Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Parcels so far this week

It's been a good parcel week so far. I realise that we are only 2 full days into the week but I am excited and cannot wait to share what the mail stork delivered.

I have been stalking my mail delivery man for this parcel. It departed LA on about the 5/6th of June and I was like c'mon.. where is my parcel?! Pop Basic released a video for the Sherwood collection and the colour of the maxi skirt just made me want it. I really liked every piece in this collection so I ran and made a purchase once it was announced. Being used to zoning into the smallest size possible, I clicked the drop down menu and selected XS without looking at the measurements. It said ... "Out of Stock"... devastated I tweeted @pop_basic and said omg you are out of stock! M quickly replied and told me that she is normally a small and needed a medium. The medium skirt measured 29 inches. I grabbed my measuring tape out and measured my size 4 Country Road work pants. Damn vanity sizing, it's 28/29 inches. I had to swallow my pride and order Medium. The good news is, their sizing is small. The bad new is the sizing is small - depending on how you look at it LOL. So I am a Medium... back to pole dancing I need to go. The best thing about Pop Basic is that you know what you are getting, it is not a subscription box. USD$68 and includes first class mail shipping to Australia and the best thing is that M is always responsive on Twitter/Email etc if you need help. I am also happy to say that Medium first me well in length and waist. I even have space for some fried chicken.

On the same day, this little beauty arrived by courier. Say hello to the first Violet Box ever. Violet Box is a new skincare/makeup subscription box. Boxes start at $22.95 for one month. This was provided to me for a review which I will dig deeper into. But does anyone see the CK? It is a full size gloss eyecolour stick. Oooh yeah...

OPI Minnie Couture Collection
This is a goodie... OPI Minnie Couture collection! As you guys know I have an extensive range of pink nail polishes. Pink.. pink pink.. Minnie Couture is pink galore as well. So I requested the crimson red called Innie Minnie Mightie Bow (right) and Minnie Style (left). I'm kind of undecided about the glitter. Tell me what you think!

So folks, what do you want a detailed post of? Let me know! BTW I put disqus in and I guarantee that I cannot please everyone! Why can't there just be one of those commentluv plugins for blogger?


  1. Excitement! Love the look of your Pop Basic parcel.

    SSG xx

  2. Kay HermosaVogueJune 19, 2013 at 7:13 PM

    I LOVE THAT GLITTER OPI!! Perfect for Swans games :D

  3. The Made Up MaidenJune 20, 2013 at 1:15 AM

    Loving happy mail hauls!

    Really like the look of the Pop Basic subs but I dread buying clothes online, it's always a bit tough in terms of sizing, etc. To go from an xs to a medium is pretty big though!

    And love the look of the OPI, wish glitter wasn't such a pain to remove though!


  4. Oh I can't wait girl.. I need to put the skirt on and take a decent pic :)

  5. HAHAHHA I didn't even think of that!!!

  6. Yeap i agree.. but that was because in Australia I zone in on the smallest size that they make. The problem is they do big ass vanity sizing here. The good news is that Pop Basic will respond via Twitter asap even with the time zone difference. :) And measurements are in inches and cm. Once i measured my work pants i had to eat my words.. LOL

  7. love the look of the necklace in the pop basic pic


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