Saturday, January 14, 2012

Casual Friday Outfit Post

Bear in mind that I spent a good 2.5 years wearing maternity wear. So I do not care if you think I'm vain or whatever. This post is about me and me.. Oh wait that's what my entire blog is about.

Officially casual Friday is once a month. And the sadness if you ever forgot it was casual Friday. There used to be lots of chatter about the office on the Thursday before casual Friday. OMG it's casual day tomorrow, don't forget! Unofficially, it started to become every other Thursday, the 2nd and last Friday of the month. When there's a 5 Friday month, you get a bonus thrown in for good measure. Then a certain department that is suppose to adhere to policies decided it was EVERY Friday. We had stuck to every other as every Friday can sometimes degenerate to clubbing outfit Friday.

Jeans was always an issue for me when I was pregnant. The bloody things did not stay up and I would be constantly pulling them up every other step. I cannot tell you how much I love my old jeans. Yeap I am still wearing my old jeans, actually everything that I am wearing is pre-babies. Armani Exchange jacket, Diesel jeans and good old cheapie Valleygirl hot pink top. Love rummaging through Valleygirl.

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