Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spaghetti Bolognese random style

I have lusted for a Le Creuset for years. It is very sad to confess this. 1) I confessed that I am lusting for COOKWARE. 2) It is about I don't know $200-300 and I still have not bought one. Of course you cannot go past Aldi without going through the middle section. What I call the Aldi aisle of junk that you cannot resist buying. There was a lovely Aldi copy version for less than $30. Holler - I am in. Thank goodness we have a trolley this time.

The first thing I cooked was bolognese sauce as I thought it was perfect for it. It browned the onions very well and created a fantastic caramelised base for the sauce. Simmered really nicely and it looked fantastic.

My problem with bolognese is I do it in random fashion. A bit of this and that and sometimes I forget what I had put in the last and the yummiest version as I splashed the wine in randomly and chucked celery salt in it for whatever reason. Oh that looked quite right .. I think... or I think I will use up the rest of this milk! Now I am not able to recreate that fantastic version that I had the other day.

Things that I randomly chuck in - if I have it on hand.

1/2 kg of mince beef
1/2 kg of veal
Red Wine
Beef stock cubes
3 tins of diced tomatoes
Bay Leaves
Carrots - sometimes I grate it at the end
Celery salt

At this point in time that's all that I can remember! I am going to have to edit this later when I remember something else!


  1. Whoa, I don't even put half of your ingredients into my bolognese... I probably should though since mine tastes very bleh. Hehe.

    Never thought to put milk in mine either heehee

  2. My Aunty has the entire Le Creuset range, and when I was living with her in England cooking was IMPOSSIBLE!

    "No, don't use those tongs on my pot!"
    "No, don't stir so hard!"
    "No, don't! You're going to scratch it!"
    "No, don't scrub so hard!"

    They're great though, although my mum has a cheaper alternative which seems to do the job!

  3. I knew I forgot something.. I forgot Bacon.. Mmmm baconnnn....

    xoCatox - Omg what's the point of having them? You cannot use tongs on them. LOL. :)

    Cynthia - the problem with this is inconsistency. I cannot follow a recipe for this! Never can!

  4. Oh, yum!
    I never thought about popping milk in either, but its seems to have worked in yours. Actually- good idea, I think bolognaise is in order for tea tonight!

  5. The ingredients were inspired from googling Heston's perfect bolognese. There are 300 million versions of bolognese it's amazing!

  6. Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh I love spag bol!! Have you tried putting Star Anise in it? I literally cannon have it without Star Anise now... there is a recipe on my blog for it :) :) :)

  7. Nice one Mez.. That's a great suggestion. Thank you!! I do think that Heston uses star anise and cinnamon. I will have to find his The perfect bolognese recipe again.

  8. He does! He does!!! That's the recipe that Hamish adapted.. then I adapted it again to make it easier because I can't be bothered cutting up celery and carrot haahahaha... Hamish's version of Heston's is on my bloggy :) :) :)

  9. I love a good spag bol.  It tastes better when you cook it in a red pot, I reckon.

    SSG xxx

  10. Red cars go faster and red pots cook better. :)


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