Monday, February 25, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Frittata, Laksa Win, Aldi

I just realised that I have not done a Stalk my Weekend in a while. So I am back with a vengence.

I had Vita and another lady that I met from the boys' shortlived swimming lessons in Eltham come over on Saturday morning. I think Vita was really disciplined and only had a sliver of lemon cheesecake. It was my no bake Lemon Cheesecake that I keep making. You can prepare it in advance overnight and there is no baking and no gelatine involved. Have you had a whiff of gelatine powder after you add it to water. You don't want to if you have no idea what it smells like. Vita is doing 12WBT and I think she really wanted to chow down on that cheesecake. Props to you Vita! They left at 12 noon which is great timing.. This leaves me time to get to Laksa King. I just want to say that I discovered Laksa King years and years ago. Like in 2001 when it was a hole in the wall, anyone else remember what a dive it was?

D getting a little impatient
Chow down
So I decided that I would try to make Mick's lunches from now on instead of just yelling at him that he doesn't eat. The man is wasting away. So what do you make for someone that has to eat their lunch cold and not to knock sammiches but sammiches are kinda boring. I made a frittata. That's a first for me. I have eaten heaps of it but not made one. So this is what I made.

Gathering ingredients
Ingredients: Green Capsicum, 1 Tomato, 3 potatos (cubed and boiled), 1 middle rasher of bacon, 5 eggs, cream, parmesan grated, salt and pepper, herbs from the garden, pine nuts

Fry it up baby
I should have added onion or garlic but honestly it was too hot and who can think in this weather? I fried the ingredients (not the egg and cream of course) in a pan to cook the capsicum and bacon. I added pine nuts in at this point. But as the potato was not in the pan yet. I did not add enough. Mick said the piece he had for dinner didn't have any pinenuts. Oopsss...I seasoned in the frying pan and added some salt to the spuds as well when it was waiting to go in. Pour this cooked mixture into oven proof pan.

Ready to bake 
Beat the 5 eggs with cream, again season. Grated the parmesan in after cream was mixed in. Pour on top of the cooked ingredients and bake at 180 degrees C. 

DONE and PS I need Food Styling Training

Ta Da.. done after the top was browned. I think it took about 25minutes? But check it if you are cooking this. What I would change is add more pine nuts and more cheese. Plus the potatos had to be smaller in bite sized cubes.

Ok to Wake!
I did an Aldi run for some of the ingredients on Sunday. And I saw this. It's an Ok to Wake clock. You set the time that you want the kids to wake up and it turns bright green when it hits that time. I had promised D one earlier but hello you cannot beat $25! I have seen them for $40 plus on eBay. I hope it lasts longer than my rice cooker from Aldi. URGH...  It died and I cannot find the receipt!

I also need suggestions on what lunch items you can prepare in advance and eat cold.


  1. Replies
    1. Best thing is.. it works! They don't call out until the clock turns bright green!

  2. Quinoa with roast veggies!!

    My fiance is really hard to cater for as well. He is ok with sandwiches for lunch though.

    1. Quinoaaaaa .. but I don't want to deprive South American third world countries of their staple grains. LOL

      Ok i need to investigate Quinoa -> bit outdated in that sense.

  3. ZOMG!! Would so LOVE Laksa right now!!!

  4. Those rolled up savoury thingies. Not sure what it's called. You roll up the ingredients - cold cuts or salami type of stuff, some tomato paste (that's first), cheese all on a rolled out (store bought) pastry sheet. Then roll it up. And cut into I think 3 cm (just estimate). Put it in the over for I have no idea how long...20 mins? Then voila! You've got pinwheel savoury rolls! You can freeze these too. And take them out in the morning. It'll thaw by the time lunch rolls in. ;) Which...I think I need to make soon too! And mini quiches. That's easy to make and can be eated cold too.

    1. Pinwheels!!! Ahhhhh got it.
      Why didn't I think of that.

  5. Replies
    1. It was nommy. Will do again as it was so easy.

  6. I LOVE LAKSA!!!!
    We have to do a Laksa lunch in April!!!! At Laksa King! Come to my hood!

  7. Hi Ling- you can make your frittata in muffin trays - and even line them with a rasher of bacon and that is a yummo cold lunch treat. Sammiches are a bit dull, but wraps are quite exciting.


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