Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Food, Food, Sleep, Food

Ok seriously I don't even know what to write in Stalk my Weekend. All I did was eat, sleep, eat and sleep. Rinse and repeat. I felt so guilty I spent most of Saturday afternoon asleep and left Mick with the boys. On Sunday we made a caramel slice.. then back to snoozing. Is there some bug going around that I had? The sleepy bug! Either that or I was recovering from my rowing outing last week!

We went to not one but two places on Saturday to eat. My reviews will be coming up shortly in separate posts. Yum yum is all that I can say. So in the meantime how about a sneak preview of where we went for you stalkers out there. LOL

This is Pickles eating spicy chipotle popcorn.. he insisted on having some even though he knew it was spicy. Then yells out water water, he drank his water and then proceeded to reach for more. He just loves popcorn too much!

Omg we stay cute for the camera with Daddy
Where exactly were we? Well here's a clue! Luna Park is very close to this American style diner. And seriously why is it that the boys will only stay cute for pictures when they are with Mick? If you were following me on Facebook you would have already managed to stalk us on Saturday. So get onto it.. Like mah Facebook page.

Melbourne Convention Centre

Super cool looking bar
We went to South Wharf on Saturday. So those of you who follow me on Instagram would already know where we went. Yeah I know you stalk me there as well! :) The restaurant was too cool for me, I felt like a complete dag who spent the entire afternoon asleep.. oh wait I did sleep the entire afternoon. 

So really I give you hardly anything in this post. What to do to compensate you for it. Check out my one time only special. A stalk my midweek nom feature. A special mention to Operator 25 which is on Wills Street. It is off La Trobe Street between Queen and William street. How good can a pork burger be? Juicy pork pieces with this amazing yummy slaw in the soft brioche bun AND to top it off, boom the best sweet potato fries ever. I cannot eat sweet potato any other way now. Just the name of the burger is just so fancy. Suckling pig burger, yeah I would have 2 of that please. 

Oh.. i'm hungry now
So this puts an end to people telling me, oh you do so much with the kids on weekends. No actually we don't! Don't forget to come back and stalk my noms! 


  1. Luna park! I haven't been for ages hehe I use to beg my parents to take me but now lol I never go hehe when is it even open? Only on weekeends? :)

    1. Luna Park! Did you ride the roller coaster?
      Oh man I have no idea when they are open to be honest. I actually went one Saturday night and rode on the roller coaster with my friends. LOL

  2. I spent most of my Saturday sleeping as well!!!! Woke up at 8am for kettlebells, had brekky, got home at 3pm and snooozed till 7pm, ate dinner, then fell back asleep!!!! I was wondering too if there was a bug or if it's the weather or if i'm just plain lazy!

    1. I have no idea but I don't think i recovered.. I blame hibernation. My body knew it was winter!


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