Saturday, February 2, 2013

Empties Collective

Vita has been egging me to do an empties post. Empties post? I said that it will be a very long wait as I do not have a lot of products. I never know how people post empties monthly whereas I never seen to go through anything fast enough. I guess everyone isn't from the same line of genetics as me. My mum would always buy the biggest bottle of any product she can get hold of. It's more worth it lah, she will say. Why you buy the small perfume for? Only 50ml, anyway the airport say they don't have 50ml. Sure Mum, the Singapore Changi airport duty free shops did NOT have 50ml of both Narcisco Rodriguez and Stella McCartney? Thank you Mum. Just take it, do not argue. She will then proceed to bring out the 5 bottles of 1litre shower gels she brought with her for us. Mum: Australia here don't sell these big bottles one. Me: Ok... thanks Mum. Again just take it, do not argue.

Vita said just do a family empties as she would like to see what products the boys use as well. Then I realised that the problem with me was not so much that I did not have empties. I had to rescue this several products out of the bin to take pictures. You see, I had been throwing them out immediately. Yeap.. that's where I went wrong. 

Gardeners Hand Therapy
Mick asked if I could buy some more of his hand cream for him. He received this from a customer as a gift and had been using it most days. I can always tell when he has used this hand therapy cream. His hands feel softer and it feel somewhat like a 'protective' layer if you know what I mean. This is well and true empty by now. I asked him what brand this was as I did not look at it. He yells out.. Crab something.. Right.. It's Crabtree and Evelyn. LOL! Reordering this from Bath & Unwind site. AKA the stressful site, it's so filled with good stuff that I get overwhelmed and stressed. True story.

Dior Addict 554
Hurro my name is Ling and I am a Dior Addict. Where do I sign up? Seriously I am a Dior Addict. I cannot go back! I just cannottttt.. I love the sheer colours, I just do. Until recently I have been stuck in a vortex of sheer colours. But now I have Mac and I am more balanced now. But still... Sheerrrrr oh sheerrrr pink lipsticks. Come to Mama.

Korres White Tea EDT
Did you know that Korres made fragrances? Yeah like totes.. and I'm so with the times. This was bought from the Singapore ION Korres shop. I WENT ZOMG KORRES.. runs in. Tested this and thought oh yummyyyy.. Mick bought it for me and I think it was $50. Now I was in a mild state of panic half a year ago  about being close to using this up but I found Bath & Unwind while searching for Korres fragrances. I told you this site had everything and the kitchen sink! But I will not reorder for awhile as you can tell in the first paragraph. Mum bought me not 1 but 2 giant bottles of perfume recently.

Pact Colour Defence
My diva stylist formulated this for me when he put what he called Asian highlights in my hair. He was threatening to make me walk out with yellow hair. I don't know what percentage was what, but he started pumping conditioner and all these different coloured shampoos in this. As you can see, I am running veryyyy dangerously low and out. I haven't been able to book in with him until mid next month because we are both divas. Can you imagine? I am going to truly have Asian blonde hair! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

La Clinica Wash Gel and Cleaner
I had originally bought the Organic For Baby wash from La Clinica for the boys. But I ended up using it as well as I went through this phase of having itchy skin. I had to fish the facial cleanser out from the bin as I threw this out before I took a picture of it. The cleanser has been replaced by the anti-aging range. As you know from a previous post, I need them urgently. Whereas the body wash has been repurchased!


  1. Bahahahaha I remember rummaging through my bedroom and bathroom bins looking for empty bottles for a post.

    1. And you go ... oopsss why did I throw that out!!! DOH

  2. Why do people post empties? I don't get it.

    I like Dior lippies, I had one for my wedding but have now switched to the Nars pencil lipstick thingys as they stay on better. Are you a fan?

    1. Beauty bloggers do it because it shows readers what products have been used to empty stage. Then they talk about whether they will repurchase or if it is replaced by something else.

    2. I think you've summed it up pretty accurately Ling. I personally do it because I know I'm giving an honest review of a product when I've used it over time, and it's much more balanced and warts and all than when something is all 'shiny and new'.

  3. Now that I think about it, I think my throw my stuff out as soon as they finished as well. I also buy the biggest bottle you can find, I stand there calculating which one is more worth it lol.

  4. Well done on the empties! I don't go through products as much as I should, but then I normally just chuck them out straight away. :P

    I have heard that Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream is pretty good, must say I love all their hand creams but my faves have to be either Le Source or India Hicks. :)

  5. Great point of difference with the family empties - keep going!!!

  6. I love love love reading empties posts, and family empties are a great idea! Finished up Dior lippy, swooon. I think you should help me choose my first Dior lippy sometime soon?


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