Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

I come to eat your children
I have come to type this post with a puffy chest. Yah.. I am about to boast. Check out this pumpkin carving. Is that not cooler than the ones you see on the Martha Stewart show? At least on this blog post, there is no Martha Stewart interrupting her guest mid-sentence.

This is the first pumpkin that we have ever attempted. I use the word WE loosely as I clearly did not encourage or participate in this. If you read my posts here from November 2010. I declared cutting pumpkins as one of my hates in cooking. Mick came back with this pumpkin from Woolworths. He said it costs $11. I gave him the side glance like W.T.H. $11! Edited: Mick corrected me, it was about $20!! I thought he would not carve it and it would be sitting there rotting and mocking my pumpkin cutting skills. But look how well it turned out.

Carving WIP D says Oh Hai
This is the pumpkin carving work in progress. Tools used in this exercise was a hacksaw blade plus a bread slicing knife that had a jagged edge. Pickles is looking mighty serious here and D was posing for the picture. They got a bit bored after helping dig out the seeds and ran inside. But D told me he wanted to help with the pumpkin and went back out to carve the eyes and nose with the hacksaw blade with Mick guiding him. I am not sure how nobody has lost any fingers.

So it looks like I better prepare candy for tomorrow as we might get a few door knockers with this outside the house. How cool is that!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Daiso Melbourne CBD

Daiso Melbourne CBD Entrance
Does everyone else love Daiso as much as me? I see lots of nodding heads. My friends in Singapore are shocked that we have Daiso in Melbourne. This is because they think we live under a rock. It is $2 in Singapore but in Melbourne it's $2.80. We get ripped off again. It is a shop where you walk in and think what stuff will I buy that I don't need. Oh yeah.. I don't need these stickers but I will still get them. $2.80! Woohoo. There are good bargains in the makeup department. A big packet of sponges would be $8-9 is $2.80 in here.

Oh hai adorable cutlery set
There is nothing better than being able to browse each and every aisle in Daiso on your own. Yes all of you mothers would relate to this. So this is my Daiso haul.

Daiso Haul
If you want crayons, these soft crayons that I bought are incredibly good. This is the second box that I have and I bought this for the boys' family daycare provider. The 2 sponges are so cute! When I went home with them. The boys were in the bath so I handed it to them. Priceless moment.. D says to me. Thank you for my sponge Mummy.

The rice crackers were prawn cracker flavoured and the boys call them big crackers. They are really yummy to be honest. Make sure you look for them. 

Daiso in Melbourne CBD is bigger and more spacious than Doncaster. :) Can't wait to go back. Woohoo.. I might already need to go back as we are missing one fork from the cutlery set already.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Claw: Hello Darling Spring 2012 Collection

There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing this package arrive for you.
You do a silent omgawd and then you want to start crying, jumping around and dancing going yay yay yay. It's got the ribbon trademark on it. It's pastel and pretty and all things girly. Yah it's a lovely care package from Hello Darling. I thought I could cry!

It's the Ribbon package!
As you know, I love Hello Darling shades and they have been featured many times here. Then there had been the lemmings.. lemmings for a long time for the Spring collection. Did you guys see it here?

I started doing a dance about when I opened each individually wrapped bottle. How gorgeous do they look? Are you also dancing along with me? It's the jump from one leg to another leg dance. Left to right: 24K, Teenage Dream, Hopelessly Devoted, Dreamboat, Breakfast in Bed (bottom).

Claw on train
I'm using Fairy Floss which I had already featured before on my little finger. It probably needs another coat, I did 3 thin coats. But the others were only 2 - and no top coat. My bad, I am on the seche vite soon. Claw also loves hanging around on trains as long as they are moving!

Pastel Pink Roses have bloomed
The pastel pink roses have bloomed and what great timing! This is my favourite colour roses. Mick had to replant them recently as the old ones had died. He thinks that he killed them by spraying a chemical incorrectly. Oopppss... But look, Claw loves pastel pink roses.

Mick had cut this rose out of the garden for me for our bedroom. Look at this gorgeous colour! It's just amazing and nothing says Spring more than these colours!

