Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OOOHHH Big boy now!

I never thought that I would ever see Daniel in this suit. It is so adorable... I had to take a picture for his dad on my phone. When I bought this suit I thought oh yeah that's huge he'll be alright in Summer - this year preferably. Took it out today and freaked out... omgggg it just fits!

I also took one with his foot with mine. One day they will be bigger than mine and I want to remember that they were indeed so tiny. I have forgotten how itty he was when he was born. LOL actually who am I fooling, he is still itty now.

Because he grew so much in Singapore - it must have been the heat! We had to move him out of his Miyo Baby and shift him to his own room. Sorry D, you are kicked out. I miss him talking to himself when he's awake and the sighing he does. But it is ok, I am sure that I will get over it.

So off to Ikea to buy the cheapest cot we could possibly find. This is D helping his Dad with Ikea instructions. It is so universal that even a 5 month old baby can figure it out.

Check him out in his new bed. He's like omggg I'm excited! And oh look I is behind bars! Time has definitely flown past really quickly. He is almost 6 months now and it is time to go back to work in the office. I wonder if I will miss this, I think that if I had a car I would have been enjoying it more. Oh well.. next update I will talk about my return to the pole world. I think I have been in there for too long.


  1. Ling he is looking just beautiful :D I love the giraffes on his wall and the wide eyed look laying in the cot! Good luck going back to work :D

  2. Love the giraffes too big time! It was kind of exie in a sense as it is an 'unnecessary' item. But it looks so uber cute.


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