Thursday, April 26, 2012

Outfit Hall of Shame Round 2

The claw - which is wearing Suzi sells sushi by the seashore - had been BAD. I clicked on the VIP code that offers 15% off from ASOS. Seriously how can you not go straight to the 70% off section and giggle at the clothes? Again this is outfit hall of shame. If you're game to wear these and pull it off. Kudos to you. But us mere mortals cannot.

How bad are these? Of course it is the 1980s and we all want Happy Pants again. GBP14 for a saggy butt that comes included. When there is that much fabric around your bum, Heidi Klum will proclaim that you are OUT.

No words. Sheer silk pants where I can see seams. And a big diaper thing that goes up to your waist underneath. Mad men gone on LSD tripping outfit. GBP123 for this honour, get thee to Darn Cheap Fabric in Heidelberg and grab some fabric to wrap yourself in.

When the model is dressed in a sack ... both on top and at the bottom and looks bad. You know you are wasting your money buying this. I swear my grandma sewed something like this for herself. She is 91. Ok that's all for outfit hall of shame.. until next time.

While out collecting mail.. but only got bombarded by houses For Sale brochures, the Claw decided to visit new lemon tree shoots. How cute and matching!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh oopps the weekend just flew past.. and now it's Wednesday!

Oh hurro.. due to every deadline looming around the same time for me the last two weeks.
I had been drowning.. Yes drowning.

So phew.. finally I have a chance to write. Cough type. Who writes anymore? What is a pen and paper?

Last weekend, I was stalking my ShopBop package. Yes I ordered again! But I am sure that everyone would know it was because there was a 20% off code with free shipping last week. Yes 20% off everything! OMGawd. Marc by MJ mouse flats anyone? Yes please?! It became a big hunting spree with my work mates. OMG what do you think of these sunnies? OMG what about this scarf? OMG OMG OMG Did you see this? It looks like the Hermes bangle. So ... guess what I ended up buying? The Marc by MJ ring did not fit me so I had the replacement in my cart for the longest time. I would browse, find nothing, close browser.. Repeat and rinse. Therefore I can confirm that good things come to those who wait. I bought these oversized aviators for Mick. D had broken his aviators and you should have seen his face. It was ages ago - at least half of D's lifetime ago. ROFLLLL.. but still. You know it's Mick, he doesn't replace things himself. So I managed to shut my trap long enough about the surprise. I did show him the pictures to "ask his opinion of aviators for myself".... he believed me even though he knew it was odd I was asking him about aviators for myself.

Reminiscing how sunny it was last weekend.. Do not judge what I am wearing people.. Don't be mean! Went to Mitre10 -> you can see how well I fit in (only in the lounge chair section).

And you will not believe how many hours I spent on Saturday researching and finding bloody DOONA COVERS FROM THE INTERWEBS. I was a woman possessed! Possessed!! I don't even know how I did not know that I am practically around the corner from the Bed Bath and Table outlet store! For some unknown reason I always thought that The Works in Hawthorn where I used to live was an outlet. DO NOT ASK WHY! Guess what I bought for $25! Lucky me $20 cover and managed to find matching pillow cases. They told me that I was out of luck with that but I stumbled on the pillow cases. The boys ran up and down the store pretending they were fire engines. And then tried to grab the Easter decorations. Back to this subject - who buys Easter decorations?

So got my domestic goddess on after sheet shopping and made popovers. They look like muffins but really they are bready like. It's the American version of Yorkshire puddings and they are eaten hot with butter and jam. SO GOOD. 

Also what a shame - when I opened the 1200TC pillow cases. Well what I thought was a pillow case SET was actually A PILLOWCASE. The shame.. now I gotta go all the way back and browse some more. Oh the shame. Anyone else has a sheet shopping obsession? I killed mine as it was such a habit. Buy buy buy buy.... If you knew me from a  few years back. You would not recognise the tight arse that I am now.

On this cold and windy/rainy day that I typed this. D decided he wanted to give Mummy a rose. So he went shopping for a rose in our bedroom where a bunch of these yummy smelling roses given to me by Mick were. Everyone => Awww....

Seriously though .... I cannot believe I only just found the Bed Bath and Table outlet! WHAT!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soup, bread and a giant bear

It's cooking time in the Pork chop household.

One child had decided to fall asleep while he was eating. Poor thing... shipped him off to his bed quick chop. I think all the dancing around in the morning has made him tired. We do a dance off in the morning whenever SBS has PopAsia on. I was so used to not knowing what the heck they were singing that I was puzzled why I could partly understand what G.E.M was yelling out. Sorry but G.E.M is no singer. I had to google and then I realised this is canto pop. HAHAHAHA!

Off to the supermarket and butcher as I had a hankering for lamb shank soup. You know when you had something once and you never had it again but it was so good that it stays on your mind for the longest time? This lamb shank soup took me ages to figure out and remember what was in it. I googled lots of recipes for ages just trying to match the ingredients. Anyway, it is now on the simmer and waiting for everything to tenderise and the lamb to melt away from the bone. BTW I think I have performed the cardinal sin of using frenched lamb shanks. So please forgive me while I whinge about how expensive it is.

