Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I love Aldi: Vegetable Cannelloni

What Aldi say it looks like
After this one, I was ready to change the title to I don't love Aldi. I thought that frozen cannelloni is one of the safest things ever. I was wrong. If there is one post of my freezer meal reviews that will make you cringe, it is this one. I am cringing now as I relive this experience. You take the meal out of the pack, no need to pierce the film. 7 to 8 minutes later, the microwave dings at you. This is where it starts to go downhill.

Where's the cannelloni at?
My first thought was.. where the cannelloni at? It was a steaming and swimming bed of sauce. Ok fine... and what hits you first of all was the smell of sour-ish tomato sauce. Ok fine... Just cover it with white pepper and get back on the computer. Then it starts sliding even more downhill. You dig around to find 2 rolls of cannelloni. You cut one open and it's like ... what is this? And I lead you onto the next picture. As you usually know, I usually only take 2 pictures in my Aldi meal reviews. But you just have to see this.

Strange faux ricotta
What is that goop? Do they claim it is ricotta? Don't go there. Don't even start asking why I kept eating this. The pasta was tasteless, it was overwhelmed with tomato sauce. I don't know about you, but don't like overwhelmed tomato sauce in my pasta. No no no. There's also micro mini diced vegetables in the sauce. Yay bonus score! Now I want $4 back.

Price: No tick, this is not even worth $3.99. 
Appearance: Hells to the no.. I don't want sauce with a bit of pasta in it.
Taste: No, no no no no..  
Will buy again Factor: Don't go there sista.

P.S: This is not a paid post. I had shelled out $4 for my own meal... and now I want my money back.


  1. Bummer, dude.

    For what it's worth, Costco have a great vege cannelloni in their refrigerated section. It's a massive tray for around $12. Freezes well, enough for 4 adults at least plus leftovers.

    SSG xxx

    1. That sounds like a winner. I will buy that next time i'm in Costco.

    2. I also second the Costco cannelloni. It is the same brand they sell at Leo's in that first fridge cabinet you walk past as you enter but a lot cheaper at Costco! The lasagne is good too!

  2. I don't want to tell you what the first picture reminded me of - except maybe think of regurgitated food?! Blergh...

  3. Since I am now living a mostly gluten-free life, I had no genuine interest in the review... until I saw how awful it looked! I should take some of my lab's "toxic" stickers and attack this product next time I'm at Aldi as Public Service Announcement of sorts!

  4. OMG that looks FERAL!

    Why do you keep eating cardboard meals is my question? Entertainment value?

  5. I normally love Aldi but... eewwwww...


  7. That is one of the worst things I have ever seen.

  8. Haha. This was the first frozen meal I have ever eaten. I too thought it looked safe, but was sadly disappointed. Perhaps there is hope if I try something else


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