Sunday, January 8, 2012


Everyday should be ChaTime in my books. There is a new ChaTime open in a mall that I usually go to.
Stalkers of mine should know where. LOL!

But seriously I have been waiting for this place to open for ages! Also dangerously close to my office, there is a new outlet that shares the Academic General book store. I have heard of people in Sydney raving about this bubble tea place. So I spoke to the manager who was serving me that day. She said you can customise the sweetness as they do not use powder for bubble tea. They use fruit juices and add the sugar syrup at the end. Ok I have to say I cannot go back to Bubble Cup now, that stuff is just no no. And I pretty much almost cried when MoMo Bubble tea closed down in Box HIll as it was SO GOOD! I ordered the Matcha Green tea with red beans. Even Mick that does not like red beans loved it!

Unfortunately D hated it and said it was yucky. Stuck his tongue out and said no Mummy. I think the matcha was a little strong for him! I love this stuff.. Dangerous! I think I might be addicted.


  1. I love bubble tea!!! SOOOO GOOD!!

  2. They can be addictive that's for sure. Good to know that you can vary the amount of sugar - the excessive sweetness is one reason I avoid bubble tea in general.

  3. Yes they said that you can have it 50%, 30% or no sugar at all to your taste. I was fine with their normal amount of sweetness so did not modify. I only asked for my mum as she hates bubble tea for that reason :)

  4. I think I have a ChaTime next to my work! On Elizabeth St, I might try the Matcha Green Tea. Is it healthy???  

  5. Everyday should be Cha-Day. I saw them making it using matcha powder and hot water. I think that's as good as it gets with bubble teas! 

  6. Omg Em thanks for putting ChaTime in my head! 


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