Friday, June 28, 2013

Lingy does Styling with Crossroads

I am always browsing workwear like jackets and work dresses online. I seem to only have two extremes. Work clothes or track pants and PJs! I desperately need a black jacket and black closed toe heels but I always get distracted by colourful work heels and seem to be drawn to a lot of blue suit jackets. These are my picks for a work day. What do you think?

I am not sure if it is my having an enabler Mum or because she used to work for a global and international brand that I expect clothes to be cheap. Well most of the times it was free back then! And we would only splash out (A LOT) on shoes and handbags. Because of that I cringe if I click on sale automatically if I am browsing for clothing. For handbags and shoes, never ever .. if it was on sale, it was a bonus. There is a reason why every Asian Louis Vuitton and Chanel has a queue outside, us Chinese we love the brands. 

If you know me at work and you are reading this, yes I wear Temt and Target to work. Bet you thought it was Cue. The blue studded detail top had caught my eye for some reason, but I am not sure on the sheer. Let me know if I look like mutton as lamb in this number, as you can tell from my latest Hall of shame post I have a anti-mesh stance. The military jacket is on the website for $30!! I was thinking to myself that I need a black jacket as most of mine are blue! 

I went to David Jones recently and tried on the Ferragamo Carla heels. Lucky I did as I found out that I am size 6.5 not 7 as I earlier thought. Another suddenly realisation that I do not have closed toe black shoes. I just got stuck into a peep-toe thing for many years ok! So this is on my next to buy list. Please Shopbop gimme a code soon kthxbai? The Miu Miu Bow bag that Mum gave me last year is still unused. Yes yes yes.. it's expensive ok I will use it! And the cute earrings are from Alannah Hill which you might likey too. Also comes with a pink centre.  

Let me know what you think and if you like the Lingy Style files! Hate it? Tell me and I'll go back to Claw pics! 

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  1. I'd wear Target too, if it fit me properly!!!!! I spent about $250 on Target skirts and had to chuck them all out cos they didn't fit me the way I liked, obvs not designed for petites like me.

    TEMT on the other hand (and Valleygirl) I love!! Sure a lot of their stuff die after two washes but there are some gems there.

    I also love Forcast, they have lovely blouses (in polyester I'm guessing, it's like faux-chiffon??) but who cares! It's $50 and I don't need to iron :)

    AND Portmans have great shirts (around$80 though) and their skirts come in 6, woo hoo!!!

    I don't care about brands any more :)


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