Hello Darling is on Facebook - Stalk them for latest updates https://www.facebook.com/hellodarling ooohhh coming up is a collaboration with Prinnie. PLUS a new collection called Summer Jewels. Anyone else getting as excited as me?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Miu Miu and Deck Garden

Ok I am not ashamed of this. I am a 30 something year old that happily takes handbags from her Mum.

Ready for Spring? Miu Miu makes me egg cited
Mum went to Rome recently and she went crazy. This is what she bought for me. The Miu Miu mock croc wallet and the little bow satchel. I said that there is a new design for this. It probably got lost in translation in Italy cos this is not the new one that I saw. But anyway!! I will not complain.

D calls this his farm 
As the deck sanding and oiling has finally finished - I will have to post before and after pics soon. But seriously who would want to look at before and after pics on here? I think I will stick to the clothes and stuff. This is what D calls his farm. Mick bought some herbs and potted them in these old pots that someone threw out on the side of the road. He had tipped the overgrown old plants out and bleached them ready for the 'farm'. D was really enthusiastic to help with mulch and watering the plants. Pickles just basically ran around hitting me with some unidentified plastic thing. He did want to clean up the deck with a giant adult sized broom as mulch went everywhere.

Giant Nutella anyone?
Lastly... if anyone is after a 5kg tub of Nutella. You can get them at a SPECIAL price of $70 at Colonial Fruit and Veg store in Doncaster. :) Lord I love this shop. Barilla pasta is perpetually on sale here! And they stock Gippsland South eggs which is amaze!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Current Lemmings: Bags and Nails

I have just been complaining how much money I had been spending lately. And then boom..
Shopbop you know I love you.. Thanks for the 20% off code. But really your timing is so bad. I tried to tell myself to stay away. But I had been eyeing this shoulder bag for ages. I only have totes or clutches and honestly totes are too big for the weekend but clutches too cumbersome if I have to carry a child. My DIG BFF asked if I could recommend a shoulder cross body bag for her recently and I thought of Rebecca Minkoff and Marc by MJ immediately. I had a happy customer with Rebecca Minkoff. The problem was, I also wanted one. Good thing I do not buy retail price for many things and I held off. So this is getting on a plane for me now. But that is if DHL can deliver .. lol. Let's not go there.
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Navy
Then there's the ever growing lemming for pastel nail polishes. I have been intrigued by this ever since I saw them on Makeupnet's Twitter and Facebook feeds. These are very claw colours don't you think? $65 for all 7 colours from www.makeupnet.com.au

Lime Crime Lemming Image via http://makeupnet.com.au
And been wanting this foreverrrrrr... I think i love all the pastels this year and I haven't got any YET!!
BTW is anyone else liking the OPI Man with the Golden Gun? How amazing does it look?

Image via http://hellodarling.com.au

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reminiscing of the Weekend, Fav Maxi Dress

I just cannot get over how great the weather was on Sunday. I'm reminiscing as I was waiting for a day like that to put on a maxi dress. D said Mummy you look beautiful ... I must look crap on normal days or something. LOL or maybe he just likes women in long dresses?!


Fav Target Maxi Dress
We were sitting outside in the sun as the boys wanted to go outside but the deck was just oiled and they could not go there. So we sat out with magazines and toys. The boys decided to take one flamingo each and feed them strawberries. Then decided they were swords and started fighting with them ....

Giant Strawberry & Flamingo friend
And I leave you with D showing us his giant strawberry.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sanctum Body Therapy VIP Event & La Clinica Giveaway!

What a fantastic weekend we had in Melbourne recently. I wanted to do a Stalk my Weekend post but I got tied up with a Claw post. I'll catch up one day.. as I now have more exciting news. I have a GIVEAWAY!

Anyway, on to the great news. I had received a Sanctum Body Therapy invite to a VIP event and to experience a Glycolic C 15% peel. I asked Ling from The Best Beauty Blog if she was available to attend with me. I love being able to return a +1 favour to an event.

Product Shelving at Sanctum
Sanctum is an exclusive stockist of La Clinica products and only uses their certified organic products for your facial and body beauty treatments. They also stock Jane Iredale makeup and Tuscan Tan products. The last time I had visited them for the signature facial - please make sure you book this in if you visit them. They were in the old salon in Bullen. So check out their beautiful new home in Templestowe. The new salon is at 2/132 James Street, Templestowe.

