Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outfit Hall of Shame: I am shopping the sales series

Lord how I love outfit hall of shames! I had a gem from the once again never fails to deliver outfit hall of shame Asos. But I now cannot find it. I AM SO UPSET. I am browsing sales on Matches, NAP and  everywhere else. Here are my fav outfit hall of shamessssss... let's roll.

I love you Balenciaga but WHAT?!

I love Balenciaga I really really do. So this hurts me a lot. $7,900 for this?! Hmmm buy a sort of reliable 2nd hand car or a dress like one that the 1980s vomited out. I am not sure if it is a bad fit on the model but what the heck is happening there? The bust line, the frilly lizard peplum THING and then the skirt. THE HEMLINE. I didn't think you could get worse. Then... BOOM.

Balenciaga does CUT OUT
Balenciaga does CUT OUT. Let's show a bit of that sexy back of the knee flab girls. Yeah. It is also entirely sold out. I am now convinced I can sell a bedsheet as a dress.

You know I love stripper shoes.. dancing around in stripper heels is my cardio. There is a place for stripper heels. There is no place for Charlotte Olympia shoes that look like that. Whacking on the word Paris or any other European city doesn't make it better Charlotte or rather Harlot. I don't even know who would wear that. Maybe Paris Hilton or Brynne Edelsten but then even she has tried to scrub up Courtney Love style. 

I dunno what event I should wear this at
Ohhhh ASOS you always deliver... A search for evening dresses will give you this. I am sure I will be wearing this to my next formal evening event. UK Size 4 is low in stock. Quick run and get yours here

Peter Alexander will be upset at this rip off of his design
Kiki Chaos had tweeted me this much earlier and we had a big laugh over this. Then BOOM searching for evening dresses, I get this again! Kiki said it was meant to be. I need to get this dress. Peter Alexander is upset that his sleepwear is copied and passed off as evening dresses.

Oh hey my dress is ripped and hanging out 
I just do not know what's going on with this dress. The bag of poo colour, the neckline, the sleeves.. then your eyes scroll downwards and BOOM the bloody dress is ripped!!! 

They want me to believe that this is a signature style of the designer to shred the dress out. Nice try Matches fashion, none of her other clothes have shredded at very unstrategic places rips. I am onto you Matches!

I love a good outfit hall of shame. Email me ok if you find any!! 

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