Sunday, January 22, 2012

Costco 2012 - Again I am ripped off

This happened to me last time as well and I am starting to feel like i'm a bit of a hawk at the cashier. I watch them scan my items like a crazy woman. Last time I was there, they overcharged me by scanning something twice. I picked it up immediately as I looked at the receipt not believing that I had spent $300 with half a trolley.

Yesterday I had sour face Russell who was my cashier. He scanned that I bought 3 of an item but it was only 2 that I took. I know it is $4.30 but still... I rang them and they said the next time I am there to tell them what happened and I will get a refund. Took me a little while whether I should call them or not as I thought they would not believe me. The reason I did not check the receipt before I left was because I had a trolley load of items and it was not the $400 that I expected to pay. Oh well, that will teach me.

So after whinging about Costco about $4.30, what do I do? Jump on NAP and start browsing of course. Look at that clutch!! Do not buy it people, I want it!

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  1. I've only recently started complaining when I get overcharged. I felt bad about it, but it's my money after all!
    OMG that clutch is so so so so amazing! 


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