Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't judge: It's my fast and easy!

As you know.. or even if you do not. I do not buy packet mix, instant sauces and try to cook from scratch if I can. This includes cake mixes, Japanese curry, Indian curry (I have greatly improved in this area!)

But when it is just me and I am trying to get a quick lunch at home in between work, I am looking for fast and easy. Not fast and yummy. I bought my first frozen meal ever the other day! I can see your eyes rolling there! :P Hey unlike Light n' Easy, I do not pretend that my date will enjoy eating this.

So this is what McCain says my frozen meal should look like.

Tear it out of the box, pierce two areas with a fork. 7 and a half minutes on high in the nuker later. This is what I got. .... Appearance wise. mmmm.. I do not have high expectations for a frozen meal so this is passable. Well except for the pock marked mash. It is passable I guess! Excuse the steam flooding my camera lens.

Taste wise.. It is not bad. But really it is just steamed peas and sliced carrots. The main bit which is the veal. Actually ... what am I eating again? Lamb? The patty was ok to be honest. The crumb is passable. The lamb patty is actually minced so lord knows what is in it. I adopt the I am eating Chinese takeaway principle - Do not ask, do not look, just eat.

I think I might save my $5 next time and just have pasta with jar sauce!


  1. Love it - your Chinese takeaway principle, I mean.

    SSG xxx

    1. Chinese takeaway principle ... is my number one rule. Do not LOOK!
      DO NOT.

  2. hahah, love the Chinese takeaway principle :D
    I've never bought a frozen meal before, but some of my colleagues eat them almost every day...


    1. OMG REALLY! That is awful. I can't even eat this tomorrow (2 days in a row). ....Is it a cost factor?

  3. From a distance, the mash potato can pass for molecular gastronomy foam....from a distance haahaha


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