserole in so long as we had fallen out of the cycle of going to the markets. I had a great time hugging and snuggling both boys to be honest and just between you and me. I spent the day in PJ bottoms. Loved it. :)

Leaving you with the sunset view yesterday.. it was orangey red.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I love Aldi: Chicken Risotto Frozen Meal Review

What Aldi say it should look like

I had a busy day - story of my life. My handy freezer meal came in handy again. I had to run out to get nappies. Otherwise there is pandemonium like world falling apart trouble. So back on the freezer meal at the laptop for me today. I am sure that everyone is starting to think that I do not cook and I am one of those ones that eat really badly. But if you do.. so what!?

What it actually looks like
Honestly this one doesn't taste bad. You know when have low expectations of freezer meals? Yeah that. But this one is decent and I was pleasantly surprised. I am wondering when I will give up and go back to instant noodles again. I sense that time would be near....

Price: Tick
Appearance: Tick not that bad!
Taste: Tick. It actually taste really good. Do not forget the white pepper though, I am a white pepper fiend. Not salty, just ok.. moreeee chicken pieces pleaseeeee...
Will buy again Factor: Yeap.. except I still have not learnt and I want another one after. 2 Serves for this girl thanks!

P.S: This is not a paid post. I had shelled out $4 for my own meal.

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