Friday, May 1, 2009

Nesting for his nursery!

Today is the first day .. and also the last day that I can sit at home and not at work before Pork Chop comes. I am secretly sad that I only have one day off but quite glad that I am quasi important at work. LOL Yesterday I showed Pork Chop what Mummy used to look like. I found this picture in the computer so I told him, this is Mummy before you.

And this is Mummy with you. So hopefully Mummy after Pork Chop will be as above again. :)
So my only one day of relaxing .. what am I doing instead? I am pimping my new business like there is no tomorrow. Twitter, Myspaz, Facebook.. I am doing everything and I am stressing that I am not getting any calls!? I am truly going crazy.

So I just realised that I have not shown everyone pork chop's space. It is a little frustrating as it is very grey today and I do not think I have seen a peep of sunshine. I hope the pictures of the room turns up gorgeous.

That is his change table, change pad that I sewed a slip on cover for. It's spot the Ikea furniture in this room really. Mick has unclipped the Orbit Baby infant car seat so that it is ready to be taken to the hospital. And below is the Miyo Baby Hammock plus a gliding chair that Mick decided we absolutely had to have. I wished that it was sunnier today - my feet are cold.


  1. OMG I can't believe the heel on those shoes *eyes popping* And then pole dancing with those on - very cool :)

  2. Sigh... the bootssssss. Remember you're not walking around chaddy with them. These are the only height that I can dance in, nothing lower. It's too weird otherwise. I'm sure i will get back into them soon (NOT!). LOL

  3. lol! Im sure you will get into them! mind over matter!! whats your business??

  4. :o) That's cool. I'm sure you will get the figure back in no time.


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