Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wardrobe Decluttering.. SELL SELL!

Alright I have been searching for my tape measure for AGES. I cannot sell on eBay without measurements as you know.. people will be like blah blah blah I need to know the measurements.

Other than the standard baby items, I find that clothing is not going very well on eBay.. maybe I just have lousy stuff? I don't know!! Just getting ready a bag and wedges that I never wore to go on eBay. I really hate finding brand new with tag items lying around the house. It makes me want to cry.

Reading some forums and the word on the street is that sellers are leaving FeeBay and consequently buyers are also leaving as there are no good stuff anymore. I was wanting to get something across to Melbourne and sell on eBay but I am not very committed at this point as I wonder what is the point.

What are your thoughts? How is your eBay selling going and where is everyone listing these days? Oztion or whatever it is called now pretty much never took off as anticipated (I think).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh how I love Sunday afternoons

I am sure that everyone loves Sunday afternoons.
This is what I did Sunday afternoon.. how exhilarating! Really. I am excited.

You know you open your wardrobe and think oh wow I have nothing to wear. It is because I truly had nothing to wear. Not because I had lack of the number of clothing. But it was all crumpled and sitting in a dusty pile of "TBIs" - To Be Ironed. Seriously. I hate it. I am not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to buy so many cotton shirts. Oh yay look Ralph Lauren is having a sale. I need yet another cotton shirt because it is on sale.

Seriously look at how I spent Sunday afternoon? Meanwhile, Mick and D were outside trying to keep up with the washing. And guess what L did... draw black texta all over the floor and on himself. He was smudged all over in black ink and smudged Mick as well when he was discovered.

How do you manage your ironing? Do it every week? Obviously I do the opposite and pile it up high until I resign myself to spending at minimum an hour on it all. Seriously ... not cool. Wished that I could outsource this but I do not have enough to send out!

Monday, March 19, 2012

OPI Guy Meets Galveston on Claw

You do not notice how much your garden grows until you go away for a bit.
When the cab turned onto our street I was like wow.. those trees have grown heaps!

I have not used OPI Guy Meets Galveston from the Texas collection on my claw yet.. just the paws. This colour was unexpected I have to say. I thought it would be a solid bright pink. It is more jelly like in texture and the colour is quite translucent. After 2 coats you can still see the white of my nails if you look closely. I quite like it but the staying power is not quite the same as the more 'solid' colours.

This is the claw on a plant. Do not know the name of the plant - my gardening knowledge is amazing!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Got my CLAW on How to be a Domestic Goddess

You can tell I am a domestic goddess! Check my claw out on the domestic goddess book. Nigella has to line up after me - I am telling ya.
One thing that I love doing is baking. I bake but I do not eat it.. I am a feeder. Mick is protesting and the seagulls do not eat cake. Well I think D does not like it but will tolerate small amounts, I do think that L would scoff it all if allowed. Anyway I have not tried feeding them cake, only when we are offered at parties or when visiting etc.

So imagine my delight with winning a fantastic prize like this! Thank you again Julie from idreaminchocolate to and you made me a very happy kitten! Although Mick not so much as he will have to eat an entire cake on his own. What is your favourite receipe from this and what should I try first? Let me know!!

HIT ME with suggestions!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sephora Singapore Urban Decay Goodies

Wahhh two weeks in Singapore and doing the mandatory mall crawling made me buy makeup that I do not normally buy. I was reminiscing Urban Decay. I had stumbled across this brand back in the 90s. Yes I was a trend setter ya’ll. It was a then expensive brand stocked next to Hard Candy nail polishes at Takashimaya. Remember those Hard Candy polishes? Well I think this is where it was if my memory did not fail me. Back then I think they had eyeshadows and nail polishes plus lip gunks. I cannot quite remember other product lines.

So I had a look at Sephora Singapore and ran through all the stuff in Urban Decay. I love Midnight cowboy but honestly it was more glittery back in the day. I bought Sin eyeshadow and passed on their deluxe eyeshadows. Can I say that their deluxe eyeshadows are amazing!

This is 24/7 Oil slick and you have to try this. The texture is really great. I am looking forward to rivalling the Korean pop singers on SBS Pop Asia with this. Plus I also bought the eyeshadow primer which everyone has raved about.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh the Claw in Singapore

Oh hai again.. still in Singapore. I have the worst hair ever in this country. There is absolutely nothing that I can do short of sitting all day and night in an airconditioned room. Even then it looks crazy. It is flat, frizzy and lord knows what is going on with the ends.

So I have bought stuff. I am such a retail scrooge in Australia it is not funny. But here it is ok! I made a trip to Sephora to check if they stocked Tarte as I was asked on Twitter to see if I could get it here for her. No luck with Tarte but I got to relive my teenage years playing with Urban Decay. Anyway, most posts on stuffs I bought when I get back - I might buy more. LOL

Here I am clawing the Louis Vuitton clutch that Mum has decided to give me. She said that she has used it once or twice in the last 4 years that she owned it. Thank you very much! Louis Vuitton and free are great combinations in one single sentence.

What else do people do in Singapore other than eat and shop? And shop and shop? And then eat some more? Really...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Balmy Singapore plus Key Club Launch Event

Oh hai everyone I am in balmy Singapore. It is exhausting!!! Boys are out of routine and getting up at 4.30 in the morning. :O Well let's unleash the claw out in Singapore a bit later. I hope to get CLAW blog post. Seems like Claw has her own fan base.

Before I left Melbourne, the lovely Sarah from Silverleaf PR sent me an invite to the Key Club Launch. My first thought was - oh wait is she sure that she sent the invite to the right person? So my friend and I trooped up the road from our office in our dresses and heels. I wore my pink Manolo Blahniks and Armani Exchange dress. No duck lips or trout pout lips sorry, there was a mandatory mirror pic that I conned my friend into getting in. She is horrified!

It was a fantastic night people watching and I am now determined to buy a bodycon dress. This Mama still gots it ya know. :) Damien Bodie (ex-Neighbours and Winners and Losers) insisted that we take a picture together. It was like we were best buddies. We had a chat with Mat Beyer (Masterchef) who is @cookingwithgoths on Twitter and his friend Joel from . The funny thing is, we started following each other before he went on the show. When I was watching MC, I thought hey this guy reminds me of @cookingwithgoths on Twitter. DUH!

Here is Damien and Lee (MKR) just chilling as you can imagine in the big gold seats. I am upset that I did not give these seats a whirl. We had parked ourselves in the corner seats next to the DJ booth at the front room and told the waiter with the food to keep 'em coming.

Ok seriously... does everyone wanna pat the velour cowboy suit or is it just me? I am assuming it was velour! Champagne all around that night and the food is amazing! You need to try the duck! I left right when the music had stopped and stumbled out. Attended and presented at an Executive meeting that was an all day event the next day. I felt like one of the boys!

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