Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Haircuts, Ice Cream and Scones

Phew.. what a jam packed weekend. I'm sorry that Stalk my Weekend is so late in the week. Wait till you hear what happened in Stalk my lousy Monday morning and you will forgive me. I had yum cha with the ladies on Saturday and honestly I didn't take pics. ROFL I had a FOTD picture but it was plastered on my Facebook wall. In the interest of not repeating things and boring you. I have left the picture out. You can stalk my Facebook page instead. Don't forget to likey as I'm feeling unloved. Y'all still love me right?

After yum cha, I ran to meet Mick and the boys in Fitzroy as Mick was having his haircut. The girls proceeded to spend heaps of money at Daiso. Thankfully I already did my Daiso raid of random things on Wednesday. Yay to that! Boys playing with random animals that Jamie somehow has at his studio. After Mick was finished, D said he likes his hair. Nawwww sweet boy.

Bolton Street Chicken
Sunday was jam packed for us as the boys started swimming. WOOHOO!! Thank goodness! We has swimming again! Bought D and Pickles their swimming caps. Gosh, why didn't anyone tell my Mum that fabric swimming caps existed? As a treat, I went to get chicken, chips and salad for lunch at my favourite chicken place. Bolton Street Chicken! It's not exactly close to me, there's probably 15 chicken shops that are closer but gosh.. this is the best! I cannot stand looking at the sad, creamy weird salads sitting in the fridges of other chicken shops.

Fairy Hills Ice Cream
I have been driving past this pretty ice cream shop for months since I started going a roundabout way with the boys after their daycare pickup. D calls this roundabout way the "lost way" because I kept getting lost at the start. LOL.. it is now called sneaky way. So after their rest from swimming, I packed them in the car by myself - I hardly ever do this - as Mick was going to the tip. Such a cute shop! Prices are $4 for one scoop, $5 for two scoops and $6 for three scoops. I bought strawberry and chocolate for the boys.

Baby Chairs or Mummy Chairs?
They also serve coffees, soft serve frozen yoghurt, milkshakes and juices as well. If anyone is interested, they also have baby chairs. D asked if the baby chairs were for Pickles. I said no as Pickles can sit on the chair by himself. He then asked the lady behind the counter if the chair was for Mummy. Erm.. no, Mummy cannot fit in them.

D helping with scones

Oh hurro yummies

Action packed Sunday continues! D and Pickles helped Mick make lemonade scones. If anyone is interested in the recipe. We usually use Taste's recipe for lemonade scones. They are the easiest thing. Just ignore the sugar and cream/fat content. Just eat them ok!

McCormick Recipe Creations

Hurro Meat
If you are still awake... Hurro meat to you as well. I received this recipe creations pack from McCormick at a recent event. I thought this was a fantastic idea as I am sick of bottles of dried herbs and spices that are opened and used once for a one off recipe and never used again. I think I have cinnamon dated 2007 when we first moved into the house. Like s'rsly... Mick keeps telling me, it's fine, just use it.. But like eewwww, the cinnamon is older than D! The pack for Beef Brew and Herb Dumplings comes with the recipe at the back of the card. Each spice/herb that you require is already measured out in the pack. So we had this for dinner on Sunday night.. in between all that baking and ice cream. Mick managed to cook dinner as well. It was a brown and stir, then leave in the oven affair. How good is that?

If you haven't fallen asleep yet. I leave you with two roses from my garden. D and Pickles gave me those from our garden. The one at the bottom is the Jane McGrath rose and the beautifully fragrant one at the top is either The Mother's Love or The Children's Rose. I cannot remember!! I need to look at the label again!


  1. Can't wait for Stalk My Monday - just kidding! The scones look damn scrummy :)

    1. Stalk your Monday is up. I cannot believe I RAN!!

  2. Well, why can't mummy fit in the chair? :-p

    The scones look delish. E-mailing a recipe request now!

    1. Sent it back.
      Mummy might break the chair and fall on ass. LOL

  3. I want that cabinet in the first pic!! (or something similar) Ive been looking everywhere for one but some are ridiculously expensive!

    You have inspired me to cook something delicious tonight. That looks so YUM.

    As always, the boys are so adorable!

    - KK

    1. THEY ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE. That's my hair stylist's studio. Knowing him he probs found it when it was not popular and hip to own Eames furniture and got it off the side of the road or something!!

      Those recipe packs are great, you get a recipe and measured out spices that I would not normally have. I thought it was a smart product. Get the marinade in a bag, it's great too :)

  4. Replies
    1. It was indeedy.. but i wished that I had rice with it. Maybe it's a being Chinese thing. ROFL

  5. That Spice pack is genius! I will always have the 'staple' spices around, but this is a great idea for those you won't have at hand. I totally have a hankering for scones now, nom nom nom


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