Nail stations filled with yummy finger food and champers
The salon is divided into sections. There are 4 nail stations now compared to the 2 that they had in the old salon. To the left of the reception desk when you enter is a the 3 IPL, spray tanning and waxing rooms. On the left are the product displays shelves and waiting area.

Hallway to Beauty or "Quiet" treatment rooms
And the above is a sort of tucked away hallway where the 3 quiet treatment rooms are located. The ladies have kept the decor to minimum, dark grey in the hallway but bright and white in the treatment rooms. Happy to report that I was not red after the treatment and do not require a bee keeper hat like Samantha from Sex and the City. It was a gentle treatment as the Glycolic Acid 15% peel active ingredient is derived from sugar cane. Cost of this peel is $52 or $208 for course of 5 (1 is free), it is recommended that you have one peel each week for 5 weeks.

Giveaway: La Clinica Clear Skin Kit
So this brings me to the La Clinica Clear Skin Kit giveaway! :) Yayyyy... Winning!

I received a Clear Skin pack from Rita-Marie at La Clinica when we were discussing the Clear Skin MultiFruit Acid serum. You know how I love my serums right? So I thought it would suit my makeup/skincare BFF at work. She had bad pimples and bumps under her skin were visible under makeup, her skin was red and 'angry' as she calls it. She used the pack I gave her twice and bought her own. Retail price for this pack is $80! Yeap everyone you read correctly. Every single item in this range is only $20.

The Kit Includes:
Clear Skin Anti Blemish Face Wash Gel - 200mL
Clear Skin Intensive Spot Serum - 50mL
Clear Skin Intensive Oil Control Day Cream - 50mL
Clear Skin Intensive Oil Control Night Gel - 50mL
Clear Skin Anti Blemish Exfoliating Scrub - 100mL
Clear Skin Anti Blemish Facial Mask - 100mL
La Clinica Facial Cloth
La Clinica zip lock toiletry bag 

TO WIN: Email me at porkchopsnest@gmail.com and tell me what your skin type is and why you want to try this kit. Competition closes on Friday 26th October midnight Melbourne time and I will announce the winner here on this post. 

Conditions: Open to Australian Residents only, decisions are final and are judged by myself, winner is not drawn at random but is based on the answer they provide. Winner has 1 week to respond to me on their mailing address.


This giveaway has ended and the recipient is Shaunnagh. There were a few entries that sounded like they really needed this pack and the decision was really difficult. This is an extract of Shaunnagh's entry. 

"My usual skin care routine involves cleansing with a mild cleanser and using high strength Benzac AC Cream in thick layers at night to keep my skin "exfoliated" and clear. I long to be able to use products like Aesop etc that smell amazing and make you feel pampered but they don't work for me. If I do break from my usual routine for a couple of days, my skin reacts.
I used Proactive for a few years but found it really harsh on my skin and it took 12 months for my skin to recover after I stopped using it. It would be great to try out a new product line that would work for my skin type as well as make me feel a million bucks."  

I am hoping that the La Clinica Clear Skin pack will help you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Claw: BYS Graffiti Stick it to the Man (Purple)

I was asked by Fashion Addict to review this BYS Graffiti range.. Sure, why not? The Claw needs to get the colour on.

The Graffiti range comes in 6 colours - blue, green, gold, violet, red and purple. I received the Purple and Red which are very claw colours. Fashion Addict retails them for $8.95 which includes the activator which has a really thin brush and you can free hand your design on.

I am using the purple one today and you can get it here from Fashion Addict - http://www.fashionaddict.com.au/make-up-beauty/nails/purple-bys-graffiti-nail-polish-stick-it-to-the-man.html
Claw before activator
So this is the claw before any activator was painted on. I painted on 2 coats and a base coat. Speaking of which I need a base coat now. I had been trying to work out what I would paint on. I do not usually do nail art so this was kind of fun. As the brush is very thin and long, the best thing to do was straight lines and criss cross patterns. I had read on MadeUpMaiden not to put on a Top Coat as changed the graffiti and made it all one colour - activated/deactivated something or other I am guessing LOL. So I repeat, do not use a top coat!

Activator Criss Cross

Claw on a something plant which I really don't know
So these are my finished product. Ta Da.. The index finger was the first one I did and I removed as much as I could of the activator off the brush as advised by MakeUp4MyAge and the effect is a little lighter. The middle finger - just ignore me I was trying to just do swirls or something. The ring finger I had more activator on the brush and it made darker 'highlights'.

