Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outfit Hall of Shame

I keep stumbling on such gems on ASOS that I just had to post this. Please be sharing some of your outfit hall of shame. But seriously if you can pull off these looks, more powahhh to you so please don't be sending hate comments.

What is that? And where would you wear that to? Please enlighten me.

This is just million times of Gold. Gold... like ya know if you want to star as a Bond Girl.

Excuse me while I'm channeling the Hamburglar... And why? Really just why?

Because I really want my crotch at my ankles... mega happy pants to infinity to you too. And at a price tag of 600GBP it's my party and I'll wear rainbow happy pants if I wanted to!

Yes ... I love ugly is an apt name. Is this so that the diaper fits under the pants? Like Bonds Roomies Pants for BABIES!

I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed doing this post.


  1. hahaha I enjoyed reading this post!!! :))))))

  2. Wow 600 pounds for the clown suit? Mad hahaha

  3. Ha ha hamburglar that's awesome and 600 pounds for the privilege. Oh dear. That post is the best fashion post I've read in months.

  4. bahaha!! i wonder about some of those outfits on there too! loved this post!

  5. It's absolutely fantastic! A treasure trove of WHAT IS THAT and so easy to stumble around blindly to find them.

  6. Oh dear god, its almost as much fun as!
    That gold suit thing is ghastly!


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