Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Target Baby's First and Giveaway

First of all let me start by saying. No I am not pregnant, and no I am not Posh Becks and do not intend to keep going back for a girl. 2 boys, outnumbered in the house, that's fine with me. I have said this many times and I will say it again. If I had a girl I will be bankrupt. There is always too many cute things for girls out there. So my money is safe where it is now - in a Chanel bag slush fund for Mama Ling. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to Target's Baby's First event. It was fun central being surrounded by onesies (I call them onesies you call them rompers.. sames sames), little blankets that Target has managed to make look handmade yet at the same time consistent in quality.

Grey is the new Green
The above picture was the display that I really liked. Grey is like SO HAWT right now. It is the new yellow and green that we used to buy when you did not know the gender of what you are expecting. I of course had to find out the gender. I would have died if I didn't. So I knew I was having boys both times. Of course I believed deep down that they were wrong and Pickles would be a girl.... no luck there.

Girls bedroom anyone?
Check out the blanket on the left. This is the blanket that I was talking about prior. It was made to look hand quilted like a heirloom piece. Which is difficult because Target requires consistency in each and every piece sold across the nation. When this blanket is unfolded, the other side had a cute pattern as a floor rug for baby to play on ... I used to lie D on the floor a lot while I did my household chores. That little boy was always content to be by himself. Pickles my little demanding one not so much. LOL! See those little wraps on the right under the squishy square toy? Yeah here is a closeup.

Paris anyone?
How cute is the Paris theme on that top one? No, not Paris Hilton! Paris France. As I said, I am lucky that I do not have a little girl .... $$$$$$$$ And trust me when I say that the cottony stretch ones are easier to bundle up and wrap tightly. Wrap the little sausages rolls up expecting mothers. Listen to Mama Ling.

Boys Room theme Mobile
Hungry Caterpillar theme! 
I tweeted that above picture and the response was great. I think this is another great range in the Target collection for gender neutral items. We need MORE of these please. They were people replying on my Instagram photo that they were running out to get them. I have seen them in real life instore as well and they look mighty fine. Run don't wok. 

I will take one in Adult Size 8 kthxbai
Girls fashion is very much Mini-Me. The more successful stores that stock childrens and baby outfits are doing this and doing it very well. Check out that jacket. Can I please have that in size 8? It's not asking that much! It is just a little bit bigger.

Leopard tights people!! 
Those above 2 pictures are a set. Yeap you can have leopard prints and a tutu skirt too. You see what I mean by I would be bankrupt? I don't normally 'dig' leopard prints. But HOW CUTE THIS THAT! The event only exhibited clothes up to 24months. Get into Target and get the basic range. Cute tshirts and leggings for daycare is exactly what you need!

The things you do to your youngest Child
Target kindly gave me a goodie bag when I left. As you can tell, we put it to good use by dressing up Pickles with it. How cute is that bib? Pickles is wearing a size 000 singlet as headgear. It is totally the done thing these days people. Get that fashion going.

Target has also provided me with a $40 giftcard to give away to one of you lucky readers. YAYYYY $40 goes a long way in Target people. Listen to me you want this! 

To WIN: Email me at and tell me what you would purchase for a gift to a friend or family who is expecting a new baby but you do not know what gender the baby is. Competition closes on the 8th of March midnight Melbourne time. 

Conditions: Open to Australian residents only, decisions are final and judged by myself. The winner has a week to respond to my email for their mailing address for the prize. 


  1. Bahaha love your disclaimer at the start. Shame I'm not having a baby anytime soon!

    1. Well.. because when I posted pics on FB. People thought I was pregnant. Wash your mouth out with soap is my usual response. LOL

      Never too early to start collecting I mean hoarding. ;)

  2. Awww Pickles!! I am completely lusting over that Paris print wrap, going to buy it for my glory box along with the rest of the baby stuff I have accumulated ;P

  3. Haha, love the headgear on Pickles.

    Those Hungry Caterpillar outfits are so cute, I may or may not have bought a couple before we found out the sex... and after... I just like the Hungry Caterpillar. Part of me is hoping for more book-themed outfits, but no other books seem popular enough to have this.

    1. Hungry caterpillar range was great! Did you see a jack in the box? It's so cute!

    2. I have seen it, but it was wrapped in plastic, so I couldn't play with it.

    3. Ok, it's really cool. You turn the handle and a song plays. I think it was pop goes the weasel (i can't remember). Then pop the caterpillar jumps out. Hehheheh...

  4. Okay i wish I didn't see this! My niece is going to be super spoilted with gifts you posted tsktsk :D

  5. Aw, poor Pickles, lol...I hope that little 'beanie' doesn't scar him for life, hehe.

    I loved this, they have such gorgeous things, don't you think?

    I was secretly hoping my cousin would have a baby girl, but no, they had to go have a(nother) boy! The girl clothes are expensive but oh-so-cute!

    I've entered, thanks for a great competition!


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