Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am a true blooded Working Mum!!

It is day two back to the grind in our lovely new Accenture office in QV Melbourne. This office is the hotness!!! Severe!! I will have to take pictures of me with our hot as Miele dishwashers. Lame I know but shizzle dizzle this office is the nizzle.

It is also fantastic going home to my boys and they will be at the train station waiting for me. Pork Chop looks so different now, I love receiving his videos on my phone from Mick. It makes me really happy. But both days I come home and feed him, have a little cuddle and he's off to bed. Then I don't hear a peep out of him for ages. It is definitely weird not having Mick in the house at night, very unusual. It is lucky I am so tired that I am able to go to sleep without him.

I emailed the above picture around to people in the office today LOL... I warned them that I have become one of THOSE mothers. But that was after I apologised for not emailing them a picture after he was born.

Speaking of pictures, I saw someone uploaded pictures of their babies naked. I am not comfortable with that. It is sad that you have to be so cautious with children these days. You just do not know who is looking at them and what they are getting off on.

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  1. He looks really cute! I probably say that for every post but that's really true!

    I really really really like kids! I have a sister who is like 8 this year and she used to be such a cute baby! Is a terror now though!

    Whenever I go out and see cute kids, I get really happy. :)


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