On the thumb, I tried to do a ribbon motif and it sort of made me laugh. Nothing on the little finger just to keep that in comparison.

Happy Flowers ohhh look purple!
So nail art is not usually my thing. But this was easy to do and a fun thing to play with. I think you can have an accent nail by just applying top coat to one nail. The good ol' accent nail :)  Have fun with the graffiti!

BYS is available at discount stores and http://www.fashionaddict.com.au

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Anniversary Present to Mick

I do not usually know what to buy for Mick but I always deliver! High performance delivered right here. Boomtish. It is usually something that he does not expect and he would love it.

So thanks to EtailQueen who suggested Mr Porter. Oh .. of course! He had been playing with the Mr Porter app - for whatever reason he had it!? And I thought hey he would love dress shoes. So off to investigate shoes. After consultation with the fashion men of Twitter, I decided on these Paul Smith shoes.

Paul Smith goodies
However the problem is this - sizing. I have no idea on the size. UK, US, AUS sizing, my gut instinct said one thing but he claims to be another size. Ok fine, whatever ... I get 7.5. Yeah we have small feet in this family :)

Then I waited.. patiently... more patience required.. 2nd Oct departing Heathrow 7am. Ok great.. 3rd October. Departing Heathrow 7am. Ok ... 4th October. Departing Heathrow 7am. At 3.30pm I gave up and rang DHL. This is not the first time my NAP group package departed Heathrow but in fact never left.

5th October - I see that it's on board delivery van. That's just fantastic because I AM NOT IN THE OFFICE for delivery. That's just awesome because all week I went in thinking it might arrive. No.. it arrives on a day that I did not work in the office. Mail room would lock the package up for me I thought.. no problems. I get an email -> Package Arrival - Friday October 5 It is from MRP and is 52cm x 25cm x 66cm and weighs almost 5kg. It's on the mail bench.

What on earth is this shoe made of? I instant messaged him and asked if it was shoes. He said yes they were. But I thought how can it be half a meter?!! So what do I do? I drive all the way into the office to pick it up. Look at the size difference of the two boxes. I laughed my head off and trooped off carrying this massive box back to the car. It was so big, I had difficulty in moving through the revolving doors and security gate.

Mick somehow thought omg what on earth is in that massive box. He opens it and starts laughing. Sad end to the story - I had to return the shoes as they were TOO BIG and he needed what I thought I should have bought - size 7. It was showing Hurry One Left when I ordered. So guess what? I cannot exchange it but have to be given a refund.

Sigh... so I just placed another Paul Smith order direct from the designer's site. I'm wondering if they ship via DHL now.... They better not be.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Outfit & Lots of Spoils

Target Birdy Top
Oh hai.. if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter get ready to snooze. As you know I am usually 1 week behind in posts in relation to events. This was from last Thursday. But anywayz, bear with me while I give you the run down as promised. This top was from Target. Yes Target, I now buy more of my work clothing from them. Asos is too hit and miss and their cotton dresses a little too thin and short.

G2000 Skirt excuse the yellow tinge
There is a big story with this skirt. I bought it in 2008 in June. It was from G2000 in Singapore and I was on my lunch break when I bought a few pieces from there. There are usually affiliations with credit cards for stores in Singapore. I think I used my Amex card for 15% off. The thing is, you usually get penalised in Australia if you use your Amex not get a discount! I had not worn this skirt for more than a year. Why? Because I had to hem by hand as the stitching had totally fallen out. It went into the I cannot be bothered pile and when I did, it took hours because I had so many pieces to hand stitch.

Hurro surprise Anniversary Present

The mail man from work walked enthusiastically to my desk with the Roses Only box. I think he secretly love doing this... why would he not? Anyway, all the ladies at work went Oooohhhhh and everyone looked up. When we decided to get married on my birthday, Mick promised that he would not get me one gift and use that as a gift for both events. But I was still shocked when I saw them. Yes I was that woman on the train carrying a big machine gun hiding box of roses.

