Monday, June 17, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Lorne Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of those places that every fresh off the plane person visits. I don't know what makes a bunch of crazy Singaporeans fellow FoP (Fresh off Planes) believe that we are totes gungho and can drive up and down this road. I still remember the excitement when I saw the waves on the beach. Like ZOMG it's real waves. When Lastminute was publicising Great Ocean road sales, I had a look and finally booked something. My holiday booking is like my online shopping. I browse a lot, I add to cart and then close the window. But not this time! The boys have never been to Great Ocean Road and Mick said he doesn't even remember seeing the 12 Apostles. I cannot believe it, it's the #1 FoP destination!! So off we went, enduring hours of Are we there yet? It's taking for ages. OH I DIDN'T SEE THE HORSEEEEE! OOOH MY HEAD IS ITCHY... 

When the kids were babies, I just could not deal with weekends away. By the time you pack half the house, you are DONE. This time.. no need to pack entire packs of nappies, the entire cot, half his wardrobe and everything. We fit everything, my large Wang, the boys' teddies PLUS a baby car seat that I was selling into the world's tiniest Asian car and still had room. Now you understand why our Stalk my weekend is always around Melbourne? 

That's sunrise, believe it or not.
We stayed at the Cumberland Lorne Resort. If you read my blog, you would know that I'm a diva with accomodation. Actually I'm a wannabe diva with most things, however in a lot of cases, I don't have a platform to unleash it. Anyway, the room was nice. We booked a 1 bedroom as it has a double fold out sofa bed. Bugger that.. The fold out sofa bed is like a nightmare relic of uni days. Mental note to book 2 bedrooms next time. We had a full kitchen, spa bath and full laundry facilities. So guess who had laundry tumbling in the dryer while sitting in the spa? LOL Two thumbs up pointing to self. Oddly I did not take pictures of our room. We had ocean views peeking above the top of another building block. The building site is actually pretty old. And the lifts took longer than walking up the stairs. But it was kind of funny in a way!

Deep Fried Goodness
We did not do much in Lorne, by the time we got there, there was no way I would get back into the car to endure ARE WE THERE YET some more! So we went down the main strip for lunch. What says holiday more than fish and chips! Here's Pickles stalking some cuckatoos and yelling at them while waiting for our takeaway. Food was pretty expensive for fish and chips but it was not bad. Batter was not really crunchy but the fish was good.

After we had our grease filled food. We head to the beach for a walk. Here's my beach wear folks.. A big ass down jacket. Talk about FoP!

BEACH MUMMY.. watch out for the waves!
On the way back, we detoured to Geelong waterfront. I am sure that I am the only one with a love for carousels. I think this is a throwback to my childhood and always wanting to sit on the horses. Somehow I think I was only allowed on the daggy carriages that stayed flat. Costs for the carousel ride was $3.70 for children under 5 and adults are to supervise so we were free. FREE!

Oh my gawd HORSIES!
Ahhh.. Fishermen's Pier... back in my day (lifetime ago) when I used to be invited to the Chanel parties. Yes I was.. believe it or not. I met the owner of this restaurant and I was invited to dinner after the Chanel party to Langton's and lunch at Fishermen's Pier. I sent flowers to her at that restaurant. Sadly we lost contact, the Chanel purchases stopped and the invites never came anymore. These brands are ruthless I tell you! A quick google tells me that there were also financial troubles on her end. I hope to meet her again one day and hope her family is ok. In the meantime, we decided to get some paella from the old quirky takeaway boat as Fishermen's looked like it was closed. C'mon it's cute. $10 a plate and $7 for prawns with garlic and chilli. I'm in...

D said that he don't eat clams.. he thought mussels with clams. That's ok, more for me. For $10 you get bits of seafood through the rice. Paella had lots of the crunchy bits, rice was tasty and it was topped with 4 mussells and a prawn. First of all, I wished that there were chicken or something else. But for $10 I will deal with it. Prawns were nommy and D said it was spicy. But I think it was garlic spice more than anything. 

Yummiest Food Ever!

Thankful we had a frozen lasagna when we came home. Mick assembled this on Friday and took one to our neighbour that just had a new baby. Yummy.... I make mine with a combination of pork and mince. I was really busy last week and was working in the evenings. Thank goodness Mick took over or we would have 2kgs of meat go bad in the fridge. LOL I'm such a cooking fail! All the intention and no time. 


  1. Oh i need to get the list of food places you went to! :)
    Yeah it was a bit. But the roads to Lorne was not as bad. Phew.

  2. Heheh bet you'll love seeing them soonnnn.

  3. Yeah it's just such a journey. You'll need at minimum overnight so that you do not burn out. Otherwise I would take the bus tours and not self drive. :) They do highlight parts of the Great ocean rd that you wouldn't know about.

  4. There's so much mileage with that.. honestly... So childish but I love that joke.

    Lorne is nice isn't it? I need to get beach house tips from you!

  5. Neeno - Sew Me LoveJune 18, 2013 at 1:14 PM

    Hehe, Saturday I'll have time to go home and shower so the boy won't think aunty Nee smells!!!! Can't wait to get laksa'd!

  6. Such cute photos!!! I've been meaning to go down there for ages... and I was way too young when I was there last. Luckily I have a trip planned later this year :D :D


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