Friday, June 7, 2013

Stalk my Noms: BangPop Southwharf

This is one of the Stalk my Weekend spin offs from last weekend. Don't ya love spin offs?

I had an invite to the BangPop launch week just before our trip to Singapore. As we were pressed for time I declined but said I would keep in touch for when I came back. Since coming back from Singapore, I have teased by their specials menu and food pictures on Twitter. BangPop kindly offered a discount for our visit on this occasion. So let's Bang and Pop!

Everyone's getting Made in Japan. I need me some!
As per our usual routine if we are eating out at night. We usually run in at 6pm aka the Senior Citizens shift! Funny thing is, we are not the first! My waitress had told us that between 5 to 7pm is Thai Time with discounted cocktails,  mocktails and beer. Oh yeah.. happy hour(s)! Is that why we are not the earliest!

Raspberry Mule and Apple Mojito mocktails
First of all let me apologise for the darker than normal pictures. As you can see the venue is uber cool and dimly lit. The restaurant is also next to the water and the boys were really excited and wanted to look out the window. This would be amazing to visit in summer when you can sit outside along the water. Parking is also easy as there is ample parking at DFO and make sure you get a discount parking ticket before you leave.

BangPop Bicycles lining up outside

Sexy as Interior
I strongly suggest that you take their recommendations as the portion sizes were just right for us. If you do not eat spicy food, there is still something for you. The boys had Khao Mun Kai which is like a Hainan Chicken Rice. We ordered Pad Thai, Num Tok Moo (pork neck salad) and Gaeng Daeng Phed (Duck leg curry) and a small serve of rice. This was just enough for the two of us. The pork neck salad was recommended as I was looking at salads and was about to pick Larb Gai. I am glad that I went with pork instead as it had tolerable spice - yes I am bad at spicy food - and it was very edible! It had a nice balance of sour, spice and fresh coriander. The grilled pork was cooked just right and not over done.

Grilled Pork Neck Salad
I am really glad that we ordered the Duck curry, another recommendation win! The duck was very tender and just falling off the bone. Who doesn't love a good duck leg? Seriously? Nobody! I am super sad about this dish as I could not take a decent picture of it. I need to go back for lunch.

Duck Leg Red Curry
The Pad Thai came with little dishes of condiments. Chilli flakes, fish sauce, sugar to add to the Pad Thai if you want to rebalance the flavours. I personally didn't think it needed it but D loved smelling the little dishes and I made him smell the fish sauce. Heheh .. I know that's mean but I wanted to see his wrinkled nose. Out of all the mains, I think this was my least favourite dish. I don't know if it was because we left it to the last and we were distracted while eating but I felt the noodles were slightly too dry. We had water served in very thin glasses and Pickles has a habit of biting the cup when he drinks. I didn't use to think much about this but he managed to break the glass during the meal. Mick got him to spit everything in his mouth out and I recovered the glass pieces so thankfully nothing happened! So if you have young kids, I suggest a straw for the glass. I think we have given the staff on the day a huge fright. 

Pad Thai
The boys managed to stay civilised for dessert! YAY!! I ordered the Tapioca and Pandan Pudding but my order was mixed up and I received the Young Coconut Jelly instead. This was actually my second choice so I did not mind it. Desserts are small so do not get conned into sharing one, make sure you get one on your own and do not let it go. 

Young Coconut Jelly
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  1. Mm that pad thai looks so fresh with all the sprouts on top - amazing!

    1. Yeap! Everything tasted really fresh and yummy.

  2. Oh what a scare with the broken glass! You have one really strong boy there! I loved the food porn especially dessert. Totes hangry now....Roar for food.

    1. Girlllll you are the one killing me with food porn!

  3. Oh gosh, the broken glass would have been scary! This is why I always buy thick glasses, the thin ones just break too easily.

    I hate being conned into sharing dessert, I think all food blogs should clarify whether or not desserts are big enough to be shared! It is so disappointing when you have to share a tiny one LOL.

    1. Who would have thought right?
      I know right! Some desserts you have to share.. this one no don't! Seriously get your own.

  4. Thank goodness Pickles spat out all the glass! That looks like such a cool venue - nice to know it's family friendly :)

    1. I think so!! It looks so cool it hurts. LOL i feel hipster.

  5. That was a lucky save. The duck curry is a must every time I visit. You can always tell a good Thai place from their duck curry
    - Sharky

    1. Duck curry FTW!
      Lucky save indeedy!

      Thanks for visiting Sharky.


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