Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Bear Booties

I wondered if I was over ambitious in attempting to sew these little baby booties after a LONGGG hiatus from the dusty sewing machine. But I could not resist ordering the patterns off PreciousPatterns -
They looked so so cute and absolutely adorable compared to the plain mary janes. So at the first attempt, I decided to make the baby bear ones instead of the plain mary jane ribbon pattern that I bought as well.

I made the mistake of assuming that fusible web was the same as fusible interfacing. Instead of sticking the lining to the cotton drill material I used for the outside, I had to rely on top stitching them together. I think I will use both felt for the lining and topside in future as it is softer to handle. So this is what it looked like after the top stitching stage. I thought my crooked stitching created quite the cheeky bear. Mick was running in and out trying to clean the house and help me with the little bears. At this stage he was cooing about how adorable they already looked.

The bear ears were handstitched onto the head. I did not think my machine could take all the layers. Top stitching the ears were the most difficult part of the exercise. They were too small to turn so I had to stitch one stitch, leave the needle in the material, lift up the presser foot and turn the ear. Mick was really excited at this stage and said it was the cutest little thing he had ever seen. By this time my finger hurt from handstitching and forcing pins into all the layers of materials. I persisted on as he was really enthusiastic!

Correction on the above statement, the hardest bit was sewing the soles to the tops of the shoes. I had to enlist Mick's help in pinning the soles ready for the machine as my fingers were hurting so badly from pinning earlier. Some parts of the sole was not stitched down to the body but I went back and handstitched them together. The above is my final result. My bears are indeed lopsided and cranky pants. If you look at PreciousPattern's shop you will see their sample pieces that are so cute and loveable! But as you can tell my finishing leaves much to be desired! i am sure that Pork Chop will forgive Mummy for shoddy work. I am now looking forward to making some more booties! Perhaps the ones that are larger sized next time. These bear ones were for 0-6 months.


  1. These are adorable! Great work. :)

  2. Mick calls them tipsy bears! LOL
    I laugh everytime i see them as they look so wonky.
    I shall persist on when I get hold of fusible web. The interfacing I bought by mistake made it almost impossible to sew the seam allowed of 3mm.

  3. Ling! Look at you mum-to-be. Gearing up for little Pork Chops arrival. He's lucky to have a mum like you.

    The booties are adorable. Good work!

  4. Oh, they are gorgeous! Lop-sidedness adds to the appeal!

  5. Ooohhh thanks! I have tracked down fusible web. Next week I might do another pair of these. :)

  6. heyyy! nice! sew your next pair in a slightly bigger size so the lil tike doesn't outgrow em all at once!

  7. Yeah it was the result in stuffing up the fusible web. They are suppose to be 4 inches.


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