And the boys gave me this necklace in the morning. I sort of steered them towards this direction at Georg Jensen. It was between this or the Rose Gold pearl Sphere collection. I am also hoping that nobody thinks I am flaunting. We had a few hard years financially, I'm not even sure why I did not return to full time work earlier. But anyway, I do not think that we bought each other presents for the last 3 anniversaries or birthdays due to different things being required first. This is what having kids is like people and nobody really tells you these truths on their blog right? Well I might spill one day.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Costco, Giant Pizza, Baking

Fits 2 kids in this Giant Trolley
I have not been to Costco in ages! Our membership had lapsed in August which means our last visit was in July. This also means that I have been trooping off to Docklands, fighting carparking stress and hauling 200,000 rolls of toilet paper from Costco for more than a year! You would be wondering if I always dress the boys in the same animal ear hoodie. Yes they have other clothes, but honestly it's so adorable.

Everything is larger than life at Costco
I have never had any food from the crazy Costco food place before. It is always so busy and looks insane. I was in the queue thinking I need 2 slices of pizza and a drink. When I glanced over at what a slice looked like on other people's plates, I thought ermmm make that 1 slice as a snack between all of us. I choose cheese as it is the "safest". It was indeedy very satisfying and greasy.

I do not need air, I need this sugar hit
I thought that the boys would hate this if it was raspberry. Oh was I wrong! Pickles would not let go and it became an embarrassing scream fest if you dared to take a sip and take the cup from him. The two of them started fighting and pushing in the trolley, Pickles would shove D and try to grab the cup back. D would turn himself away from Pickles and omg the screaming! So I had take D out of the trolley... and I do not know how he did not get a brain freeze from drinking so quickly. And number two, I felt sick at how much sugar he was getting. I am sure you are secretly judging me now!

I'm hiding from your flash Mum
This is how you pack a small car with your kids and Costco haul. You stack like a mad person. And you make the kids sit with their legs on top of the 200,000 rolls of toilet paper you have bought. You do this one every 6 months or something so they will deal with it. This is not a bad stack, there was once the paper towel had to go between the two boys. See people, living proof you do not need a 4WD when you have kids. You just need a stacker like Mick to sort out the shopping.

20000000000 rolls of Toilet Paper!

Here's my exciting haul... 200,000 rolls of toilet paper or something, paper towel, noodles, 184 Kirkland nappies (holler). I swear this Costco brand is the same as Huggies. I have bought them once but they were not crash hot but now they are now better. Nappy pants for L because for some reason he started saying he wanted to wear underwear and helped himself to D's. And no.. D does not need nappies anymore. I cannot believe how much money I have saved since then. This is why I am now able to buy makeup!

Child labour at chocolate cake baking
Because it was also my "birthday weekend" yes yes birthday outfit coming up.. the boys made me chocolate cakes. The problem was once it was baked, D started stealing the cakes off the benchtop. Then claim it was an accident after he gnawed off the top of them. Omg!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outfit Hall of Shame 3: Expensive Fuglies Series

I have not done an outfit hall of shame for a long time. I think it is because I stopped trawling through ASOS on the laptop for giggles. Gosh they have such gems.

This is contributed by ichigopaws and you should head over to her blog to thank her. Amazeballs hall of shame coming right up! Once again if you think I am not fashion forward or wrong, just click the close window button kthx!

The amazing thing is these are really expensive items. But they have crawled out of the hall of shame pit.

This sparked off the new outfit hall of shame post. Can you believe this thing exists? Not only does it exist, but it is on sale at FarFetch for AUD$653. Ok what got runned over by a truck got their tail cut off and then got stuck in a child's art box and then topped off by grandma satin trims? There are just no words. It is also a platform.... bonus. Which leads me to question why exactly it was classified as "Beachwear".

Hi my name is Alexis from Dynasty and I want my dress back. If this is Couture, I will stick to Target thanks. Look it's tits ahoy and half my boob is on display. Not only that, I have frilly underskirt and the dress barely covers my bum! However I have a big full mutton sleeve on. I have to cover something up right? This plus the platform shoes above was what ichigopaws suggested to be worn as an outfit. Oh Asos thank you for this one. Oh and erm.. this beauty also comes in a leopard version. Hawtness. You also have to click and look at the model's surprised face.

Ohhh Sonia... for GBP 653 you can look like you have half a yeti strapped to your arms. I can imagine this to be a brilliant item in your monster costume wardrobe. You can run around with your arms up in the air going "ROARRRRRRR!!!!!"