The one thing that I really hate about cooking a soup is having to chop like a maniac. Everything has to be diced and who wants to dice root vegetables? This time I diced the vegetables while the onions were browning so the timing worked out. The soup is still simmering at this point so it remains to be seen whether it is a decent recipe. I used the following ingredients.

2 lamb shanks ($$$$)
2 onions and garlic
3 carrots
1 parsnip
2 celery sticks
2 litres of water
1/2-3/4 cup pearl barley
sprig thyme
1 bayleaf

Brown shanks and remove. Add onions and garlic while it is brown and caramelised. Chuck in your other vegetables and brown slightly. Add water, thyme, bay leaf, barley and return shanks in to simmer. I think I'll chuck in some soup pasta later too. OMG pasta...

I looked outside and I was wondering why this was in the sun. It appears that we are having focaccia with the soup. Mick had decided to make focaccia instead of bread. I have been giving him the uh huh when are you making bread? Like never? I am confused why it needs to be in the sun!?

I am not sure why I'm making lamb shank soup. Really.. we should be on money saving mode after our trip to Costco yesterday. Check out the big giant scary bear that was freaking the boys out in the store! LOLLL D still says oh that big bear is scary. $350 bucks later and a huge trolley of things where you are left wondering why you bought! OMG how does anyone keep their shopping in Costco under $300?

Edited to add: That lamb shank soup needed more body. I will have to use stock next time not water.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shopbop Rocks!

Ok I am late to the game.. I always look at ShopBop and Revolve Clothing but do you think I actually order anything? No I don't. I look, I add to cart then I delete.

So it was the long weekend, it is Easter Good Friday. What does one do when all physical stores are shut? You jump online. I wanted this ring so badly that I told Mick you are buying it for me. He said ok. I do not think I have actually done this ever in my life. It's $68 I can buy it myself but anyway, he is happy to do the ordering and at the same time told me go choose something else. Ok then, I add something else and had 3 things in my cart. I am nuts about Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love this stuff, why has nobody told me it is so cute? Have I been living under a rock?

The order was placed on Friday (Melbourne time) and I have to say I was shocked that it was shipped the next day and arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday! ... literally. DHL guy decided he would leave it at the door, knock and run off. So sad part is, this ring is TOO BIG. I have managed to palm it off to my friend who is going to gift it to her SIL (lucky SIL). Ooppps looks like I have to place another ShopBop order!

Check out the bracelet, I am loving this bracelet sick! It's huge and tacky.. also described by my friend as very Asian. LOL! Also ordered an iPhone cover, the heart one will post pics!

It has been one of those tiring days so I am relieved to be blogging about stuffs. Sometimes I just need stuffs. Have also received my Juicy Couture phone cover. Ignore mess on my desk.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mad Men and my reaction to Betty's character

Picture above is from Guardian UK website

Ok seriously ... Just like how good is it? I have not really been into the Mad Men fashion but honestly I have missed it terribly! How can they take such a long hiatus. It was almost the equivalent of my youngest son's lifetime! HOW COULD THEY!

I used to be really upset with myself and my reaction at Betty's character. But I went back to Season 1 and started watching it again as seriously there has been nothing on Australian free to air TV. Season 1 was when she was all peaches and cream and thought Don was the best thing since sliced bread. She was also softer to her children in her aloof way. I felt upset with myself because I knew I was suppose to be on Betty's side. Poor Betty, she is at home all day with the children. Don goes out, stays out, does not come home and yet have affairs with every woman and her dog included. When Betty had her fun, I was getting angry.. and more angry at her. But I kept telling myself that the problem was Don but still .. it was poor Don and Sally. Poor Don doesn't get to see his youngest baby. I don't know what the problem is. I think it was because she was also so mean to her children and so cold. Anyone else had this reaction to Betty as well?

Meanwhile I am loving this season sick. What are your thoughts on Megan? I have missed laughing at this series with their drinking and smoking. I giggle when the Doctors are smoking while seeing patients. Pregnant women having alcohol and smoking like a chimney. Imagine doing this today! IN PUBLIC!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Got my CLAW on Estee Lauder

OMG I have to confess that I am a total tight wad with makeup. I like the stuff however due to not using much of it. I do not buy retail in Australia EVER. I repeat EVER. I usually shop at duty free or in Singapore.
So I came across this VIP code for Estee Lauder's online shop. I thought oh I need powder as my MAC had hit pan. Ooohh free shipping and Gift with Purchase? Ok thank you!

How did I spend $68 on this!? This is Estee Lauder Aeromatte pressed powder in Light Medium Cool. I don't even know if this is my colour lol.. It was a yeah looks kinda right!

Is it me or does everyone think of Estee Lauder as their mother's makeup? I remember raiding her GWP lipsticks and mascara when I was growing up. And Pleasures! Who can forget Beautiful and Youth Dew. Vom Vom now but back then it was totally hot.

This is the GWP and it includes a makeup remover, double wear eyeliner, mascara, some eyeshadow which I know I will not use :P, Idealist skin refinisher, Hydrationist Maximum Moisture creme and a lipstick in a lovely name called Pink Parfait. ROFL ... how motherly is that name?

Ok it looks like my GWP will be put on feeBay shortly! I knew I would not use anything in this GWP but yet I got sucked in. WHYYYYY!!! Anyone else fell "victim" to GWP? Please confess here and make me feel better!
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