Monday, December 24, 2012

Stalk my Weekend: Cheesey food and nail polish

Kua Wela, Verano and Carousel
I came home on Sunday to this package! This was after coming home from the swimming pool. I put on my Zimmermann bikini in our once a year journey to the swimming pool. Yes once a year. We went to the swimming pool in the morning in preparation for a hot day. I dragged the boys up and down while they kick in the swimming pool and caught them when they jump from the side of the pool. Watched the boys slide down the water slide (very very quickly) with Mick. And basically making sure that they did not fall off whatever they were climbing on. It made me so tired, I think it wore me out more than them. I kept hinting... are we going to go back for snacks? Ie MUM IS TIRED. They left with tears as I dragged them to the hot car. I hate hot cars. I had to promise that they are going to go back. 2 minutes later, can I go back swimming with the slide? Urgh. The good thing is, I found that this fitness centre has booty barre classes on Wednesday night. So guess where I will be doing Barre soon? Yeap! I am so motivated, I'm almost about to run to Lorna Jane outlet in Uni hill to get gear.

Get your sauce on
I rewind you back to Saturday when I really wanted Mac and Cheese. You know when you want Mac and Cheese? Nothing ever comes close. So I made Mac and Cheese! Check out the killer cheesey white sauce and bacon. Ooooh yeah BACON. I wanted to do Pioneer Woman's Fancy mac and cheese. But seriously, I could not be bothered slicing onions. So I did my normal version, except I chucked in some leftover spinach from an earlier dinner during the week. Might as well use it up. I know it doesn't really "go together" but whatever. It eased some guilty conscience that I was eating badly. So ingredients is really just cooked pasta (about 300-350g dry, I usually put in about 3/4 packet). White sauce was 50-60g butter melted, add 3 tbsp plain flour. Whisk plain flour into melted butter. Add in your milk and cream. I added a touch of grated nutmeg in this sauce and felt like Nigella... so fancy.

Ta Da finished
Nomming my Cheesey Pizza
D is nomming his cheesey pasta. The spinach was a no go zone.. but he asked for broccoli with his cheesey pasta. Who is this child?? We had to cook some broccoli just for him. And he ate it happily after that. Soooo... funnyyy.

Oooh yeah spread the cheese
On Sunday night, the boys wanted pizza. As they like making it together, they get their little table into the kitchen. Get some frozen pita bread, spread organic pasta sauce on and hold their hands out to catch grated cheese.

Get your ham on 
Pickles decided to help with the ham but was not keen on the cheese. He grabbed a handful of ham and then disappeared to eat it by himself. HAhahah this boy is smart!

Is it bad that after the boys went to sleep, I ran out and tried out a dodgy hole in the wall local fish and chip place? I basically shoved this crispy battered fried blue whiting into my mouth with enthusiasm. It was SO GOOD. I'm now upset that it has taken me 5 years of driving past this place to finally try it! While I was there, about 6 people walked in to order. Dammit.... I feel like the last one in the neighbourhood to find out about this dodgy place!

Merry Christmas to everyone! And as my weekend started at 2.30pm on Friday and technically it's Monday and still my weekend as I'm on holidays. I feel like I need a Stalk my weekend Part 2 as I actually did stuff today as well!!! 2012 had been a great year for me. And I honestly can't wait to see what's gonna happen in 2013.


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!!

    SSG xxx

    1. Stalking ya blog for updates!! Hurry up baby SSG.

  2. Happy Holidays!!! Have a wonderful break with your family hun. K xx

    1. You too! Happy holidays!! More hot bags please on your blog.

  3. yummmm that mac and cheese looks soooo good! I'll have to give it a try!

    merry christmas to you and mick and the boys ling! have a lovely holiday! x

    1. You too Rachel. Can't wait to see your NYE and Christmas outfit posts.

  4. Merry Christmas Mrs Pork Chop!

    See you on Thursday :)


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