Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Score: Australis Frock n Roll Eyeshadow

Australis Frock n Roll

Now everyone .. gather around. Has everyone missed Random Score or has everyone missed Random Score? I had to apologise to my Twitter followers the other day as I found myself joining the Retweet style competitions. Dude, ya gotta be innit to winnit. So I'm usually innit. Speaking of missing Random Score, I have another one to post but I shall leave you with this glittery abstract art beauty.

Now I think that Emma from EmmaBovaryBeauty has featured this before but I am obviously the eyeshadow noob. You see, I have A eyeshadow palette. Yes A. And that was bought with such fanfare that my beauty blogger girls rejoiced with excitement. OMG post your haul! My haul consisted of one item. LOL 

So check this out! How does one use this one? I think that I would add the glitter silver to my accent nighttime eyes. What do you think? Please help! Also will I look like a tragic 1980s Disco tragic with side scrunchie and crimped hair if I used the pink?

I know that if you have been following me on Facebook. You would have already seen this. If you are not, why not?! Stalk me on Facebook. I swear funny in blog post translates to funny in Facebook too -> CLICK and Stalk.


  1. Hmmm...I need to see a swatch to figure it out. Looks like there a few good lid shades that could be worn alone if they're not OTT with the shimmer.

    1. I think you and I need to sit down and analyse this one :)

  2. I have so many suggestions! LOL.

    To start, try the lightest pink/coral on the left, all over the mobile lid, but not above the crease. Then, 'tame' it down using the upper grey shadow in the crease. Finally, add in a little 'v' in the outer corner with the darker grey shadow and blend to soften the edges.

    Perfect look done in 2 minutes!

    1. Girl I overdid the black and had to wipe it off after laughing my head off! I will attempt again!


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