Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have not done a nail post ever! Like ever! I think that Instagram and Twitter has made me jump back into the nail polish wearing cool crowd. That and ermmm discovering cheap OPI is also a plus!

When I was in high school, I used to paint my nails on the Friday and have coloured nails on the weekend. I had Hard Candy nail polishes and I also wore the plastic matching rings that the bottles came with. Hard Candy back in my day was not a Walmart cheapie that it is now. It was about USD$10-ish but bear in mind the USD was strong in those days. It would retail for about $27 or the like. For a teenager, this was a lot of money! But I went to the Hard Candy nail polish stand to get my eyebrows done and I would sometimes get a new colour. I would have the most outrageous nail colours. Blue glitter, dark green like a Christmas tree colour, bright shimmer reds. My mum did not mind this and I think that was my way of being unusual. She would often bring fashion magazines that were from the US home for me. And they were spectacular. Through those magazines, I discovered Urban Decay! Yes kids, I was COOL! I had midnight cowboy eyeshadow before many of you even knew what eyeshadow was. It was packed full of glitter in those days and I have to say that today's version is not the same.

Anyway, so this is my OPI haul from the first order.

Pink Friday - Nicky whatshername collection
Guy meets Gal-veston - Texas collection
Suzi sells sushi by the seashore - can someone tell me who is this Suzi?
Strawberry margarita

Oh I am wearing Pink Friday and you will just have to take my word for it. Because I will not take a CLAW picture of myself. LOL


  1. I think there is a whole range of Suzi colours (whoever she is?) Like I said on twitter suzi sells sushi is my fave! I think my Mum stole it off me... are you going to so swatches? am I asking too much? Lol. x

  2. I know right.. who is Suzi! mmmm Suzi also takes the wheel in Touring America collection. Suzi must go everywhere! Jealous.

    I have Pink Friday on, I suppose i should like totes take an obligatory CLAW picture. HAHAHA

  3. Yes, do the CLAW picture!

  4. YAY! Nail polish hauls make me happy.


  5. Nice picks! Don't know who Suzi is, but she's obviously very important! I've got suzi says feng shui from Hong Kong collection, and then there's also suzi says da, suzi loves Sydney...

    You caved in with the CLAW :D :D :D 

  6. I googled and guess what I found:

    Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is the Executive VP & Artistic Director of OPI Products Inc 

    Mystery solved :D

  7. HAHAHA Lucky Suzi! Suzi gets to travel everywhere!


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