Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day Breakfast

A "we will have an early night" turned into laughing at YouTube videos and reliving my youth through 90s rock videos until midnight! Remember this song?

Damn they had good hair in the 90s. This is pre-GHD y'all. So Australia Day morning we were like this - sad face cat.

We had no eggs in the house so decided to go out for breakfast. The plan was Miss Marie cafe in Rosanna and then Doncaster Westfield. Yayyyy.. Since we bought the Nespresso, we have not gone out for breakfast or had take away coffees on the weekends.

So this is what I had. Corn fritters and smoked salmon. Mick had the big breakfast and the boys shared butter and vegemite sourdough toast.

Lucky we got there before the pram brigade. This place is always busy and everyone seems to know each other.

Another plus, we managed to hit Doncaster Westfield before the parking went nutty. We went into Daiso. Aka land of little cute things and before you know it you have spent $20-something dollars! The funny thing is I saw another family who was at Miss Marie earlier at Doncaster. This must be the ritual for families!

Happy Australia Day aka a great excuse to have a public holiday. :)


  1. Love Miss Marie! I'm going to try the corn fritters and smoked salmon next time.

    1. I know! It is alwayssss busyyyyy... And cool kids go there! I think I was in tears when this cafe opened. I was so happy!

  2. Yum this looks good! I had no bread in the house this morning so I ate a meat pie! hahaha ;)

    1. AAHAHAHAH Meat pie :) Lovesss it. My suburb had nothing for ages so when this opened. I thought my goddddd, i can cry.

  3. Yum this looks good! I had no bread in the house this morning so I ate a meat pie! hahaha ;)

  4. I hadn't been to Doncaster for ages and went a few weeks ago with a girlfriend.
    It's bloody HUGE! Great though!


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