Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OOOHHH Big boy now!

I never thought that I would ever see Daniel in this suit. It is so adorable... I had to take a picture for his dad on my phone. When I bought this suit I thought oh yeah that's huge he'll be alright in Summer - this year preferably. Took it out today and freaked out... omgggg it just fits!

I also took one with his foot with mine. One day they will be bigger than mine and I want to remember that they were indeed so tiny. I have forgotten how itty he was when he was born. LOL actually who am I fooling, he is still itty now.

Because he grew so much in Singapore - it must have been the heat! We had to move him out of his Miyo Baby and shift him to his own room. Sorry D, you are kicked out. I miss him talking to himself when he's awake and the sighing he does. But it is ok, I am sure that I will get over it.

So off to Ikea to buy the cheapest cot we could possibly find. This is D helping his Dad with Ikea instructions. It is so universal that even a 5 month old baby can figure it out.

Check him out in his new bed. He's like omggg I'm excited! And oh look I is behind bars! Time has definitely flown past really quickly. He is almost 6 months now and it is time to go back to work in the office. I wonder if I will miss this, I think that if I had a car I would have been enjoying it more. Oh well.. next update I will talk about my return to the pole world. I think I have been in there for too long.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The boy is a frequent flyer!

I am incredibly proud of myself! I have managed to bring the boy to Singapore on my own. I have to admit that on the day, I gave myself a panic attack. I had imagined the worst scenario possible - He would scream for 7 hours and I would not have anywhere to hide. I would be standing the entire time trying to calm him down and all the passengers will be giving me death stares!!

Lucky the boy cooperated, both to and from Singapore, he slept really well and was calm and charming the ladies as usual.

We spent 2 sweaty and humid weeks in Singapore. We were fortunate that the eczema did not flare up and we kept up the ointments and dermeze. The boy managed to charm lots of ladies on the trains in Singapore. I stupidly thought that it was too much baggage to travel with the orbit baby stroller. NEVER AGAIN, I cannot tell you how bad it was just to have a baby bjorn. Hot weather plus body contact is just not a good combination. It was constant yelling and screaming if he was in it for more than an hour.

So we made it back - all 3 of us. Myself, Pork Chop (Daniel) and his new friend Yong Yong the bear. This is a gift from Uncle Christopher! Check out Yong Yong, he's bigger than Pork Chop. LOL

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