If you see any outfit hall of shame worthy items. Please drop me a note. I love rolling on the floor in laughter.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stalk my Noms: Marion's Kitchen Thai Green Curry Pack

Idiot proof instructions - likey
It has taken me more than a year to be game enough to actually cook Thai Green Curry again. I know the exact last time when I last cooked it because my China colleague and I were discussing about what I was cooking that day and I told her Thai Green Curry. She was also pregnant at that time and I was about to replace her when she left for her maternity leave. She said she loved this stuff – well so DID I! I had used a Mae Ploy brand paste and I had used it before so I am not sure what on earth happened but it burnt the living daylights out of my taste buds. I had hungry D bawling their eyes out yelling TOO SPICY TOO SPICY!!! And then there was Pickles who was just about 1 year old or something. And he had big tears streaming down his face.

I thought to myself, it cannot be that bad. Sweet baby cheesus.. I cried tears too. Mick and I were in absolutely tears. We abandoned ship and had to cook something else. It was Disaster Thai Green Curry 101. TOO SPICY!

So Marion says do not use all the paste and discard the dried chillis in the herb package if you want a milder curry. I definitely followed that instruction! Look at this, even the packets are numbered! This is idiot proof. If Marion can cook, so can you!

See my wok there? I am using my wok any chance that I can get now. Get wokking y’all.

Spice it how you likey.. me very likey
I browned the meat before frying the paste as I prefer it that way. I also always use chicken thighs. Nigella got it right … chicken breasts are dry central or rather I must be doing it all wrong.

I swear the chicken is cooked, it's just pink cos I likey thighs
The pack comes with everything that you need. You just need to add your meat and extra vegetables. It even comes with bamboo shoots and coconut milk. Winning! And really really quick for a weekday night meal. Now that I have conquered my fear of Thai green curry.. has anyone tried any of her other packs?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or paid post. I shelled out $7+ (from memory) for this :) 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Milk Toothy Pegs Organic Kids Toothpaste

I was asked if I wanted to review this organic kids' toothpaste recently. Truth be told, we also were running out of toothpaste for the boys. But really, are you not curious? What is an organic toothpaste?

Look at my teethhhhh
When this arrived in the mail, D hijacked it and asked if it was for him. He gets very excited as he thinks everything we get in the mail are presents for him.

The tube comes in a flip top but I had been removing the cap to use it. This is because I found it easier to get the amount right on the tooth brush as the consistency is quite runny. It smells wonderful to be honest and I had no problems getting both boys to use this. It reminds me of my own organic skincare like a spa or something! :)

This is what D says about it. Me: "Do you know what it taste like?" D: "Mmmmm yummy, like Apples! Yay Apples!" The flavour is actually orange but close enough!

Milk Toothy Pegs retails for $5.99 and can be found at Woolworth's and specialty baby stores. Or visit http://www.milkskincare.com

Price: Half Tick - I honestly do not know the price of other toothpastes on the market off the top of my head. Just tell yourself it's organic!
Kids happiness factor: Tick
Adult happiness factor: Tick
Will buy again factor: Tick

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. The product was received for free for review.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Claw: Hello Darling Strawberry Fields Forever

Oh hai Irises have bloomed
I had this colour for a long time now but never had time to play with this. It is a light translucent pink with metallic gold through it. Again, it's not glitter glitter so it is easy to remove. I am not sure if I have said it here but I do not like glitter because it is so hard to remove. And I do not like the rough texture.

Foxglove slanting to one side
This poor Fox Glove was planted a few weeks ago. The poor thing has endured harsh winds. It is now sloping to one side. I will not make phallic jokes here but you can use your imagination. Oh hai my sneakers have photo bombed it too. LOL One would crop it out but you know what I am like with photoshop.

Sparkles in the sun
As you can see it is very translucent or maybe the right description is sorbet. This is 3 coats. I had smudged 3 nails the middle, ring and thumb and had to redo it the next day. I used thinner coats so that it would dry faster in time for me to get ready for the wedding.

Snappy Dragons 
I had to take a picture of these snap dragons as they had gone off. You likey the claw on them snap dragons? Mick said that they will be dying down soon so he had been giving them to the boys to give to their day care provider. She loves it.

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