Friday, June 14, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: High Tea and Seafood

ERMAHGAWD what a week.. Another one of those working till 9pm everynight. Phew I am glad that it is over. So stalk my last weekend when it's already another weekend. But I just had to get this one out because it was a special one. Daisy hosted a girls' high tea with hashtag #sweethightea. So what does one do when I know that I am the weakest link of all the food blogger royalty? Do something you can make the night before and run and source good quality seafood for savoury sandwiches. I ordered smoked salmon, oysters and prawns from my seafood source. I will not ever share so do not ask me. I met her at Doncaster and picked it up nice and easy. Plus we managed to do an extra swimming class as well! It was suppose to be smoked salmon bagels.. but erm I did not get up in time to do a bagel run. Just don't ask ok....! Sleep was more important! And I had to change the game plan to detour to Egons Cake in Templestowe on the way to Doncaster. WINNER! I got to revisit the yummies I used to eat all the time when I worked for them and I got to pick up lovely light rye bread.

Egons Cafe, Caramel slice, Smoked salmon cream cheese capers sammich

Mental note here to NOT make caramel slice again because I had already done them for the same ladies. I am not sure why they put up with me and keep inviting me to their fancy dos. I should have just cheated and bought the goodies from Egons!

So that was how I presented my caramel slice above... and this is the after ... after they plated it up for me. ROFL this is why I fail at food blogging. Clockwise from top left: Daisy's Peanut Butter cupcakes, Liz made Malaysian style kueh!!! Lianne and IronChefShellie made purple carrot cake and eton mess cake respectively. And the last picture is Daisy's cupcake creation and lovely scones. In the scone bag was another superb surprise...

Da bomb dot com
This my friend is a I dream in Chocolate baking creation... the Momofuku Bagel Bomb! She has blogged about it before and I can guarantee that this is amazing so quick run and look at the recipe. There was much more food than I had pictures of. So I apologise if I just ate and ran and not mentioned your creation on this post. LOL!

I was SO FULL! But I got home to another bomb dot com meal. Mick cooked panko prawns!!! YUMMMEHHHHHH! Everyone on my Facebook thought that I made it. So for the record, Mick cooked it himself. What you need is ... 

Prawns, cornflour, salt, pepper an egg dip and panko crumbs. Then fry the babies.. chow down. 

D says: You can make this again anytime you like
D loved it so much he said Daddy you can make this again for me anytime! Love him... and gosh it is the best meal ever. I just love prawns so much. WHO DOESN'T?

Ok I gotta admit that we did not have oysters that night with prawns. We had the oysters on Sunday night as our snack after the boys went to bed. I had a dozen oysters staring at me. But next thing I knew, we seemed to have inhaled 7 of them without realising. How did that happen?? Again, I don't know about you. But seafood is my favourite! Bring it on!!


  1. ZOMG! I'm hungry!!! I love panko prawns but I have been eating less and less prawns since I got married because my Mr is allergic to prawns...and lobster...WTF??!!!! Wahhhhh

    1. GET THE HECK OUT! No wai!!!! Have it with me!

    2. I have a friend who is allergic to all shellfish and I don't know how to copes. I have allergies and intolerances, but if I couldn't eat shellfish I would cry.

  2. Yumm! Your creations look delish!

  3. Can't wait for the next one! and your caramel slice will be welcome there too!! x

  4. Lol sleeping in and not having time to get the bagels for the smoked salmon bagels. Something I would do! It is why I fail at kids birthday parties... I really love to cook but for some reason if it's a party I panic, run out of time, and outsource.

  5. Prawnporrn. I needs the Pankos!


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