Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creative Odyssey My Love for Sewing Books

I have this crazy thing of buying and browsing sewing books.
And I must admit that I am ashamed to say that I have not made used of them. I have bought and sold an Amy Butler book... wahhhh... and I have in my hot little hands this one which I think is a gem. I just took a picture live from my bed, with blogger screen behind the book. This is because I sleep next to the book. It is a constant reminder that I have done NOTHING with it.

I have no valid excuses either, I have not one but TWO sewing machines. I think my friend has used my Janome more than I have. :( And I have owned my brand new Janome for about 19 months now.

This book is brilliant because it uses One Yard of fabric in all the projects. Of course it only has clothes for little girls and luck would have it that I would have two boys and there is nothing in there for them. In my cupboard is a box of fabric just mocking me as well. So on this creative odyssey, I have decided to make it a mission to do at least one project from this book.

Something small that does not require much in terms of haberdashery. Otherwise it would result in yet another reason to procrastinate. Also the excuse of I have two babies under the age of 2 might be a more valid excuse. Watch this space and I shall return!!

On another note, it is possible to go on holiday with 2 under 2. It was both wonderful and horrific at the same time. Never again until they are at least 6!!

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