Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shoe Hall of Shame

After outfits, comes the shoes. Again if you do not agree with me, just close the window and walk away. Do not hurt a woman for having an opinion.

I am sorry Pleaser, yes I know that you manufacture stripper shoes. And you are currently branching out and trying to get into the glamour, burlesque and pinup market. But there is no excuse for creating a shoe called Swan. This shoe should be called Duck, it rhymes with Fug.

Yes Jimmy Choo, we all choos you but no I do not want to look like an Amazonian woman that pulled on some heels and stomped through a chicken coop. It is no coincidence that this was on sale for ages in NAP and there was ample stock in every size available.

Many years ago, when I started pole dancing. THE look was leg warmers over your high heeled sneaker runners. Yes, runners with high heels. Thank gawd this look has died. I am a hard core stripper style pole dancer. I favour 6inch heels over barefoot. There you can shoot me now. Thankfully this has died out ... for another 5 years maybe!


  1. lol this is so funny!!! I once saw a shoe that was cork material all over.It was sooo ugly that it hurt my eyes - i almost died!!

    1. DEAR GOD i need to see this CORK shoe! Let me google!

    2. Why can't I post my own comment! Why must I settle with replying to a reply that's not my comment to begin with! LOL.

  2. mallhaciel, that's disgusting! I wonder if anyone bought them! Apologies to all who have and are reading this comment :p

  3. Nothing like a bit of shoe porn on a Sunday morning...

    SSG xxx

  4. Oh dear... these are *cough* interesting.

  5.  So hawt right now! I think that the sneaker heels are making a comeback though. ICK!


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