Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poofy skirt makes climbing out of cars hard!

I have been digging around my wardrobe for things to sell on eBay. But really, I am not sure why I bother! I hate waiting and listing and writing descriptions for not much payback.

Anyway, as I was rummaging I found things that I have not touched or worn in like mmmm 5 years!!! What a disgrace! And I had one of those lightbulb moments where I go. Oh wait yeah right, I do have one of those skirts. Where did that skirt go to? Rummage some more ….

So this golden beigey skirt was one of them. I bought this in G2000 Singapore Raffles City. Just swanning downstairs from our Singapore office … as you do when in Singapore. Eat and shop at our lunch times! The thing about Singapore shops and restaurants is totally awesome is affiliation with credit card companies. G2000 (well back then!) had a promotion with American Express cards. You get a certain discount when you purchase with a AMEX card. Bear in mind I cannot even use this card in Australia without having to pay a surcharge! I was keen to get a shopping with this!

It was a random purchase where I thought I would get something that I do not normally get. So poofy golden skirt it was! Poofy with no split and the hem slightly narrow .. oh great.

I put it on this morning and was running late to drop the boys off at daycare (story of my life). I had my handbag (Miu Miu today by the way) and my laptop bag (story of my life again). Door wide open, threw my bag in and then tried to climb in. Bam… got stuck! :P I could not climb into the car the usual way – unladylike one leg into the car first.

Got to daycare, car door wide open trying to get out. Bam legs are stuck together. Damn… it!


  1. Replies
    1. :O shocking and ashamed now, need to practice girly get in car method.

  2. under-estimated your lunge, lmao! not very ladylike at all ;p

    1. Poofy skirt is very restrictive. Do not like poofy skirt.. I was stuck with legs out open like a dog trying to pee but can't quite get there!

  3. Say what you like, it's a Good Skirt.

    SSG xxx


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