Monday, March 4, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Bundoora Market Smoked Salmon Cakes

What an action packed weekend. Mick has fully recovered and has mended very well with no thanks to me because I was my usual unsympathetic horrible wife. This is where people think I am exaggerating but I am not. If Mick would would guest blog, you will find out just how mean I am LOL. It was Saturday and strangely we had no visitors and nothing planned (WHAT!). Mick said to find a market to go to as we seemed to have dropped off the market circuit. There were not one but TWO on Saturday. Westerfolds and Bundoora was running last Saturday. So we headed to the Bundoora market as memory serves me well, they have a killer pie shop there. You would think I would remember the name of it. I can only remember Gum something so I will have to get back to you on this.

How exciting!

Home Made Peanut Butter WIN
We walked in and saw some chickens in a cage. The lady was trying to get them out of hiding as D and L were trying to take a peek at them. One escaped and I pretty much freaked out. Do not ask why I have an irrational fear of things in feathers. I think it started with the movie Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. I just cannot deal with them. I freak and I run. Watch me scream like a crazy woman - well more crazy than I normally am. Had to usher the boys along quickly so I spotted Home Made Peanut Butter. Oh yes!! Hellooooo, they basically ran to get some to taste. This is the first market that I have seen peanut butter in. Yes.. Winning.
Mexican inspired Icy Poles
Bundoora Market always has good food stalls. This time we found an indian Dosa store that sold Masala Dosa. You can also have it plain, with mashed egg or with Chicken. The pictures did not do it justice so I will spare you. Seriously ... try it! Another new store I found was the Mexican inspired Icy Poles. We bought strawberry and orange flavour. I wished I could tell you more about it but the boys ate it and I had about 2 licks. They cater to parties as well and is called Paletas Hand Crafted Ice Pops. Mental note for next birthday party!! 
Giant Punnet of Strawberries
I think strawberries are going out of season. This batch was a little sour but they are perfect for what we wanted to make with them.. yummy strawberry ice cream. Salivates. This giant punnet of strawberries and a bag of apples were $10. I love concepts where you can mix strawberries, pears and apples and pay a reduced price if you buy 2.

Cinch's Chicken Run
This is Cinch Personal Training's chicken run which is outside their Personal Training circuit and gym. I had to get the boys to leave the market by promising that we would go see the chickens near us. This is Pickles waving Hi to one of them. We had to explain that they did not like the heat and is probably hiding, but they kept complaining that there were no chooks. This is probably as close as I will get to any live feathered animal. The fence is keeping me safe from beak attacks. LOL!

Mash it Good

Panko crumbed goodness

Deep Fried Goodness
In my attempt to use up a giant packet of smoked salmon from Costco. I asked Twitter what I should make. Home Empress said to make salmon cakes. OHHHH YESSSS... I used this recipe and skipped the herb creme fraiche. We are totally unsophisticated with fried foods. Just shove them in my mouth, no sauce required here. Far out, this is a keeper. I think I would probably add herbs into the pattie next time. But it was not hard to make these. The annoying thing about crumbing is I mess up the one hand wet, one hand dry system. I always end up with crumbed egg fingers on both hands. Panko is definitely a winner and lord knows why breadcrumbs still exist for fried foods. Gimme panko on everything. 

This way is home
This is D showing Pickles which way is home. I told them to hold hands and head home as I parked infront of the neighbour's house. I was doing the sneaky snake park my car under the shade of their tree thing. How adorable! Melts. 


  1. What a fab foodie weekend.

    SSG xxx

    1. Love the old market circuits. I need to get back into it!
      But gosh we spend heaps!

  2. The picture of your boys holding hands is gorgeous. I love it when children are loving towards their siblings. My girls can fight like crazy about who gets which you etc, but as soon as big sister is going to kinder both girls are embracing and declaring how much they will miss each
    Other (during their whole 4 hours apart), soo cute!

    1. How cuteeee right? And then after that.. bam back to fighting!

  3. Replies
    1. He said that Pickles is his best friend. Very adorable.

  4. Whole egg mayo is the real deal. None of this fluffy fat free stuff. Gimme Panko things!!! Stealing this recipe now.

    1. That's right.. whole egg mayo only!
      And no i'm not gonna make my own mayo either (lazy).
      So easy this recipe.

  5. The boys are so freaking gorgeous!
    So much food.. :D all looks so so good x

    1. So many pies now in the fridge.. need to do a pie party!

  6. Gosh, this post just made me REALLY hungry~! I'm now dying to get to that market. Plus, I just had a LOL moment at the thought of you scurrying along screaming, being chased by random chickens. :P

    Those salmon cakes look amazing,I want to come over next time you make some, pretty please? :D

    And that photo of the boys at the, too sweet. *melts along with you*

  7. You have no idea!! There is actually a video of me filmed by Mick doing this and SCREAMING as I was at this park with a small lake thing and these ducks and other feathered animals started waddling towards me. HE DID NOTHING! BUT LAUGHED!


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