Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mandatory CLAW!

Because you asked for it and I am laughing my head off at CLAW comments. All these pictures were taken in the sunlight except for the clawing of the lime tree and with my lousy iPhone 3GS.

This is probably not good for my hand modeling career launch. Check me out clawing at my lime tree! It is claw-able.

And do not judge me for my toes and feet. I have used Guy meets Gal-veston on my paws.

Plus some more non-clawing of mah hand. Oh look I am patting the grass!


  1. Woohoo claw's out!
    That is such a bright pink Ling hehehehee
    I feel like painting my nails in a bright colour too now, mine are boring black.

  2. Ya know when I saw the bottle I thought oh umm.. oh dear this is too baby for me. I am not a lamb anymore, I'm mutton. But I thought heck I'll try it. When it is on, it sort of blends in with my skintone! Change it! Take off the black.

  3. THE CLAWWWWW!! HAHAHAHAHA..... Looks good, I like the grass patting one :)

  4. I love the colour on your fingernails! Just gorgeous.
    On another note - nothing wrong with iPhone camera pictures. A lot of my favourite blogs only feature iPhone camera photos :)


  5. Anytime! I am laughing at myself too!

  6. It is so much easier to move pictures across isn't it! I can't wait to get my mitts on the 4S. :)

  7. Ya like? Pats grass, grass has been good. Hhahha

  8. haha loving the claw action, and that colour is cute! 
    I've tagged you in this blog challenge if you are interested xx

  9. Loving the clawww!! You've been tagged!!! Feel free to participate, but you don't have to :)


  10. lol the claw, hilarious!. Love the pink nail polish. I'm unco and I can never apply the nail polish on so smoothly. Any advice? lol might sound silly but i constantly get bubbles.

  11. Ok flashback to my teenage years. I used to get bubbles when the coat that i was painting on was too thick. You need to get the right amount to coat properly if that makes sense. 


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