Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer Foods Dilemma

Every year at this time of the year I am stumped for dinner ideas. It is too hot, I cannot be bothered and no I do not like salads - I must be doing my salads wrong. Or maybe it's the cafes that keep trying to pass off undressed rocket as salad has killed my enthusiasm for it.
The boys do not eat salad and I do not blame them, Mama Ling doesn't like it herself. This is why I can never be on a diet... but anyway I digress yet again.

Today I went to the supermarket and got soup ingredients for Chicken and Vegetable soup. This is hardly summer foods! HELPPPP..... This is one of the reasons I miss Foxtel. But it was definitely not paying so much for the reruns of OLD crappy TV. I used to watch Lifestyle Food religiously and would be inspired somewhat by the cooking shows. This hot weather reminds me of a Nigella Lawson episode where she was cutting up watermelon. I cannot say that I am her fan, in fact I watch her and make fun of the double entenders and innuendos. Honestly this woman is the queen of it. If she claimed to be in 2nd place for it, nobody else will be able to claim the 1st prize!

Check out this video .. it had me in stitches. Skip to 5:40 where she is chopping up the watermelon. ... of course her mouth can accommodate!


  1. Your posts crack me up!!! I love Nigella's videos for the same reason you do :D

  2. Hahaha! Oh come on Nigella!!

    I'm not a salad person either, I would much rather whip a spicy Tom Yum soup or Laksa on a stinking hot day.

  3. She really isn't even trying to be subtle! Love her anyway.

  4. @MrsG that's awesome, I love Laksa so much.

    @Ms Jelena and @kel Nigella is a dirty dirty girl. HAHaha


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