Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow I am actually blogging, this will be hard for me. I have lost touch with the magical world of html codes, fancy scripts and really cool graphics. Pork Chop is my little unborn baby that has brought out the babyzilla nester in me. Pork Chops loves weddings but I have skipped the Bridezilla fever. My attitude towards our indeed beautiful wedding was - I do not care Mick just decide something. Pork Chop however, has managed to create a nesting monster mum. This includes a sudden love for homewares, home decorating and a crazy fever of wanting to sew and sew and create little things for him. So far, my failure in creating a baby room for him has been guilting me. Efforts into the baby room includes Mick 130%, Ling -30%. Ok so I painted about 3% of the walls. I think I have overcompensated by wanting to create lots of lovely things for him as keepsakes.

More than 7 months ago, it was wedding planning, pole dancing in 6 inch heels. Still with some resistance to flat shoes, I killed myself one night by wearing 4 inch heels out and about. To say the least, this is a big surprise to myself. And I am enjoying each kick and each day when I look down and I see my belly growing.

Because of this sudden fever, I have just ordered Amy Butler's In Stitches and cannot wait for the arrival. I will post a review as soon as I receive it! Snowy is in her huggie bed and I have yet another tiresome hospital appointment. It was ultrasound yesterday, hospital appointment this morning, run to work and back to the hospital for the classes. Sad face emoticon please.

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